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  1. Two new roms Hey hey. So I finally got around to finish up my "Ice Hockey" hack for NHL '94, trying to imitate the good old NES game. And while I was at it I found no reason to not release another rom hack ("The Real NHL '94") I've been working on from time to time since 2007, I just never got around fixing some final up until now and I mainly made it for personal use, but thought I might as well release it for everyone, maybe someone finds it interesting. For downloads look in the first post of this thread. Please post feedback and/or if you're having any problems with them. Readme's for the two roms follows bellow, they're also included in the zip files.
  2. If you skip the first names (Scott Mellandby -> S. Mellanby, saves you 3 bytes), you can save up a lot of free bytes to create new players for i.e. Florida. As for transferring bytes from one team to another... I've tried to do it but I never got it working. Should be possible... Again, great work Statto. Much appreciated! Didn't get the copy+paste to work with the jerseys though, it just kept pasting 0 0 0, black.
  3. I don't believe a video makes justice of Mutant Hockey League.. Though I haven't played it much, I recall it being quite fun and bet it's a lot of fun against a friend. If you haven't played it, try it out!
  4. Has anyone even heard of a problem like that? Don't really see how it can be the operating systems fault.. Sounds really odd.
  5. seriously... wtf is up with all the dallas players? :S no offense, just curious I guess...
  6. Little and Big Endian, guys.. In that sense, SNES is "reversed".
  7. Hey hey. I finally got some urge to do some rom editing last night and for the first time really tried out this editor! Can safely say it saved a looooot of time! However I have some ideas/requests When you edit jerseys, it would be super nice to have a "copy color" (R+G+ button or something like that, so if you wanna use the same color on some other part you can just press another button. And maybe have an "editbox" (replacing the "label" all together maybe) next to the "scrollbar" where you can enter a value manually, that would be sweet. Oh, and one more thing. Would be very useful/practical if the color (or part of the jersey, those boxes you know) selected would get a border, or in some way showing which one's selected. Thanks for a very very useful tool, statto!
  8. Yeah the fighting in NHL 09 pretty much blows, but it usually does in all games. Except in Ice Hockey and Blades of Steel for NES of course Best fighting imo can be found in NHL 96 @ Genesis and NHL Hitz (Pro). I just love it in 96 where you can drag the other guy to the ice and keep pounding on him. It is awesome! 2:40 in you'll see the fighting from NHL Hitz Pro. A bit of reaction, then button mashing!
  9. Date: None Selected Time: None Selected so...?
  10. First game of the second season.. 21-5 in shots, second period... Score: 0-4... Go EA! Great... Game ended 0-6 with 32-11 in shots. I tend to yell and curse like all the time. But I didn't even utter a word all game, it was just plain crap. After the first goal I just knew what was coming. I'm just sitting here like... Meh? Nice start for Khabibulin...
  11. Ended up winning game six in overtime over Carolina. Clinched both the Calder trophy and became playoff MVP. 4 goals and 21 assists tied me for 25 points with two Hurricane players. Signed up for another 3 years with the Red Wings... They also signed Khabibulin and Scott Niedermayer! But Franzén is gone.. O_o Didn't get as much extra XP as I was hoping though. But I'm ready for another season!
  12. Detroit Red Wings... Since ~95-96...
  13. Haha, that's cool dude! I'm up 3-1 in the Western Conference finals.. I finally switched to "locked to position" instead of "authentic". I scored a hat trick with Lidström right away in the first game. s**t, quite the difference in skill I'd say... His shots actually goes in to the net, while I'm (my player) lucky if they even make it all the way to the goalie. I'm the point leader (well, tied with Sundin actually), with 3 goals and 14 assists I just get worse and worse at scoring but I pick up assists all over the ice. So you get to choose contracts and stuff... Interesting, should be able to finish up the season/playoff today.
  14. Phew.. Sorry if I overreacted, haha.. Well second or first line doesn't matter too much does it? I mean you still start each period, and you can still play as much as you want. But then again, I play on Detroit so 2nd or 1st line really doesn't matter.. ^^ I'm starting to feel excitement over the playoffs now... Though I have some ~25 games to go. Should be a lot of fun. It's very up and down (from game to game) so it feels like it really could go either way, but at the same time I've been thinking it might be time to crank the difficulty up a notch (Pro atm).. I had no idea it could be this much fun!
