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  1. I think it's because my NHL rom isn't headerless. Is there some way to make it headerless without screwing everything up? Also I take it you never got around to making the overall ratings dynamic, huh?
  2. Thanks. When I load it up I only get about 30 players and a small portion of the teams. Also could you set it up where if I adjust players stats the overall rating adjusts real time?
  3. Stefan

    Editor v0.8.1

    Is there a way to get this to work on Windows 10?
  4. Stefan

    Editor v0.8.1

    This doesn't appear to work on Windows 10.
  5. You put together the lines for each team and I'll do the ratings.
  6. Did you ever include this??
  7. Could you add the ability to see the players overall rating?
  8. Are there player indicators in this one?
  9. Put the player indicators back in. My only thought on the rom
  10. It's your thread. So. Since always.
  11. I don't think the issue with a lack of indicator is the game being too challenging... I think the issue is, it doesn't make sense. It's like making the puck the same colour as the ice. You, in theory, can have a good idea of where the puck is at all times, but it's unusual, and without any justification as to why it should be the same colour. Especially when playing multiplayer. I only ever play 4 players. This is feedback. Do whatever you want with your rom. Just understand not everyone's going to find an adjustment like this to be favourable. Just remember. It's your rom. Do whatever you want with it. But when you put it in a public setting, it's subject to criticism. This isn't your forum.
  12. I'd work on another rom if there was an overall calculator within the software.
  13. I don't foresee myself making another update. I want accurate ratings and to achieve this with lack of software available is painfully slow and challenging. Thanks to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed. If anyone who ever wants to play me, I consider myself a top tier player and will gladly play online.
  14. I play this game with my friends, and we always do 2v2. When there are no stars, it's a complete mess. There is no benefit to not showing a player indicator. Could you re add them? Otherwise this rom is likely for you, and you alone.
  15. As greatful as I am for the editor, it's limited. So time consuming to just do one team. I usually spend 30-40 hours per edit, and it's really unenjoyable If the editor just had an "overall player ranking" in it, it would shave off so much time... So time consumption + not enjoyable.
  16. Weird. I can. I'm working on a trade deadline update. Likely the last I'll ever do.
  17. Fixed! Download the new one, sorry about that =)
  18. Poopies. Didn't realise it would do that, I'll fix it. I take it you were trying to choose Buffalo =P
  19. The player indicators are still there. If you play in the playoffs, between periods there's "highlights" for computer controlled teams. Essentially since 20 minute periods is far too long for this game, I changed it to 1 second periods so if you go into playoffs with this mode you can watch the highlights. The ratings are fairly accurate. Check em out yourself. There isn't a plethora of highly rated players, but the rating scale is more tight than NHL 94.
  20. In this update I've redone all team jersey colours (Credit to trudatman) Changed defense control to be default ON Added water bottles to top of net (With some help from trudatman) Re-did team banners (Credit to trudatman) Replaced Ron Barr with Don Cherry (He's a controversial Canadian icon who's sort of gone senile in his years) Changed arena names Changed overall ratings Edited some text for personal preference (Changed aggression to discipline, changed Regular season to exhibition, and some other non necessary stuff) Edited playoff seedings to reflect that of last years (Will update once playoffs come along this year) Replaced old teams with current teams, replaced All Star teams with Nashville, and Minnesota Edited starting menu slightly to reflect stanley cup participants as default teams Updated rosters on all 28 teams to accurately reflect their overall performance over the last 2 years Updated lines Updated team advantages to accurately reflect how each team is performing up to date using a formula to divide the amount of teams by the amount of points per specific advantage, and allocated evenly. Changed Regular Season overtimes from 5 minutes to 20 minutes (Ties suck) Changed 20 minute periods to "Highlight mode" which is essentially a 1 second period... If used in playoffs, you can watch computer players "highlights" occasionally. Kind of a silly thing, but me and my buddies like playing drinking games for them. YOU COULD TOO! I spent approximately 30-40 hours on this, doing all my balancing by completing a team, opening the rom, checking players ratings, and adjusting accordingly to each specific players performance, as well as my own opinion. I used this website: http://www.forecaste...playerindex.cgi to see player specific "Assets" and "Flaws", as well as up to date stats... and this website http://www.capgeek.c....php?team_id=22 for current rosters Each player should be fairly accurate to how they are in real life based on that website, and my own opinion... I didn't just randomly choose their ratings for them. The website was comprehensive enough to get a good feel for how they actually play even if I wasn't too familiary with the player. If there's any ratings that you feel are unfair based on in game comparisons to other players, let me know... I feel I had the hardest time with defense ratings. Some players might be rated lower because it's hard to be rated high as a defensive first player as there's only a few attributes in the game that are geared towards defense... If there's any requests for the rom, I'm willing to consider and adjust... ENJOY!!! If there are any glaring problems, like lines, or players who should be +5/-5 in rating, please say something. I feel everything is accurate within +5/-5 rating, and since I don't watch every single team, it's difficult for me to tell. My player ratings are done via a specific formula. It won't always be accurate since I am ONE MAN. Hope you enjoy. NHL 13.rar
  21. Why would you have the fourth liners for the powerplay?
  22. Wanna help me make the Wild jersey colours? I'm 25% done the new roster update, gonna take out Phoenix for Minnesota.
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