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  1. sweet! I'm about to search for any posts about setting the overtime length. if there aren't any explanations, maybe you could add one. I only ever play five- and twenty-minute periods, so the removal of the twenty for a useless thing is disappointing, at best. I'm glad I could help you get to this point, but you don't need to credit me for anything. I could certainly use your help now that I have forgotten most things and you have kept it fresh. holler!

    edit: yeah, you have to explain the changing of the overtime length to us!

    wow! Marc Savard and Colby Cohen don't belong on the active Bruins roster. Chris Kelly at 46/100 is just plain wrong. rosters aren't easy (I'm only at EDM with mine), but yours aren't quite right/current/finished. some of the menu changes are confusing, too. maybe I just don't understand Canadan. I've never been to Canadia.

    Yeah, Chris Kelly is having a good season.

    I made Boston prior to the beginning of the season, I'll be sure to bump him up to a mid 60.

    I'll move Savard to a reserve spot, until he's retired I see no reason why I'd remove him from the team.

    Menu changes are confusing? Like what?

    Oddly enough I found the data from a post you made in the mapping project thread (UNFORTUNATELY AFTER I WENT THROUGH EVERY SINGLE CODE IN THE HEX EDITOR THAT WAS 5 MINUTES!!!!)

    F9D2E - Period Lengths (find/change menu text to match)

    FC8A2 - Overtime....

    Look for FC8A2 and just copy and paste what I put there from mine!

    If you wanna change 20 minute periods back from my silly highlight mode it's pretty easy http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/13341-change-overtime-length-make-it-continuous/ as reference.

    I believe the code I changed B0 04 to is 00 10.

    I will adjust chris kelly to a mid 60!

    I take into account previous seasons, so one good/poor season doesn't warrant a rating that a consistent .5 point per game player might get (low 70's).

    Thanks for the heads up :D

    It's so much easier to understand one own's explanation than reading it. So if it wasn't detailed enough lemme know... I'll try to reiterate.

    I'll make an update once I get a few more opinions on other teams, if anyone still checks these forums =\


    Wanna try a 1v1 sometime?

  2. Here's my NHL 94 updated rom to TRADE DEADLINE DAY

    In this update I've redone all team jersey colours (Credit to trudatman)

    Defaulted defense control: ON

    Added water bottles to top of net (With some help from trudatman)

    Re-did team banners (Credit to trudatman)

    Replaced Ron Barr with Don Cherry (He's a controversial Canadian icon who's sort of gone senile in his years)

    Changed arena names

    Changed overall ratings

    Edited some text for personal preference (Changed aggression to discipline, changed Regular season to exhibition, and some other non necessary stuff)

    Edited playoff seedings to reflect that of last years (Will update once playoffs come along this year)

    Replaced old teams with current teams, replaced All Star teams with Nashville, and Phoenix

    Edited starting menu slightly to reflect stanley cup participants as default teams

    Updated rosters on all 28 teams to accurately reflect their overall performance over the last 2 years

    Updated lines

    Updated team advantages to accurately reflect how each team is performing up to date using a formula to divide the amount of teams by the amount of points per specific advantage, and allocated evenly.

    Changed Regular Season overtimes from 5 minutes to 20 minutes (Ties suck)

    Changed 20 minute periods to "Highlight mode" which is essentially a 1 second period... If used in playoffs, you can watch computer players "highlights" occasionally. Kind of a silly thing, but me and my buddies like playing drinking games for them. YOU COULD TOO!

    I spent approximately 30-40 hours on this (been on short term disability from work), doing all my balancing by completing a team, opening the rom, checking players ratings, and adjusting accordingly to each specific players performance, as well as my own opinion.

    I used this website: http://www.forecaster.ca/thestar/hockey/playerindex.cgi to see player specific "Assets" and "Flaws", as well as up to date stats... and this website http://www.capgeek.com/depth_charts.php?team_id=22 for current rosters

    Each player should be fairly accurate to how they are in real life based on that website, and my own opinion... I didn't just randomly choose their ratings for them. The website was comprehensive enough to get a good feel for how they actually play even if I wasn't too familiary with the player.

    Next up I'll be adding a 2v2 rom...

    If there's any ratings that you feel are unfair based on in game comparisons to other players, let me know... I feel I had the hardest time with defense ratings.

    Some players might be rated lower because it's hard to be rated high as a defensive first player as there's only a few attributes in the game that are geared towards defense...

    If there's any requests for the rom, I'm willing to consider and adjust...


    I added a rom for emulator, a rom for game doctor, and the team advantages chart for your viewing pleasure!

    *Note. Some of the teams I first assembled might be a bit whacky as I made those teams in August... So if you see something off, please let me know. Thx.


