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  1. ^ This. There is a checksum fixer for SNES. I've fixed the checksum for most of my hacks. So that's probably what you need to do.
  2. I'm not sure yet. Guess I'll end up getting it in the end. But I'm pretty put off by NHL 10 that hangs/freezes a lot on my PS3. And obviously is pretty common. With no response on the official forum. Just "clean your disc" etc. Shite, I had put my über mint disc in TWICE... And what whit it being console crap there's no way to get like a crash dump or whatever to figure out what the hell is wrong. Oups, didn't mean for that to turn into a rant. The Puck Podcast had a pretty nice interview with Sean Ramjagsingh, Producer for EA Sports NHL ’11, this week by the way.
  3. If you're talking about the sound of the siren... It works in Snes9x, so it's an emulator issue, dunno what can be done there.
  4. I use the SEGA NHL 94 intro tune as a ring tone on my work cell..
  5. Got this mod of a torrent site about a year ago.. I think I liked it, just recall getting some "randomness" Don't remember what it was though.. Should try it again I guess. Personally, the game I always come back to is NHL 2001. A bit too easy, but a lot of fun.
  6. Yeah that was cool. Only watched the first part though..
  7. http://www.retrousb.com/ ( http://www.retrousb.com/index.php?cPath=24&osCsid=5643225173988690cdd55a353c8149c1 ) There you can buy cartridges that you can put (I assume any) roms on... Maybe not exactly what you had in mind, but still. Been wanting one for NES.
  8. Hah.. I guess. You should try it (1on1) against a friend with pulled goalies. It was pretty intense. In the "The Real" I should look into those miss spellings if I ever (thanks for the info on those)... Well.. And also lower 'stick handling' for most players. I've set it to 100 for all players. That's what NHL 95 had and I had used it in my "juiced" rom so I thought, what the hell.. But I don't like what it does actually. Sure, players never miss receiving a pass, but passes gets intercepted too often. Should probably set it to 2-4 for most players and 5-6 for 80-99 players.
  9. That's pretty much the only way the AI score... Mostly downwards though Their dreadful blue line backhanders, sigh.. NHL 2001 ftw though!
  10. I'm pretty sure you can only use savestates from the non-modified NHL 94 rom.. So hacked doesn't work..
  11. Gave it a shot... Not sure if I've ever played 20 minutes before xD It's just sooo tiresome... ASW-FLA at first, but that went down the drain so I went with DET-TB. Ended up 51-0. Thank god I at least got past the 50 mark (Lidstrom 12, Coffey 11.. Odd, never use to get that many goals from D, and Nick was out for 15 of the 3rd). I just hate exploiting to gain loads of goals, I usually just go for the pretty plays sort of. Guess that's why I never was any good online
  12. I once tried to see how many goals I could get with 5 min periods, using save states (saving after every goal).. But I got bored somewhere along the line and never got through the whole game, but I'm pretty sure I was on pace for 100+ (if you score every 8 seconds you get 112 goals, so I bet I never let more than 10s pass). I might have the save somewhere but doubt I'll pick it up again.
  13. There was an online game in Sweden a bunch of years ago.. "Ice Hockey Challenge" I think it was called.. It was actually a paid service (like $2-3 a month), it had a ranking system and stats.. Basically only had two buttons though (pass/switch player and shoot/check) I think, maybe there was a third one. Played well for being a browser game online! But it wasn't too polished I guess. Simple 3D graphics and NHL 9x:ish gameplay (though not as smooth). One day the site shut down.. Haven't stumbled across anything similar since..
  14. I honestly didn't think it looked that bad or very stretched in widescreen... Was very surprised. Most games look totally screwed, especially racing games... But then again, NHL 2001, which doesn't have widescreen support, looked fine as well. So maybe it's just something with the rink that... I don't know.
  15. I hope Vacnouver win it.. Although it would be kinda fun for Hossa to lose against Detroit (if all things turned out that way obviously) xD
  16. Hah.. Interesting question.. Don't really see why though Do you just wanna play with the SEL (Swedish Elite League) teams? If you're lucky it might be as easy as copy->paste, but I doubt it...
  17. Haha, wow... 52 teams! Insane.. I have no idea how you've went about to do this so all I can say is: Impressive!
  18. I must have been a member back then, cause January 2006 doesn't seem right.. And my first thought of "when I first joined" made me recall something like "I was even a member of the previous forum"... So that sounds about right. I remember e-mailing Mack, back when he released his first SNES NHL '94 hack. Got some pointers and stuff.. Wasn't up until wboy cracked up the Genesis version wide open that I started hacking thought. Thanks for a great site/forum, Evan!
  19. Hah, yeah... Guess I'm just used to how it was back in the days where you accessed them through the scoreboard on nhl.com, and haven't really looked for them since then more than maybe a pair of times.. Edit.. Oh, and on nhl.com there's iso cam for Z and Dats, that was actually pretty synced with the radio so..
  20. Thanks guys Ken Kal! Tried the ATDHE earlier but one was underbuffering a lot and the other one (Justin) got a "country restriction" thingy and stopped.. Too many users or something.
  21. So now with the subscription Gamecenter, is there no free NHL Radio anymore or what? With the ESPN360 service being garbage I just couldn't see myself purchasing it for the playoffs (it's been lagging really badly, a LOT, and is overall pretty darn bad, even with the pretty recent update to the interface). But I thought I'd at least tune in to the radio... I know I've looked for it before, but haven't been able to find it >_< I think last season you could access the radio feeds through Gamecenter, without being a subscriber/logging in, but now... Well maybe I'm just blind... >_< What I'm looking for primarily is Red Wings Radio, but I don't find anything.
  22. That's just waaaay over my head I couldn't even move free bytes from one team to another..
  23. I made a stats extractor.. But It was not very user friendly.. I made it to emulate a season mode. Required Excel and s**t, I'm not sure I could even get back into it myself by now.. The offsets for pretty much everything should be on here somewhere.
  24. Well, even if they did.. Chances are slim to none that they'll be doing both versions, so.. I'm guessing it was the Sega version that was on one of the PS2 games, right? (in NHL 06 or something) So I sure ain't getting my hopes up..
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