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  1. I hold 2 of the top 5 for top assists with dmen and I still got'em. Shoutout to Jirky Lumme for scoring 107 consecutive points without scoring a single goal
  2. I think if you dont play X% (like 80%) and you have like non mortality/divorce or other reason you should just get auto-loss on every game you don't play so people aren't forced to wait around on the last week
  3. Yes. That's honestly a much better idea than f**king with GDL. Thanks for taking that into consideration
  4. Well half my division is way behind sched not much I can do lol
  5. YEah so does passing, shooting, bounces and saves. Hey let's just play chess at this point
  6. I've been on the lower end of the shorthanded spectrum for every single registered seasons I've been in. Either I'm the luckiest person alive or I'm a Wizard clearly
  7. You haven't ''shown'' f**king anything you god damn moron you just keep cherry picking s**t that fits your narrative then you congratulate yourself into thinking you got an argument there. I mean either you're just literally too f**king stupid to comprehend that there's more than ''true random'' and that things can both have a random factor and be player influenced. Jesus christ it's like you have no idea how stats even work
  8. Because it isn't. You chose to get a player who can't check on his own. That's your roster decision, that isn't random
  9. That isn't actual data. That's just your feelings/very limited biases experience viewpoint. Maybe you didn't but the CPU did and Svoboda will almost never get a positive check which will yield dumb penalties like ''slashing''
  10. Seth smashes checking buttons like he's having a seizure and he's surprised he gets lots'o'penalties lolz Also to explain it to Plabax pea sized brain for the 992942230th time: Penalties are also affected by unsuccessful check attempts which are not registered and unsuccessful checks yield more penalties on aggregate than successful ones.
  11. It's not a secret why it was removed lol. It was pressure from the NHL and the change in commissioner was done like 9 months prior to release, not hard to figure 1+1 = 2
  12. Players who were/are bad GDL gms win when the drafting phase is taken out. SHOCKING! Scientists baffled at how this could happen
  13. Coach sending Plabax to the emergency unit with that 3rd degree burn
  14. Idk there's already some extra rules that are not innate and not proprietary to most leagues here (pausing, goalie switching backward skating) I get that it's thought to apply to everybody but in the late games there's probably not gonna be any outsiders anyway. My primary logic line with this is always ''if everybody did it would it be an issue'' and I think it really would. But oh well I'm not organizing s**t so u guys do what you want in the end. ''KG had a penalty shot and he skated back up and scored on the PS'' That's fairly shitty.
  15. . I get why there less hassle that way but if somebody wins the tournament/elimination game on that it'll just feel extremely cheap and it's eventually going to happen.
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