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  1. Anybody from eastern canada or the Northeast USA who's going there?
  2. Well ain't that rich from the king of line changes I don't care about time saving; just that people argue for skipping hot'n'cold as saving time but it mostly doesn't because you have to go select team rosters.
  3. Yeah Baseball Stars a dope game. Best baseball game NES. "BE A CHAMP!"
  4. Only decent and true line combination is: Lemieux-Richer-Holik From : the only guy who took NJ to anything decent Jokes aside it's actually a decent team. Them and EDM are seriously under rated and way better than the trash some people pick (like TOR or CGY)
  5. Man America sure has got the internet of a 3rd world country. Remember when we're playing for 5000$ in a Bo3 DotA 2 and we lose cause one of our players' dad won't leave netflix for 2 hours. Some good stuff.
  6. Well agility matters more in this scenario. If he's hot he's basically max agi
  7. YEah. Shoulda mentionned fastest non pass goal is 7 flat. Tho if you're really lucky and you get it to a winger and your center rushes up ice I think its possible in 6 seconds.
  8. No it takes 7. I know because once I was down 3 to Houlanov with :21 to go and I won in OT
  9. Lets you play the game in browser without having to emulate an older version of Windows. Don't know if anybody ever posted it before but it's pretty cool.
  10. Can play most of the week except tomorrow and next wesneday. As a side comment If I can forfeit without any consequence I'd do it. I'm not personally keen on a loser's playoffs.
  11. LOL talent already so scarce. Think expansion's awful when like 5 teams perpetually suck/bleed money
  12. Think War horse is the best. The running knight is cool but it just screams ECHL.
  13. Well plenty of them on ebay for 12-13$. I wouldn't really bother to sell mine for under that either.
  14. Used to play a lot of 2 on 2 open ice challenge and I'd always pick Bure. Kinda like the NBA jam of hockey so he would constantly be on fire. Hence Flamingpavelbure.
  15. Rom was post playoffs. Hard to not bump up the Conn Smythe winner. (And overall playoff beast)
  16. 2. 2 mins. I said 3 but that's mostly because I didn't pay attention, not contentious. 3. 8-3 instead of 6-1. We have to play 3 other times.
  17. Sure you don't want be the guy that invents other people doing stuff. They don't do. I agree that some people are double faced and there's a mob effect. I however dislike true mostly because he used to be such a bigger s**t eater back in the day.
  18. I wanted to complete the game, he didn't. Hence why I was the one to ``stat pad``. I've not had issues with this in the past. If that is the ruling going forward that I should just leave the game be if opp. refuses to play then so be it. Still think it's BS.
  19. Any old thread or chat log. Thought it was pretty known. Even by you lol. Looking at that comment from you which makes it pretty clear you were actually aware of that. ``Freydey, on 29 Apr 2014 - 5:57 PM, said: I think FPB kept playing when that happened `` I've never been secretive about that, neither have I blamed any opponents for doing with me when I left games (in past). I didn't do that either this time. It was clearly announced to J&J and Brutus when I was told black on white to play CPU by J&J. This has not happened any other time this season because nobody else refused
  20. I don't know why you're dimissing him. All he said was that I did fine in his leagues. What I did in 2012 was wrong but it has no bearance on what's happening now. This year AFAIK not a lot of people have had issues with how I played. In the case of Robro I uploaded the wrong save state and acknowledged it as soon as I was let known. That has happened to the majority of players in the league. As if I thought that nobody would notice I uploaded the same guy twice and I'd get away with it. As for this J&J stuff well I've never had a game removed in the past for completing it vs CPU when op
  21. I thought it was fine for the following: A: Done that in the past where I finish game vs CPU and some people might have frowned but it was never removed. B: Didn't expect this to turn into a clown fest. Instead of just ``hey you cant do that anymore`` and have game removed. C: (Call me a douche IDC I dont say it to be rude): I think J&J and the CPU are pretty close in terms of D.