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  1. LW: Nolan #11 C: Bure #10 RW: Kvartalnov #12 LD: Lumme #21 RD: Chiasson #4 G: Fiset #35 EX: Cullen #19 First sub : CUllen #19 First sub D: Hawgood #23C: Bure  #10
    LW: Nolan #11
    RW: Kvartalnov #12
    LD: Jirky Lumme #21
    RD: Steve Chiasson #4

    Xtra attacker: John Cullen #19
    First Forward Sub: John Cullen
    First Defensive Sub: Greg Hawgood #23

    Goalie: Fiset #35

  2. 4/5 is not an elite shot.  4/6, 5/5, 5/4 and 6/3 are elite shots. JR is a better C checker and his 5 SHP is much more precious than the 6-5 agi drop vs elite GC players. 

    As for TK, well he got that 99 locked speed. 

    Mogs is just better than Yzerman and at 6 agi the 1 extra weight doesnt mean much. 

  3. Team: Quebec

    Line 1:
    C: Sandstrom
    LW: Jagr
    RW: Zhamnov
    LD: Blake
    RD:  Ellett 
    X: Kmylev

    G: Fiset

    Line 2:
    C: Jagr
    LW: Zhamnov
    RW: Holik
    LD: Slegr
    RD: Whoevers my other dman
    X: Kmylev

    G: Richter