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  1. Hey. Before you deliver final can you pass the rom to me so I can do the GDL XV and XIV champ rosters? GDL roms used to have that and I think i'd be nice to have again. I don't know if there's space or not left but iirc the rom had liek 5-6 extra slots
  2. Also 2 rules that badly need applied: No goal after the whistle. It only occurs for PS and is easily repeatable and easy to avoid. No taking the puck back after a goalie poke on PS.
  3. LW Benoit Hogue C Pat Verbeek RW Paul Yzebaert LD Paul Coffey RD Dave Ellett X Craig Janney G Belfour LD Scott Niedermayer Rd Scott Niedermayer LW Pat Verbeek C Benoit Hogue RW Craig Janney X Craig Janney G Wakaluk
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/78562697(Game 1-2) https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/78567105(Game 3-4+if nec) VIds over here
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/78607716(Game 1-2) https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/78607889(Game 3-4+if nec) You have to copy paste or it doesnt work Vggs.
  6. Pierre Turgeon + 3.8 to JJ for Eddy Belfour + 6.4 Confirmed by J&J
  7. 2.6 + 3.19 for 2.1 + 4,19 Trad with Jack Vandal CONFIRMED by JV
  8. Trying to shorten this For 1 and 2 Seed ---> Nothing changes as they play 3 rounds instead of 4, with the 1 removed being 99% win For 3 and 4 Seed ---> They get a free bye without facing the dangerous 5th or 6th seed So it just makes it easier for the 3 and 4 seed overall without making it harder for anybody else
  9. I can probably help making the rom if I ever get Nose to work over here. Not sure about tilemolester tho
  10. Well I guess JV's an elitist douche like us. I don't get why you have to act like we're spitting in your face when we're just voicing discontent. I'm sure we were on fairly convivial terms I'm not sure what made you turn heels here. None of us ever implied that our discontent in this matter made us unappreciative of your work. I like Plabax's idea better as well.
  11. What I meant by that is that I would not make the same length of effort. I would not go out of my way to not play it, but neither would I make the regular efforts and sometimes sacrifices to real life that are made to play reg. season or real playoffs, If the objective is to roll out 3 GDLs per year there should be little time in between real finals and draft. I don't really understand how you can simultaneously complain that your playoff trip is futile and you have no chance of winning and at the same time get all upset when we agree with you. I'm sure you bore no ill will but if we want to act rhetorically why should you get to be above all other A players and play for all the marbles without making the trek? Do you deserve it more than they do? It's diluted because you basically take the obstacle of the first round out of the plan and you make regular season even more meaningless. Before you'd get the reward of a top seed by getting somebody that could not really defeat you in the 1st round (well in more recent GDL's at least). Now it literally won't matter because top 4 seeds won't miss the playoffs, maybe 1 will. It has happened 1 time a top 4 has fallen out of it without outright leaving in the last 7 seasons. It won't make it harder for the top guys (because they have the same amount of ''real'' rounds to play) it will only make it easier for the 3-4 seeds who now don't risk anything in the now inexistent 1st round. Anyhow I'm sure I'll get told to go f**k myself and make my own things by tomorrow
  12. +++. Not sure I'd actually play that final. We'd still all know who the champion is
  13. Seems that Mangrates are actually fine, 4 1/2 stats on amazon xd. All that and people could just cook in their f'in pans
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/76684597 https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/76687349 https://www.twitch.tv/fpb94/v/76689513
  15. GOd can you f**k off and stop trying to change/diss classic cause you can't win in it
  16. Also reminder that jackvandal can't play as Hamilton having lost a bet to me. He has to pick a real team
  17. f**k that honestly. It's jsut so appaling they can't make good sliders because seemingly everybody in their studio is jsut awful at the game / knwos nohting about hockey. Just remember being triggered the year that goals would count when a part of the puck would touch the white paint and not cross it completely
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