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  1. Haha.. Reminds me of when I beat a friend at Eliminator Boat Duel (a NES game, sort of like RC Pro Am but with boats) while playing with my feet! He has never played a video game against me since then... And that was like 10-15 years ago xD As for making it hard.. Yeah, what Halifax said.. Playing without a goalie! That makes it really intense. Try playing a playoff that way! I don't think I ever managed it, maybe won a pair of games in a row or so.
  2. Of course NHL.. But I sure wouldn't mind totally fictional teams/players just for the sake of getting another hockey game on the market! I want something different than what's currently offered. More arcadey or something... I never cared much about realism in any game, I just wanna have fun. In the NHL Hitz games, when you created your own team, you got fictional players, and I didn't mind that one bit, in fact it was pretty cool.
  3. Yep. That is just plain stupid. Nothing else. To say it takes too long to review all of those is just bs... There are the obvious ones, and then there's... Well...
  4. I'm a Red Wings fan so... Take a wild guess on what I think of the #"%€{@ refs...
  5. Well you know what side I'm at! Mouse+keyboard all the way! Played the snot out of Golden Eye 007 and Perfect Dark back in the N64 days though... But I didn't have a computer at that time, hehe... Black for PS2 was pretty darn bad ass though. But if there's an option, I'll throw the gamepad in the sea any day (@ FPS games, other than that, gamepad > keyboard ofc).
  6. As Marcus PM'ed me I'm assuming he means something along the lines of what I made for SNES: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic...amp;#entry73663 I'm not aware of it for Genesis.. But I think someone mentioned something similar once... But I might just be... Something... Tired perhaps.. I can has sleep? It's 4am...
  7. I think it has happened to me a couple of times (SNES).. But I'd say it's just a glitch. Too bad though, the fake shot was one of the few really cool things in '95 (among with the drop pass, that actually worked! never seen a hockey game execute the drop pass that well since).
  8. No offense, but it's like '96 (and later) to be exact, which really is nothing like '94.. I tried getting NHL 2002 to work on my Dingoo, but no go (it's a handheld console, sporting various emulators, ie NES, SNES, GBA etc.).
  9. What file is missing? Maybe you need to install .NET or something... VB runtime environment?
  10. You can find all my rom hacks here (including 2on5) http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=4213 I never did create any 1on5 roms though
  11. Cool.. Especially that "it" even fell down from touching the opposing goalie.. I know that, when playing with a friend, we've been like "wohaa, let go of the goalie!!", and it's been like way past the blue line. Never tried anything like that though. It hasn't been during a delayed penalty call though, can't remember why that happened though, it was so long ago we played... Might have been with a hacked rom (perhaps the 2on5 rom).
  12. So are there N64 emus with netplay nowadays? Haven't used any in years... I prefer 99-00-01 for PC in that case
  13. Snes: Anaheim.. I recall Ottawa not being that bad. I can for some reason really like Florida, other than being INCREDIBLY SLOW they get some awesome setups going (for one-timers generally). Nothing wrong with Sharks, and I think Lightning is pretty decent as well. But Anaheim is just plain poor n boring.
  14. Yeah the jersey coloring function is simply amazing, had no idea you would be able to something like that. I had never any idea of how to do it manually in hex, and the old old editor was very limited (could only select colors from a preset palette). I think I still do some of the roster related stuff quicker manually though, had a pretty good system working with Hex Workshop, Excel and some macros.
  15. Pretty sure I've had those double assists happening on SNES 94 too... Or was I playing another game the time that happened?
  16. I wonder if it's possible to edit/hack NHL 2002 (GBA).. It seems to be about the same game as 96-98 but with more recent rosters. Would be awesome if one would be able to update them! I also noticed they had reintroduced the way to play season mode as NHL 95 did it! I loved that, where you would pick what games you would wanna play each "day" instead of just having one team! So has anyone tried to hack this one? I'm getting a Dingoo A320 ( ) ! That's how I "stumbled" across NHL 2002 for GBA.. And it only took me like three seconds to think the thought "rom hack!!" xD
  17. What's similar other than it's hockey games with an NHL license? They are two totally different games.
  18. Uh.. So if there are two versions of the game... There should be (at least) two different rom dumps of it... I haven't played the real thing since like the first few years when it was new... So I really have no idea what it was like on the PAL version.. I have a pack with 10 different dumps, gotta play through them then and see. Edit: Nah.. Got the whistle on all of them.. Anyone tried other emulators (than zsnes)?
  19. Haha.. Yeah, looks crazy.. Maybe I'll have to try it out some time.
  20. And a suggestion is to turn on auto increment (and auto load)... something... @ save states, so that you won't overwrite previous saves
  21. I think I've only managed to score one goal with a goalie. The opposing team had pulled their goalie and I sent it off the boards by the penalty box and into the net. I also believe I've had a pair of credited goals, when the opponents would have scored in their own net. I remember it being pretty common in Genesis NHL 95 though, to get goals with the goalies. If you got it up the ice it would often just go through the 5-hole (yes, with a goalie still in the net of course).
  22. Two new roms Hey hey. So I finally got around to finish up my "Ice Hockey" hack for NHL '94, trying to imitate the good old NES game. And while I was at it I found no reason to not release another rom hack ("The Real NHL '94") I've been working on from time to time since 2007, I just never got around fixing some final up until now and I mainly made it for personal use, but thought I might as well release it for everyone, maybe someone finds it interesting. For downloads look in the first post of this thread. Please post feedback and/or if you're having any problems with them. Readme's for the two roms follows bellow, they're also included in the zip files.
  23. If you skip the first names (Scott Mellandby -> S. Mellanby, saves you 3 bytes), you can save up a lot of free bytes to create new players for i.e. Florida. As for transferring bytes from one team to another... I've tried to do it but I never got it working. Should be possible... Again, great work Statto. Much appreciated! Didn't get the copy+paste to work with the jerseys though, it just kept pasting 0 0 0, black.
  24. I don't believe a video makes justice of Mutant Hockey League.. Though I haven't played it much, I recall it being quite fun and bet it's a lot of fun against a friend. If you haven't played it, try it out!
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