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  1. Well. I don't understand these stats. They aren't the same as the snes one.

    I know the numbers are different, I actually mean the fields for where their point distribution is.

    At any rate, how long do you think it would take you to program what I'm looking for? I'll pay you.

  2. I thought you could decompile the program?

    Or could you make a stand alone program that just shows a player's average rating? A third party add-on? ANYTHING. AHHH ANYTHIIIIIIINGGGG

  3. I spoke to him on here. He says he really has no interest in doing it at all.

    I don't have the time to learn this, I have two jobs, and am extremely busy.

    If someone can do it, I have the time to make an updated roster. That's what I want to invest my time in. But I'm not going to learn some code for a one time thing, especially if there are other people on here who know how to, and can potentially do it in a mere minutes.

    Even an hour. It's no time for someone else, it'd probably be half a day for me.

  4. I unfortunately just don't have the time to do this. I work two jobs... Wish I could. And want to make an updated 2013 roster.

    Anyone who knows the code knows how much time it would take to implement it into his already existing program? Or make a different program with just the player attribute editor, as well as the overall rating add on?

    I'll pay $$

  5. Well, I spoke to statto and he said the data is on his friend hard drive. So if he could access it he might do it.

    He also mentioned he didn't know how the overall rating worked, but since we have that data, that won't be a problem.

    If he is able to recover it, and if he's willing to invest the time (which would be so awesome) I think just the overall code would be good for a first update :P

  6. I briefly talked to him. He said he might to find the source code or something and hes not sure how the attributes work to get an overall rating

    Does no one else think this would be awesome?

  7. I've looked at the code, and the checking attribute doesn't factor into the checking that happens when a check is thrown. It was just based on weight (until I made the "weight bug fix" which changed it so the checking attribute had a significant effect)

    I play SNES, not Genesis.

  8. It's not even a hack.

    Just to get the data in the software to give an end result on a player's attributes to reflect that of which it would be in the game.

    There must be a way to do it, unless there is more value in some ratings than others.

    If not, it'd be easy... and very useful.

  9. For Genesis (and I assume SNES, but could be wrong), weight doesn't make a player slower, it makes him accelerate slower. Top speed remains the same, but it takes him longer to reach it.

    Yeah. And as mentioned earlier the turn speed is greatly decreased.

    Weight also effects difficulty of being checked, and checking ability.

    I'm certain checking impacts how well you can hit as well... Although someone mentioned it's an AI based stat... I'd tend to disagree.

    Offensive awareness in later games was used as a modifier for certain offensive stats. I do notice that players with higher offensive awareness stats tend to have a bias to play more offensively, and typically score more goals.

    Defensive awareness tends to relate to defensive zone coverage. In my 2011 update, the capitals defense (mostly green) would frequently allow breakaways and get out of position because his defensive awareness wasn't very good. When a more defensive player was slotted in, the gaps would be closed, and there'd be less breakaways.

    I feel both off and def awareness are two stats that create a team identity.

    The teams I made in my updated version almost play like their real teams because I focused so heavily on the accuracy of these stats.

    Stick handling seems to have the biggest impact from a 55 rating to a 65 rating. At 65 and higher, the player typically will receive a pass with no problem, and it seems at 55 or lower they can't receive anything.

    I also think the stat effects how likely the puck will come off the players stick while in scrums, or tight areas with opposing players.

    Checking, or stick handling might also effect the likelihood of jarring a puck loose from an opposing player, without performing a check.

    Haven't screwed around with that, just speculation.

  10. If anyone knows how to program this software... A player rating would be so amazing in the software. I'd pay you money to do it. Seriously. I'll PayPal you cash.

  11. alright, the time has come to work on the playoffs update. here is a reminder to y'all that I am seeking your comments and corrections. some of the jerseys must have errors. I can't have made zero typos. please read through your favorite team's roster and holler at me with your thoughts. thanks!

    Here's my input:

    Offensive awareness / defensive awareness are crucial to how players play, and the teams overall identity.

    Me and my buddies will get together for a 2v2 night of a best of 7. We will end up choosing 7 teams each...

    And it will get so in depth we will use certain teams to counter other teams. Like a physical team like Boston might be wise to use against a fast team. Or a good defensive team like Nashville might be used against a high offensive team like Pittsburgh.

    Anyways, a teams overall identity is within those stats. Offensive/def awareness. If you make random numbers for those stats, the teams don't play like they do in real life, therefore the rom (in my opinion) isnt accurate.

  12. Fantastic rom. I realize how much I prefer the SNES version once it has updated rosters...just more fun than the Sega. It's really difficult to get up the ice since the checking is so dominant and switching off to your defensemen make it easy to line people up. Much more emphasis on moving the puck.

    A few things on ratings...I know it's a lot of players to go though, so I'm not complaining, just pointing things out.

    I'm a Ranger fan..the rom has Karl Hagelin as a 55 in speed and agility. He's one of the fastest skaters in the league. Also, the speed and agility ratings seem backwards for defensemen Del Zotto and McDonagh...Mcdonagh is a good skater but not as good as Del Zotto. I fixed these things in about 10 seconds with the editor for my own use. Not sure if anyone else has any ratings they think are off.

    As for your dilemma with defensive ratings, I think you need to reflect a good defenseman by bumping up speed and agility numbers. That's kind of happened already, as for instance with Chara whose numbers in those areas are higher than they really should be on face value. Since there's no way to reflect poke checking and positioning, you adjust your speed, agility and possibly weight up.

    Thanks again for the hard work and the cool rom.

    Thx for the input.

    Yes. Players who are "Depth players" almost automatically get lower speed/agility ratings as they are arguably the most important stat in the game.

    As for Carl Hagelin, http://www.forecaster.ca/thestar/hockey/player.cgi?10542

    That's what I used to help me make guys.

    I've never heard of the player before in my entire life, so if that can't provide me with his pros/cons, then it's tough to really make the guy.

    I basically boost/subtract points to what's indicated in the scouting report, and do the rest of his ratings on his point production or reputation in media.

    Glad you enjoyed!

    and yeah, Chara is definitely not a 65/65 for agil/speed, but if I make him any slower, he literally can't move at that weight.

    So, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, y'know? :D

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