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  1. ========================= -- PLAYER STATS -- ========================= XX 00 "PLAYER NAME" XX 123456789ABCDE XX = "Player name length" + 2 (the two bytes in front of the name) in hex. 00 = Null (Nothing) "PLAYER NAME" XX = Jersey # (decimal) 1 = Weight 2 = Agility 3 = Speed 4 = Off. Aware. 5 = Def. Aware. 6 = Shot Power 7 = Checking 8 = Stick Hand (Uneven = Right. Even = Left. 0/1 will do.) 9 = Stick Handling A = Shot Accuracy B = Endurance C = ? (Roughness on Genesis) D = Passing E = Aggression ========================= --## ## ## ## ## ## ## -- ========================= ========================= -- GOALIE STATS -- ========================= XX 00 "PLAYER NAME" XX 123456 789A BCDE XX = Player name length + 2 (the two bytes in front of the name) in hex. 00 = Null (Nothing) "PLAYER NAME" XX = Jersey # (decimal) 1 = Weight 2 = Agility 3 = Speed 4 = ? 5 = Def. Aware. 6 = Puck Cont. 7 = ? (0) 8 = Handness (Uneven = Right. Even = Left.) 9 = ? (0) A = ? (0) B = Stick Right C = Stick Left D = Glove Right E = Glove Left ========================= --## ## ## ## ## ## ## -- ========================= ========================= -- STATS/WEIGHT -- ========================= Stats are 0-6: 0 = 25 1 = 35 2 = 45 3 = 55 4 = 65 5 = 85 6 = 100 Weight is 0-F 0 = 140 1 = 148 2 = 156 3 = 164 4 = 172 5 = 180 6 = 188 7 = 196 8 = 204 9 = 212 A = 220 B = 228 C = 236 D = 244 E = 252 F = 260 ========================= --## ## ## ## ## ## ## -- ========================= Sup?
  2. Pretty (like 99%) sure he said Visual Basic..
  3. Hmm.. The Record Keeper only works with the default rom (correct me if I'm wrong), and the "Spring 2006" should be the default rom if I recall correctly, so that should work. The only things I can think of are to get/update: Visual Basic runtime files .NET (or even .NET 2.0) Although it didn't say anywhere in his readme about it requiring any VB runtime files.. So I don't really know. dangler: you can launch the program file but that error occurs when you load a save state or what, while shaftman can't even launch it, is that correct?
  4. hmm.. vb (visual basic) runtime files? .NET? I'm on XP so can't tell if it's a Vista issue. If anyone else has problems with it please say so and I'll take it down and you'll have to wait for DaDonch to upload the installer version.
  5. Ah thanks. I knew there was only place for 100 scores but wasn't sure if they only erased the oldest one or what would happen (found out while examining save state files).
  6. Because knowledge in programming isn't that common? And SNES player are rare as it is (even though there seem to have been an explosion lately). What I meant is that it isn't advanced programming, far from it.
  7. lol.. 16 goals @ 30 minutes. That's very very crappy (especially for being considered some kind of record) Even though I don't play Genesis I think it's safe to stick by this statement (considering plenty of results by other players around here). And if 31 goals is the record for SNES, @ 3x10 minutes, I'd say that's really bad too. My personal best 3x5 is at 21-0 and I think Halifax said he had gotten 26 or 30, don't remember. I once tried to see what the max "theoretical" score was with 5 minute periods (using save states) and I got bored somewhere along 80-90 goals, and never got around to finish the game (scoring every 7-10 seconds).
  8. *sets up camp in the wait for WTF-NO-OFFSIDE???-flaming*
  9. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=5178 Doesn't really add much, but it's been discussed before. From Mack's hacks. And no, you can not really decompress the graphics. Graphics decompressors have to be custom made for each game from what I've understand (there are some for the really popular games like Zelda and SMW I think). And I think you need to know Assembler programming. Might wanna check out this page as well: http://www.romhacking.net/
  10. I have an installer free version of it that I could upload if it's alright with DaDonch.
  11. I've never changed the team banners colors.. Mack did a NHL '94 hack back in 2003 where he changed the banners though: He mentioned somewhere (recently) that he had used a sprite editor or something like that to edit those. As for editing the jerseys, I use the only currently available (that I know of?) NHL '94 editor (made by "JG Games"). We should have Evan upload it on the download section. I've began writing down the jersey offset data, but never got it done. Unfortunately you cannot edit player cards on SNES, graphics are compressed and can't be viewed in the tile editors. That's a real bummer. Cool to see that there's finally someone else exploring SNES NHL '94! Keep up the good work!
