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  1. Thanks for your hard work but stick tape is some disgusting heresy
  2. Off AWR also works for pass receptions and possession in the Ozone
  3. I was already getting familiar to Peter Sideorkewicz shame
  4. Yeah im not playing with Ottawa EDIT: Fuck it, guess someone has to. Ill take the honor
  5. Edmonton, despite Klima's existence is quite putrid. I'd put PIT or NYI ahead
  6. heh I beat you and you still played like a queer. Glad you toned that shit down
  7. No. If you book trough those it's way harder to get changes for your room or other shit. Really annoying
  8. its gonna happen. A lot of people would have choked on the 300$ price tag too
  9. It often gets cheaper closer to the dates. Honestly most hotels there are fine
  10. That's true of some specific models. Computer monitors are made with input lag in mind, most televisions are not.
  11. SInce you did not use CRT TVs you did not play in a lag-free environment. It is quite likely that your lag was superior to some online games
  12. Yes CPU checks takes in account the checking rating. Also why Coffey is actually an awful C-B checker
  13. Most big screen TVs have serious delay as well (often more than 30 MS). So its like playing icestorm every game
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