  15. Seriously.. Those kind of things suck beyond reality.. The good ol' NHL 2001 which I've played a looooot had this "HOT" and "COLD" system... And the same odd things happened there (where a player could get like a hat-trick or something and then end up being "COLD" the next game, which in that game resulted in loss of power shots and power hits etc, stats in general). But it's obviously a hell of a lot more noticeable in "Be a Pro", sigh.. That's a thing that can really bring one down... So you actually got pulled down from the first line directly to AHL? That's just messed up.
  16. It's kinda like it's "you either win all faceoffs or you lose them all".. Well my 'Wings' has been scoring goals as of lately.. Had 4+4+5 goals in three games, so I guess it's just a matter of the games turning a lot from time to time. Which I guess is good, but when your in a slump it's really tough. Is it just me or is the "three stars" favoring the player a bit Feels like it's a bit too easy to get one of those spots, well it sorta works since it's a bit cool The game overall feels very rewarding, which is really nice. This last game I scored both the game tying 3-3 and the game winning 4-3 vs the AVS 2g, 1a and +4 as a defender, awesome fun! I've only played one "regular game" and the other ~40 in "Be a Pro", they really nailed it with that mode! Gonna take a but load of time to build up the player stats... So has anyone played "Be a Pro" as a goalie yet? A friend was playing only as a goalie in NHL 08 and said it was a lot of fun, so I guess I'll have to try that out as well.
  17. geez.. talk about bull s**t those things really suck.. Well I managed to get a 5-3 win, but after that it went back to being crap again. The centers don't win any face offs.. no one scores.. I'm really torn. From time to time it's really fun but suddenly it's #%$€#@ I really mess up passing / shooting a lot.. I do a couple of dekes then my mind wants to pass and make a one timer but I can never pull it off Shooting with the analog stick is just plain awkward, especially since you use RT to make the other players shoot. Will take a lot of time to get used to for me.. >_<
  18. Hah.. Crazy.. What difficulty to you play at? The AI/coaches suck even more than the AI do in the old 9x games concerning pulling the goalie... Seriously.. Pulling the goalie when down two goals and half a minute left on the clock. Gets pretty frustrating, especially since they never miss even when shooting from the red line (I'm talking about when my coach pull the goalie >_< ). I shouldn't have spoken well of this game, I guess I jinxed it. Maybe I'll have to go back to rookie or something, bah.. I wish there was something in between, rookie was just way to easy, the gaps between difficulties in EA's hockey games have always been ridiculous imo. I can hardly ever find one that fits well. I guess pro is decent for me, if only my team mates could score some freakin' goals. </rant>
  19. Can't wait to see some Red Wings pwnage!
  20. I totally love it! I've ONLY played "Be a Pro" (haven't played 07 or 08 at all either). And I've just gotten called up to Detroit Red Wings and played for two games (scored a goal in both). And I'm playing as an offensive defenseman. Having the time of my life! Started of at rookie as I was not at all familiar with the controls, but I've been playing at pro for a handful of games and the games are really even, and that's when games are the most fun! I never thought I'd like a hockey game from EA again (since NHL 2001), but woow, this rocks! Well, back to the game! Edit.. Uhm.. So, I've played like 4 games more and I've got 1 more goal, the rest of the team also just 1 goal, wtf? And both came at a 2-3 loss. The rest of the games have all been 0-3 losses. Sigh. Man I miss AHL, where my team didn't suck... I'm not saying I'm great, but the rest of the team should manage more than one freakin' goal in four games..
  21. I've just ordered a 360 Premium with NHL 09 Should be able to pick it up on Tuesday! Can't wait... Pro Mode looks totally awesome!
  22. Chelios has now (officially) signed another year with the Wings.
  23. I'm surprised there's hardly any interest in this
  24. IGN's 360 review, 9/10. Man I want a PS3... http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/908/908072p1.html
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