  12. Question is if he knows assembler.. What we REALLY need is for someone to decompress the graphics. Being able to edit graphics is the only really important thing missing for SNES NHL '94. An editor that surpasses the current editor (shouldn't be hard) would sure be good, save a lot of time and would make editing more accessible to people that don't want to learn "hex editing".
  13. During an online game you can just press F2 at the end of it to save a state in ZSNES. But since you can't manually change state slots (that I know of) online, you'll want to enable "auto increment" so that it automatically jumps to the next slot once you save. And that way it'll work just fine, as long as you use the default rom. If you know what you're doing, you could actually make it so that the stats extractor reads the player names automatically (that would do it so that it would work with any rom). I've got the code for most of it from a friend, but like I've said, I've pretty much put most hacking related on ice. But I'll try and help out.
  14. Yeah, I'd say it would be awesome to keep that detailed stats in a league. ZSNES is the emulator of choice though. And it's savegames are the ones used with DaDonch's season tool (although Snes9x and ZSNES savegame files are both roughly the same, one of them just stores additional unnecessary info, can't remember which one) but maybe it supports Snes9x save states as well. I've made a season tool of my own that extract stats for use with Excel. But I haven't made it user friendly enough for release... Since all isn't done inside that program, the additional need for Excel, is one big drawback. It should be fairly simple to use, but far from self explanatory. Since DaDonch's only support the default rom, I had to make one of my own for my custom roms Nah.. I had thought about it for a long time, and I wanted to learn more programming and that was a good challange for me. I actually think I had already began work on it (at least parts) back when DaDonch released his software. I've managed to squeeze out some nifty stats, "game winning goals" and PPG/SHG were the hardest ones to dig up, the rest was pretty basic. I regret that I didn't dig up "game tying goals" when I was at it though.. I think I discussed stats with Halifax for the latest Nostalgia league, but don't know what came out of it. Not sure what the general interest in something like this would be. Me myself, I'm a huge stats freak for some reason, haha, hence the creation of this tool I guess.
  15. Wow.. Amazing that you've got that far though. I have no idea, but kudos to you for trying to implement stuff, really cool.
  16. Congrats Washington Capitals!
  17. Well, I'll sure be cheering for my Red Wings. It's pretty much do or die for the Capitals tonight. Should be a rather intense game, hope they can pull it off! Would be great if they knocked out Carolina along with securing playoff spot!
  18. I'm not a real fan of Washington or anything, but I really hope they make the playoff! They're a young cool team! I could really do without the boring Bruins.. Sigh. Has anyone ever heard of a person cheering for Boston?
  19. Now just what the hell is up with the penalties? I had one player in the box, got a penalty shot, scored.. Now, I was still down one man, but there's no one in the box. Haha... So weird. Another shorthanded goal just after, and I was back to 5 on 5. Haha, oh man.
  20. Stumbled across a weird one now... Got a penalty at 1:55 in the 3rd. Then the other team got a delayed penalty and during that delay I scored a shorthanded goal. A split second before I scored there was one of those beeps when someone is about to get out of the penalty box (no it wasn't the breakaway beep, I was on a breakaway and that beeped earlier, heh). I scored at 2:21. Just as I scored, the "PENALTY" sign (from the delayed penalty) disappeared and the penalty time (for my player in the box) read 0:00 for an instant and then disappeared as well. Then it was back to 5 on 5 hockey. I'm pretty sure this has happened before. I know there's been some buggyness around the delayed penalty and all that (delayed penalty shot, as mentioned earlier).. Edit.. I actually managed to capture it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eCoEZJV8QE
  21. Uh? Did you even read through the thread? http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic...ost&p=24829 So there are at least 4 examples of it being made on Genesis. Edit.. Congrats on 10.000 views, Jeff!
  22. In that case, I'd guess someone's made a boo boo in that one It was based of the Juiced rom, wasn't it?
  23. I've seen tons of those while hacking But not on the default rom.
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