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  1. NHL 2001 > NHL 200* To bad it's way too easy though, otherwise I'd probably be into my 300th season by now.. I heard something about them simplifying the controls, about damn time.. Who need four buttons just to shoot? O_o We were doing fine with one all these years Oh well.. If I someday get a nextgen console, I'll probably get hold of NHL 09.
  2. What system? PC's gets stuck with same old crappy PS2 version, so I guess it doesn't matter too much to me, that's all I've got.. A friend who has the PS3 demo said it was awesome, but who knows. I have yet to try any of the nextgen NHL's...
  3. It's on ESPN.. And it's 8pm ET... Which transforms into 2am Sunday for me (Sweden).
  4. Alright, cool. I was afraid it was like with drafts, trades and all that, sigh... Heard of leagues that have all that stuff, and that's just way out..
  5. Hey I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks But I don't know how they really work... From what it sounds like, I'd rather prefer something more simplified.
  6. Offset Def. Hex Sec 5 min F9D2E 5 min 2C01 300 10 min F9D30 10 min 5802 600 20 min F9D32 20 min B004 1200 OT FC8A2 5 min 2C01 300 SO ?? My notes regarding the clock (maybe you know it all already, but anyway). I didn't explore it a lot. And obviously those offsets are in hex
  7. Editing number of goalies is simple. Although, when I tried explaining it to Halifax, well I dunno if it got through, but I'll give it a shot. *looks through notes* I.e. Anaheim's number of goalies are defined at (decimal) offset 945506 + 945507 (I think it's the four bytes just before the lines start, or something like that, around the team overall and all that). Two bytes = 4 digits.. Any of those digits that's not a zero is +1 goalie. 1100 = two goalies 4C00 = two goalies 1230 = three goalies B000 = one goalie I bet you'll understand, or at least figure it out. Or just look at a guide for Genesis, it's the same. Only they use just 9's and 0's (if I recall correctly), while SNES uses the range 1-F for each goalie (for some reason, been speculating if it could be an additional stat or something).
  8. Wow.. Amazing. I had no idea you could select from such a wide variety of colors (for jerseys and banners), I thought you were limited to... Well, let's just say I thought that what that old editor showed, that was what you were limited to. No need to use that old crap anymore. Awesome work, statto! Too bad I've stopped all NHL 94 usage! I keep an eye out here however. I bet Halifax will go through the roof when he sees this!
  9. ^ qft I mean... "Who the **** is Jeff Finger" Seriously...
  10. Taking Anaheim as an example.. At decimal offset 945504 you'll find numbers of forwards/defenders. Just set it to 64 and you'll have 6 forwards and 4 defenders.
  11. Wow, I'm honored! You see, I've re-uploaded both of my highlights videos, to get rid of the black borders that cut of the sides of the screen. I kept the old ones going for a month or so. You can also find the updated links in my signature. But here they are as well.. Video #1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOoxBTqL45g Video #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN7zz_eHTNo Edit.. Uhm, now I noticed that there has reappeared a new pair of borders, what the hell.. Compared with my other videos, but they were fine, and then compared with the old versions of the highlight videos, and wow, those cut off were actually even worse now (twice as big of a border, jikes, takes up half of the screen). >_< God I wish you could just change the source of a video so you wouldn't have to re-upload just to change something (yeah, I get why, hehe).
  12. That's a real shame.. I don't know how to search the forum so I can't help you.
  13. Alright. I'll just start off by saying that this editor is not made by me, it's made by a team called "JG Games". As it can be a bit hard to find this editor on Google I thought I'd upload it here. It's from like 2001.. Go nuts! Beware, it's a bit buggy and can easily mess up roms, so backup, or better yet use statto's editor instead! This is what it looks like. Notice that you cannot edit player stats in this editor, that has to be done manually in a hex editor. Nor can you change the best line. But this is a great thing to get you started. And like I told 'dangler', you should use File -> Exit to shut the program down, otherwise (if you just press X) you'll leave the process running in the background. Edit.. If you plan on making any advanced editing such as changing numbers of players, the rom might get messed up by using this editor. That being said, I suggest you make whatever editing is possible in this editor (i.e. names, lines, jerseys) FIRST and then edit the player stats and number of players in a hex editor. I only use this editor for jersey editing.. The rest I do manually in hex workshop, word and excel (for different purposes). Edit 2.. Use statto's editor instead of this! Way more advanced, and up to date. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11993-editor-v081/ NHL94.Editor_JG.zip
  14. At that point I was going to work... I watched til they tied it 3-3 (after I got home from work) and got bad taste and checked the final score. But it all turned out great in the end Stanley Cup champions 2008!
  15. Hmm.. Langenbrun shouldn't exceed the box. 10 letters is max length for last names. Total name length is a maximum of 18 letters (including the space) I think. I'm not sure if I ever checked it completely. Edit: Errr... 11 seems like it should fit the box. But I recall the 11th letter breaking the border of the box even though there's no letter in the border. Might be wrong on this though, have had some time off.
  16. Ah yes.. I thought we've been on this subject before, mack. Just as I posted I thought it felt familiar. Sorry
  17. Dude!! NHL Hitz Pro! What sort of stuff have you done to it? I've got a modded PS2, retail Hitz Pro and stuff.. I've tried getting into playing it again a couple of times, but I've really only played it a lot back when I first got it. :-/
  18. [sNES] It's totally random. I hacked the rom so there were no players. And on a face off, the puck would just take of in a random direction. But you ARE able to win every face off (you'll notice it if you save states and reload, as the CPU will do the EXACT same thing every time, which you would notice if you start a game CPU vs CPU and save state in the middle of the game, but anyway...), it's just the main puck drop that's random. Dunno how it's on Genesis though.
  19. I just watched the game a few hours ago.. Totally bitchin' game. Swedish Red Wings fan... 8-2 and all eight games scored by Swedes.
  20. Totally bitchin'! Gotta love the flier!
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