  3. I think the problem with Boston is, they aren't really a skilled team.

    They're a well coached, aggressive, chippy, hard hitting team, and for whatever reason are allowed to get away with a lot in the playoffs as seen versus Tampa Bay (The team with the best Powerplay during the playoffs), where they inexplicably managed to not get a single penalty in the 7th game, and VS the Canucks where they were allowed to use the Sedins as punching bags.

    The stats in this game are mostly geared towards offensive players... There's Passing, Off. Aware, Shot PWR, Shot ACC, Agility, Stick Handling. Speed being a neutral stat. Then on the defensive side of things there's just checking, and def. Aware, and speed being good defensively and offensively.

    Sooo it's hard to make a team that's "mean" be good at a game that doesn't reward mean teams as high ranked ones.

    I had the same problem with mine... Although they were still rated fairly well.

  4. Did you ever create your own editor for the game?

    Wondering if someone knew how to tweak the current editor to show the players average rating...

    It would be cool if you could save teams and upload teams if wanting to do transfers from rom to rom, or player type templates for quick making of players...

    The average player rating would be amazing though.

  5. Hopefully.

    I've played edited games that are complete overhauls of their original counterparts.

    Played a super metroid remake, or sequel where literally not a single thing was the same... Different graphics, different physics... Couldn't see why they couldn't for a simple game like NHL 94 :P

  6. My format for editing players is based on what this website: http://www.forecaster.ca/thestar/hockey/playerindex.cgi says, and my own knowledge of the player.

    if their pros are good shooting they get an 85... same goes with speed. I also take into account their goals... if they have a lot of assists they'll get an 85 for passing, if a lot of assists + it's said they're excellent passers they get a 100... Etc etc.

    For the most part top players will get 55-65 for mostly everything as default, unless they're superstars. But all my info comes from that.

    Formula for PM is pretty much similar to yours, however I also take into account time on ice.

    There's 16 teams done... Still need to add 20 minute OT periods. :-(

  7. *update* finished 16 teams.

    Hey, so by no means did I make this thread to preach my methods of making my rom, rather just giving advice, if wanted.

    I don't feel how I've gone about making the ratings is the "correct" way, or is better than anyone elses, just thought it was a good method, and the group of friends I play with locally (high school buddies, on a game doctor) also agree that the ratings are fair.

    So, after spending some time checking around, I found a few websites to help me make teams with fairly accurate ratings.

    After making a team, I'd go into the rom, make the team I just completed home and away, and make minor tweaks until I feel the players rating is accurate to what I know/have read about that player.

    I also created the teams to be fairly on par with eachother, while not making every team identical. The best teams in the game, are still the best teams in the game, but it isn't like NHL 94's ratings where if you chose Anaheim everyone on your team would be a 50...

    Anywho, due to the fact it took about an hour to make each team, I've only done 16 teams.

    So, use it as a tool, use it for fun, or just completely ignore it... Just don't tell me it sucks, because this is for me and my buds, and we don't care :).

    Feel free to complete the rom as well.

    So, first things first I'd use this website to construct the team: http://www.capgeek.com/depth_charts.php?team_id=22 making the top line the top 3 players in the editor, the second line the next 3, and so fourth. Left wing first, centre second, right wing third, and back to left wing at fourth, and so on and so on. This made it easier to make the lines when editing it later on. I'd then do a second check with: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/forums/show/3745.page;jsessionid=25C5004ACB86398438B8817B28B60044 to check with other people's opinions.

    Second, I use this website: http://www.forecaster.ca/thestar/hockey/playerindex.cgi to get information on individuals, and base their ratings on the tidbits of information provided, as well as use their previous year(s) stats to make their overall ratings a certain way. As a general rule of thumb, the fourth liners would typically be around 40-50ish rating, third liners 50-high 60's (depending on the player) second liners high 60's to 80's, first liners high 70's to high 90's (Depending on the player).

    And third, I used some of the completed roms to do the jerseys (credit to trudatman, as I used all his jersey colours)

    I also added water bottles... And made every team that I've completed bonuses 4 for offense 3 for defense 2 for power play 1 for PK and 1/1 for home / away just to make things fair.

    What my group of friends will do is select 6 teams each and do a best of 7 (using each team at least once), if the series goes to a game 7 we each choose our best team and compete that way. So I guess that's why I stopped at 12 teams... and lack of time!

    Anyways, here's the rom.

    Hope it helps with making the rosters... If not, disregard! Thought I'd spread some assistance :)

    Oh, the completed teams are: Anaheim, detroit, chicago, boston, san jose, vancouver, washington, LA, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, New Jersey, philly, buffalo, toronto, and nashville. Might do more later.

    Oh, and if anyone's in the Vancouver region, we're planning on doing another 2v2 tournament sometime. We've met other locals and have gotten about 8 teams.

    I'm sure you know JeffBC, he came out one time. Him and his partner got destroyed. Hope we can find some more locals. :D


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