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  1. And only a fool would make a public thread about things when he coulda just use 2 mins of his time in private chat to fix things and not expect things to go south. (Yeah you`re busy at work but this s**t litteraly took you 10X the time it would have) I`m not trying to ``raise myself at his expense`` I`m just saying how I feel about playing these games overall, it has no bearance on who's better than who (and im sure he's better than I) the whole point was just that feelings have no weight and we just play by the rules regardless. As for the incident as a whole incident I`m sure if I`m not
  2. We coulda just played the extra 2 mins after game 2 then we stop. Make a game with same scorers + the 2 mins. GDL 60% make the playoffs so reg season games only meaningful for like 3-4 fringe guys in the end. With my total now I could be AFK every game and get in, only reason I play is to beat scoring record. GDL's like 10 hours of gaming spread through 9 weeks. I understand some guys have busy lives but f**k me if you can't afford to spare 10 minutes in your day like 1 day a week. If you think it's a waste of time you're well within your right, but rules are rules and games be played to
  3. Basically defending somebody who straight out refused to complete his game then complain I act like a dick after the fact. Boo me for wanting to play a complete game. Did that before for leavers and nobody complained. If stuff changed well, that's something else but it doesn't remove the fact J&J refused to complete his game. JR also scored all the goals in the original game, regardless so.
  4. Might I add Uncle Seth literally uploaded a game vs me that didn't happen a couple of days ago. Instead of making a public shitshow took time to check that it was just an honest misunderstanding. But hey who cares right
  5. Love the investigation in this. Great stuff you took time to get my side of the story before posting this. The only one I know is J&J who litteraly refused to continue a game where he ''crashed'' where I was leading 6-1 with 3 mins left. He even explicitly told me to play the CPU the rest of the way and then went crying to you. f**k this. AFAIK That's the default when opponents deliberately refuse to complete a started game or refuse to play outright. I played the score to the same exact time and score and played from there on out. The CPU managed to do better than J&J If that's
  6. I don't hate you cause of some incident years ago. I hate you cause you're a douche and you bring nothing to this place. Thank god for the ignore function
  7. Los Angeles Kings. Sorry for holdup was installing myself @ a lan.
  8. Yeah AJ's right. I think a lot of times I get ''surprised'' by B guys because I keep trying counter-dekes and they just won't work for s**t when i should just cross crease and score.
  9. I think a lot of B guys have the obvious potential to be A guys. Sometimes it just clicks and sometimes it doesnt. Self discipline is a big thing trying to eliminate your own little quirks. But I think most importantly most guys find their own style and stick with it, most A players have 1 specific trait/contribution. I think most people who try to imitate others end up failing.
  10. Yes. I believe as well C-B to be much more lenient than 'traditional' checking. C-B reacts exactly like SNES does
  11. Crusading for our cause Tomkabs. JR collecting the blood price
  12. Think they just decided to pair down instead of up as a general rule. Having only 6 values for statistics doesn't leave that much to discretion. Stats and game tape were also much less available at the time. You mostly had to rely on primetime games and that put a top heavy bias into the process. Stats like SHA were also just picked off a certain threshold of goals and raw SH%
  13. Finishing school soon so anything but Sunday evening to monday afternoon and Thursday evening to friday noon
  14. I don't think the pass shot is imbalanced in itself. I think only Freydey,and Kingraph integrated to the extent where it was an extra tool and not just a new form of play. A lot of coaches that pass goal seem to have sacrificed their traditional game a lot and these two are the only ones that don't make think on a regular basis ''man he could have just shot normally here and it would have been better'' (especially on that cross crease pass shot that rattles off the pipe so much, when the goalie could have bene forced to take a nap). Freydey's probably the only one that made me think that was
  15. Brutus approaching monopoly on Quebec's 2nd line. Time to pickup Scott Young
  16. Wish I could have saved the exhi between me and Seth earlier this morning. Moog pass shot between Jon Casey's leg for the 180 feet goal.
  17. Quebec Drops : Ray Sheppard Quebec picks up : Anatoli Semenov
  18. Aight yeah probably cuz i use my 4K screen for internet so it looked normal.
  19. Not a problem here.Ill try and Look into what causes this for you.
  20. Did you just turn PEter Bondra into Jaromir Jagr. DeAR GoD
  21. 12-10 (LA) 9-5 (BOS) 4-3 (LA OT) 8-5 (BOS) 6-4 (BOS) 5-2 (BOS) Great series Ba55ist. Sandstrom full of s**t. Fun facts of the series: Game 1 Andy Moog made 3 saves. Rejean Lemelin victor of games 4 through 6. Fights 130310-3 in favor of LAK MVP: Cam Neely