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  1. I'm Quebec not TB. You can just use every one of the original settings for Quebec if thats easier for you
  2. GDL's a league of tradition and IMO is what seperates it from other leagues and has ensured longevitiy. if you start chipping away at it just becomes like other leagues
  3. Think everybody can rally against that monstrosity
  4. So currently I have no grievance with any of the proposed teams. Also I'm Quebec
  5. Just to clarify. I'm for any team that's NHL, WHA or that was part of the best league at their time of existence (for pre 1960s)
  6. It still shows the overall accurately on the screen so I can guess if they're hot or cold from that. IIf you're not a line editor it saves me the time from checking ur s**t out in Team Rosters Also + It's ritual/juujuu/Voodoo
  7. Lol also every new guy keeps skipping Hot'N'Cold. STOP
  8. Semenov just bizarro smart. He's always waiting on the door step for that one timer and he's great defensively.
  9. Honestly don't think Geoff is that useful. I never dressed him on VAN and I think a couple of other people don't. He's just retarded defensively and he's not the guy you'd rather have carry the puck
  10. Why are you so defensive lol I just said it's my opinion. I just think you're adjusting it to your own biases rather than anything else. I'd rather play Gusarov since he's a better skater even for the pass/sth downgrade considering Duschene is the primary puckhandler back there. As nice as Tatarinov's 5SHP is 1 SHA makes it a lottery at best. I'd rather play Sydor as well because C-B is more forgiving in terms of weight disrepancy so Sydor can check most players anyway. Think Hatcher is also overrated because he just brings the same skillset as Iafrate while being unbearably slow
  11. Lol yeah then why do you list guys like Mcsorley and Tatarinov who bring nothing but weight as positives
  12. Yeah and they add personality/pocket strats to your roster. For example in GDL 7 I sported an all Soviet lineup. (except Bill Ranford cause there's no goalies)
  13. No. Injuries, like penalties are at times random but largely consequences of playing style.
  14. Probably the one where you keep hanging out on a website where everybody wishes you weren't there and then somehow think it's appropriate to comment like that
  15. Panthers LW: Voracek C: MCjesus RW: Foligno LD : Weber RD: Burns G: Domingue 2nd LW: Foligno C: Foligno RW: Callahan LD: Muzzin RD: Muzzin G: Halak
  16. I thing the fact thar Ron Barr isnt accurate adds to the charm of it all
  17. You had to cheese him as the Kings vs the Sharks smh
  18. Also dibs on Quebec If im not able to trade seth for LAK