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  1. That was planned and known since the start of the season. As for Snes I didn't ask for it, neither should I receive it.
  2. The only players I haven't played against have either slacked for 6 weeks and played over 50% of their game in the last 7 days or It's 2 games vs Raph. I wouldn't need the extra time if you didn't keep rewarding that type of behavior.
  3. Keep encouraging and protecting slackers. Good stuff. Not signing up again
  4. I played 30 games in the first 2 weeks and had to wait the next 4-5 for 2 players lol.
  5. Yeah then some people get fucked because they didn't catch the guys who slacked for 6 weeks and tried to cram it in this week.
  6. I'll be on Monday Tuesday, Thursday Friday this week from like 3 PM to 3 AM if you wanna close out our schedule (Raph, Zepp, Voc). I know our games (raph) are mainly me being busy everytime you come calling so if we can't make it (which I doubt) ill just take full resp. for the DNPs
  7. Oh no. SCII format is Best of 3 so all 3 are used. So basically the same concept but with bans going up to 2 in this case.
  8. Moog got a power spike when they people realized he had good goalie stats despite the low overall. 2nd power spike was the weight (lol) put on weight and agility. He's IMO a top 10 goalie.
  9. Boston has had a massive power surge since the Goalie MEta change and the C-B checking. BOS def is by far the best in the game.
  10. Players are unaware what the other player has elected to ban. SCII has 3 Maps per round and a popular model is the following : 8 Maps are presented (Simultaneous) Player A Blind Bans 3 Maps Player B Blind Bans 3 Maps Unbanned maps are revealed, if more than 3 maps left ban until they are only 3 left. Rare occasion that players don't overlap banned maps they reset. I like blind bans because people try to play to their strengths rather than goes at it flows.
  11. IMO if you use Raph's tier list but replace with results it's fine. 2nd Pick should def. have last ban regardless of how many teams (so alternate the ban system so 2nd is always last). TIER I (the strongest) CHI DET BUF MTL VAN TIER II (strong) CGY BOS DAL WPG LA TIER III (good teams, competitive) QUE TOR EDM NYR TIER IV (flawed, weak teams) PHI HFD PIT STL WSH TIER V (poor teams) NJ NYI SJ TB TIER VI (The worst) FLA OTW ANH
  12. Also I think a good thing to do would be this : Eliminate Group D entirely, as in forcing bad team matchups a real way to get a cheap victory (IMO) as they're largely very specialized teams people don't play often. I think anybody who elects to do so should be able to swap with a lower group team (as long as it's not a team that's in two skill groups) Top Tier: VAN, CHI, BUF, DET (BOS, CGY?) Just below : DAL, MTL, NYR, WIN, CGY, BOS, LA, QUE, Playable: PHI, TOR. STL, EDM, HFD, PIT, NYI, NJ. TB Utter Aids : The rest
  13. I like the selection concept. Although a blind ban round would be nice. It's similar to map selection in StarCraft II and I like it. However i would def NOT group teams by OVR. Gross misreprensatation of the skill avail. For example HFD is clearly the best team in group D. Van the best by far in Group C etc.... Van's a top tier team and it's group C lol
  14. Mean at the same time it's generally the same guys. I'm already tired of chasing people.
  15. C-B check to my knowledge is more effective than C-Check is in fixed leagues. For Examples 188 guys will have a much higher sucess rate at hitting other 188 guys in C-B
  16. Y'all are just overeacting to the newest thing in town. But hey me and AJ's games are old school as s**t and we're both no pushovers. Only Ice has a better win% than I in GDL so far. 27 wasn't supposed to be that great because of the heavy defenders but Habs been the only one who truly neutered him so far. Everybody has holes in his game and nobody's perfect, good thing some of the old guys are coming back to give this stale era of ancients a good shakeup.
  17. Also to the issue regarding TV's: IMO It's in the interest of having the best experience possible that we either use computer monitors or old TV's. Most flatscreens today have a massive native delay (35-50 ms) which makes it appear really laggy and can f**k up some people's game (On top of not being consistent from tv to tv) which are usually not present in older TV's or computer monitors with minimal delay (<1ms)
  18. Hey. If you wanna play live at Funzoo downtown (bar with retro gaming consoles) throw down some 94. They even goth an NBA jam arcade booth
  19. We can't all be multi-sports all-stars like ya coach