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  1. Yeah David Perron used to play Midget B before he played in the QJMHL because his federation director didnt like him or some dumb s**t
  2. and Sorry there's no video section for VHL so posting here in hopes anybody can do anything. I'm FLA and Zepp is NYI
  3. Sorry if you hear me breathing/coughing, drinking/keyboard and s**t i somehow unmuted my mic
  4. You'd think it was pretty obvious that roster making plays a huge role in Draft leagues. Won't spot names but some guys are really good at getting 1-2 nonsense trades in each off-season and that's really non neglectable
  5. Stop trying to justify the fact you suck monkey dick in classic
  6. A+ content was not dissapoint
  7. Yeah great idea to give your cellphone number to a company known for selling the #'s to telemarketers you f**king walnut
  8. Aqua Lizard for top 10 or riot tbh
  9. Yeah I don't disagree with the sentiment, need some s**t to get some players to grow. However IMO some guys just shouldn't be allowed to play anymore, when they constantly prove they can't finish a league for s**t. It's not better to get a wider league if you have guys who have a 95% chance of just leaving like they always do.
  10. You can find the videos of the whole series. Won't spoil. You start at the far right and come back left for chronological order. GGS Clownfag
  11. How dare they ignore the existence of the great Pelle Eklund. Than again I didn't know who Murray Craven played for for like 10 years
  12. Been using NYI a lot and I'd say with C-B and manual goofers they aren't half bad.
  13. The guys commentating seemed new to the game, who were they?
  14. Never really got what people meant by the ''wrap around'' thing. Wrapping around a niche move at best
  15. At some point we should probably adopt a format like MTG or Tennis. Guys who are at the top of this site in GENS or SNES shouldn't have to play group stages. For some of the guys in the tourney they're virtually useless as they're not even a remote possibility of losing. IMO for Gens there'd be at least 8 justifiable byes: 3X GDL champs since it runs 3 a year(Or runner up if there's a repeat) ( 2X ''A'' Classic Champs (Spring and Fall) 1X Most runner-up 1X Most wins in GDL/Classic last year 1X Highest win %
  16. Having no demerit would probably put them a good margin ahead of others.
  17. I mean I get all the business about the inevitability of the slacking situation but I still feel we shouldn't reward it. Main issue I think is that people who do play consistently are taken for granted. At least in GDL we get rewarded with less balls and see slackers drowned in balls. But the biggest thing is just getting tired of all the dumb sob stories for not completing games. We all got our s**t, some of us decide to make time for 94 anyway. If you REALLY REALLY can't you should be fixing your life and not even try with this s**t. At the very least in 2016 can you just inform other play
  18. Either two solutions: Enforce a game loss if discovered (puts a player burden, but i bet people will make more efforts to remember). Or just have a thing added to your entry player card where you have to write down your matchups and present it to your opponents before games.
  19. I think in any case any player should be able to elect to play a lower tier team than the matchup.
  20. If you never do anything to people who slack, it gives those low in the standings no incentive to finish their games. Also continues to breed the toxic slacking culture. Right now in Gens I played 30 games in my 1st week, been waiting next 5 for the same 2 players, because I couldn't be online the only week they play I'm getting the same ammount of penalty. GDL has some good ideas: Punish repeat offenders and reward those who move the sticks early.