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  1. Correct. L and R selects either Left or Right defender (when def. control is enabled). Other than that a player skates "backwards" when he crosses his own blue line and the puck is in another zone, right? If you suspect cheating or something, just press F2 to save a state so you could view the replay later on or post it on youtube or whatever. I don't think he's cheating though, sounds... Normal?
  2. Hahaha.. What a cool idea! Ice Hockey rules! Might be fun to try and make something like that... Wow.. *brain storming* Got a bunch of ideas from that.. That would be totally bitchin! Gotta try that out some day!
  3. Yeah I've stumbled across it a couple of times, I don't recall if I ever tried it, I think I did once.. Doesn't really appeal to me. I've been searching for freeware:ish hockey game now and then on the web but can't really seem to find anything.. It's just a bunch of "air hockey" and soccer like penalty shots. There's nothing in between the rather poor games and the commercial ones. Most other game genres has plenty of great, cool and fun freeware games, but with hockey it's slim pickings. I mean it shouldn't be THAT hard to create a game like Blades of Steel or something like that nowadays.. Or is there something super advanced about hockey? But then again, I guess there aren't too many soccer games either that's created by regular people. There was a Swedish site called hockeychallenge.se that actually had an online 3D hockey game, with league play, tournaments and different divisions. That last part was really cool. If you played against people with higher rank than you and won, you got more points and such. I think there were 3-4 divisions: Rookie, Pro, Super/special and something in between.. You had to pay about $3 each month to play though. But it had fairly decent graphics and physics, considering it was a shockwave game. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, I think both your team and your players developed and got better the more you played. It was pretty advanced. But it died and just went up in air.
  4. Same goes for SNES.. A one-timer does not count as a connected pass. I've got a friend I play NHL 94 with rather regularly and I tend to get like 45-60% most of the time (but then again, I shoot quite a lot of one-timers). I feel the Genesis has better puck physics, a bit more advanced. More common to get redirections and stuff like that.
  5. Haha.. Well.. I wonder if it would be possible to hack the game to have the extra attacker always being on the ice. I mean... It should be possible, whilst keeping the goalie of course. That would be 7 on 7, right? That Tony guy that helped wboy and folks to find some cool hacks for Genesis would probably be able to do something about it.
  6. "dethrox" made me aware that the megaupload download link for the 2on5 rom was dead (thanks) so I've updated the post, and the rom (pack) is updated as well.
  7. Mats to Team Sweden of America (aka Detroit) Question is though... If he could be expected to play on the second line.. He has made it pretty clear that he wants to stay in Toronto "no matter what" from what I understand. Forsberg, if he'll ever well get healthy again would probably go to Vancouver to his mate Näslund (I know they've wanted to play together for a long time).
  8. Jeff, no competition... Haven't played Val though.. Exploiting the game isn't skill.
  9. Haha.. Sorry Halifax, thought I read through it all and then looked through it again quickly Oh well.
  10. 11. If you get a delayed penalty shot and the period ends, the penalty shot wont be called until the next period starts, though as soon as the puck is dropped, the whistle sounds. I recall that's what happens anyway.. Quite anoying. Haven't really had those things happen to me that you mention, Stefan.. Apart from the more common ones, like the "rifle" sound.
  11. I personally think the fighting in NHL 96 (Genesis) is the greatest.. When you drag the opponents jersey over his head and throws him to the ground and you can lay off a pair of punches.. That sound is just awesome! Not a particular fan of fighting in real life hockey, but in games it's cool. Unfortunately there aren't too many that manages to pull it of well.. I recall I liked the system they use in Hitz Pro (a random button appears that you have to hammer). Most of the EA games fail miserably though.. A more controlled "flip-pass", fake shot, drop pass and a season mode and fighting of course, that would just be simply awesome. Oh and yeah, a difficulty setting. And one thing that's in particular for SNES: More slapshot goals! One thing that a game had (don't remember which one) was that, if you press and hold the pass button for a while, you would "lob pass", that was pretty nifty. Well, one can always dream. And to top it of they would of course have to do all 3 '94 versions. ^^
  12. Super Joybox 5 (usb-adapter) with Playstation 2 (Sony) controllers. Yeah the analog buttons do wear out, but they last for quite some time imo.. I've got a friend that has a pair of the Logitech PS2 look-a-likes and he pretty much hates them (compared to the real deal), but I haven't tried them, many seem to like 'em so I bet they're alright.
  13. My (personally) biggest blowout against an irl friend I play against regularly was a 8-0 victory where he only managed 2 (two!) shots on goal. And this is a guy that's pretty much as good as I am.. We tracked stats, and he was one goal behind "per game" and I recall I had like 60% wins.. So this was a huge win compared to how our games usually turns out. As far as beating the crap out of the AI goes... I've never really tried to get as many goals as possible, well sometimes of course, but most of the time I try only getting goals with slappers, one timers or flip-pass goals and such. 5min, off, off. That's the best game I've had against the AI. I bet people has had way over 30 goals.. The funny thing is, I only got 3 goals (out of 4 shots) in the second period! Well, maybe not funny, weird mostly. Doesn't matter if I'm home or away, the 2nd is always my worst period..
  14. Yeah I recall really liking the goalie control in NHL 95 (gen). I suck at 94 (snes) goal tending still to this day
  15. Yeah that actually sounds like the best idea.. Have the All-Star games outside.
  16. I don't mean to go off topic really but... Didn't it work in NHL 95? I think it did.
  17. Stick handling has most (if not all) effect on receiving passes..
  18. Huh? Voting? It is Scott Mellanby. Nuf said, case closed.
  19. what the hell... 24-3 and 11 straight goals with one player!!
  20. "Our" generation will probably never get too old to play games. I mean, it's just getting more and more common that people over 40 years play games. I listen to PC Gamer Podcast every week and they discuss this from time to time. I don't think there's much to say about it. People born around 70-80's grew up with games and it's just a part of our lives sort of. Haha.. Of course some grow out of it, some just run out off time for games. But I doubt I'll ever drop gaming. Cheers
  21. HatTrick94: just a tip.. save as jpg or png (instead of bmp) and upload them to imageshack.us or something so people can view the image without having to download it. -Snes alert!- Well I haven't got a fast hattrick captured.. But the three quickest goals I've seen the AI score (AI vs AI) are these: Bam bam bam, three goals in 28 seconds! And I got rather nice Power Play stats the other day: Two PP's, two PP shots, two PP goals, all in 9 seconds
  22. Caps (lock) always suck.
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