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  1. If that's how you'll handle things I'm not really interested in playing. Please proceed. ‚ÄčAlready had to deal with the delay now I gotta read ''woe is me'' bullshit and ''split fault'' garbage. The shitfest of the last classic/GDL just killed my interest. I think I'll go retire again. Just playing in other games' league gave me a bit of perspective on how ridiculous these things become. I'm not interested in dragging people into playing me anymore so goodbye lads. It was a decent run. Shoutout to Brutus for being an OG commissioner
  2. I've been on and off on aim. Never seen anything Honestly it's been 4 weeks and I'm not interested in this anymore. This is just trash
  3. Id do this but people gotta watch. IIRC not that many watched GDL finals so idk about day to day games
  4. go away with ur discord plz, not really meant for that xd
  5. Personne du QC ne joue snes sorry bruh. Le Quebec c'est genesis
  6. Best of 1 (1 game) with double elimination tree (winner and loser bracket)
  7. Well I'm aware that there's a tier list I'm just saying I don't believe anybody here should be that good at it but we can go with the tiers if people really want it.
  8. Not sure if I'm interested in joining a league full time but it would be nice to have a tournament with the guys here since most of us don't play full time. Format would be B01s double elimination hopefull with 8 or 12 teams. I would like it if nobody picked OAK but that's up to the people in the tourny. Anybody interested? So far: 1. Me 2. Kingraph 3. Brutus
  9. Don't be ashamed. You did your best and you didn't make excuses when you lost. Every champion has fallen before.
  10. Excuse me i've become a refined pass shooter Otherwise it's pretty good!
  11. Heh TB still got decent players. ****'Os isn't that bad, and bradleys a player. Just something about NJ being s**t
  12. Idk sometimes he feels redundant on DET because the offset of being out of position by bringing the puck up ice isn't really there when there's 2-3 other good to great skaters on the team. When I bring the puck up with him on my GDL he's by far my better skater so it's kinda worth it but on DET it's pretty iffy. I'd only play him if I'm vs a 5-5/5-4 skater with a decent shot
  13. He's still a bad C-B Checker cuz his checking rating is low
  14. Ive been converted to Coffey. Tho I gotta say at 212 and low check rating his defense is some fierce garbage in some situations.
  15. U actively dodged anybody good in the first weeks so don't pin s**t on habs lmfao
  16. Summer's always s**t. This is great for a summer league. The league hiatus should always be in the summer
  17. Need to hunt down Mark Lesser so he gives us the floppy with the source code
  18. Prolly cuz I didn't get to pick my players and that team was an atrocity. Sometimes I wonder if u have brain damage
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