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  1. Quebec nordiques select : John Cullen
  2. Quebec Nordiques First line LW - Evgeny Davydov C - Jeremy Roenick RW - Alexander Semak LD - Adam Burt RD - Jirky Lumme X - Craig Simpson Second line LW - Alexander Semak C - Alexander Semak RW - Craig Simspon LD -Sandis Ozolinsh RD - Sandis Ozolinsh G- Darcy Wakaluk
  3. 6.10 QUE selects Adam Burt
  4. Quebec Select Jyrki Lumme
  5. You guys got an AIM group or something? I need the page too. People need to add me on AIM and stuff.
  6. Blacked out Bo is swindled by Commish into picking : Brian Bradley
  7. Yeah sorry didnt have time in the very limited window to play labs. hopefully we can get playoffs in
  8. If i were in a room with Hitler, Stalin and you, all tied up to a chair and with enough piss to go around 3 times, I think I'd piss on your face 3 times.
  9. Looking for a top 5 pick. WIll pay the blood price. Lemme know
  10. Even in that I think Lindros > Lemieux. On pure scoring terms Yzerman was the one lighting up Blitz
  11. Also, people say it's largely computer based but I'm behind Jrodimus's strat that if you go ape yourself your CPU does too and you get more penalties. Seth's a very aggressive defender and a couple of the same guys regularly are on the top of PIMS (lol BO)
  12. had 18 recently in a game vs Seth. Mathieu Schneider took 10 PIM on his own
  13. MTL VS BOS Game 1: 3-2 BOS fights 1-1 Game 2: 5-4 MTL fights 1-1| Game 3:7-6 BOS fights 3-0 (MTL) Game 4:5-3 MTL figths 2-0 (MTL)
  14. So.... Florida time. The signs are everywhere. Jokes aside ill be there