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  1. Yeah just looking for an updated rom with updated teams, colours, players + ratings, and lines. Maybe 5 , 7 and 10 minute periods. That's pretty much it. The water bottle's a cool feature becuase it doesn't effect the game... I have my own ideas for ratings, sedins should be mid to high 90's no doubt. Kess should be mid to high 80's in my opinion. Then at worst players should be high 50's low 60's. My scaling would be a top first line would be low to mid 90's, with the exceptions of ovechkin, and crosby being 100's. Sedins being close to 100. A lousier first line would be mid to high 80's. A typical second line would be between high 70's and low 80's. (depending on the players of course) a typical third line would be high 60's to low 70's (Again depending on the players) reserves would be high 50's to low 60's Defense would be similar. Obviously kesler isn't a typical second line player, probably one of the best second liners in the league, the same goes with Malkin. And there's a handful of really awful second liners as well. So little things should be taken into consideration with that. Best goalies should be mid 90's, with Thomas and Rask being 100. And at worst a starting goalie should be high 70's, low 80's. Backups between 60-80 based on the goalie. Like Schneider's going to be a great starter soon, so he's an exception.
  2. I don't know the full extent to what you've edited but me and my group of friends just want the game as it is with updated teams and rosters. Having Ron Barr say he's stoned out of his mind and players "die" aren't good edits. The water bottle seems like a nice little addition but the lack of on ice indicators is a pain. Smaller puck? Why? The gameplay is fine. What other edits are there? And the rosters are ridiculous. Why is everyone on the Canucks 100? I'm from Vancouver and I even think it's retarded.
  3. Well I bought a game doctor (it allows you to play edited roms on the super nintendo) so me and my buddies could play an edited rom with updated rosters. We play all the time, but got tired of the old rosters, since we've been doing that for like 6 years. So I like your rom, but we like to play 10 minute periods with offsides on... And I'd also like to edit the rosters .
  4. Can you please make the period lengths 5/10/20 ? I'd like to use the rom, but me and my friends play 10 minute periods... 60's just sort of ridiculous, 20's also too long, and 5's too short. Thanks, if you can
  5. Hey, I was looking to get a game doctor SF3 or 7 or whatever, and was wondering if an edited rom of the game is able to be booted on a game doctor for the snes? Also, I've seen some updated roms, with updates teams, jerseys, and rosters, but when I attempt to edit the roms, everything's all wacky! Is there any way to edit someone elses edited rom? Thanks.
  6. Hey I was wondering what you used to edit the rom?? I want to edit your rom (if you don't mind) to adjust the ratings differently. Also not a fan of not having the starters on each team because they're injured. I tried using Statto's editor, and I just get a bunch of errors, and the text is in a weird language...
  7. I thought aggressiveness was how likely you are to take a penalty!
  8. Hey. What's the deal with team advantages? Anywhere I could look these all up? Also, is there a way to improve AI at all? Make it so defensemen don't circle behind the net for no reason, or go offside less?
  9. I'm dying to see a roster update for the game based on what EA's deemed as appropriate for the rosters. I've seen some of the roster updates and I appreciate the time, and work spent into them... But they just aren't accurate. Anyone interested in possibly doing an update based on the EA stats? (I'm aware that NHL 2011 has many different attributes... Possibly just collaborate)
  10. What do offensive awareness and defensive awareness do? Anyone know?
  11. Hey. You should change Daniel Sedin's rating from 81 to the exact same as Henrik Sedin's. Because they literally are the exact same player. Infact if you look at their points / TOI, daniel's is SLIGHTLY higher. I don't know what everyone's misconception about these two players are. They're the same. Except one is more of a goal scorer (daniel) and one is more of a play maker (henrik). Also... Just a request. I was never a fan of taking out injured players. I think it's the absolute dumbest feature the EA franchise has picked up. It's annoying to not play with the team's best players. Would it be inconvenient to not just throw in the projected best lineups for each team? Thanks dude. Really awesome rom. Can't wait until I get something to play it on my SNES with.
  12. Ridic? I live in Vancouver, we do regular tournies with 4 teams... We'd probably smash you guys, what's a ridic tourney?
  13. whats this about the AI playing and not you? how do you be a good coach? what?
  14. How long are the seasons? I'll participate when my internet is hardwired.
  15. well I'll nominate myself as other, since I dominated your proclaimed champion.
  16. You guys stepped it up against Zubin and Josh, but you lost to a few teams like... 8-1... 6-1... etc... plus our 1v1 was lobsided as well
  17. I did it one time, found it was far too laggy for my likings...
  18. Well, we had the tourny... Two guys from Coquitlam won, me and my team mate came in second, 3rd and fourth were held by two of my other buddies, jeff and case came in 5th, and my other friends came in 6th... Me and Jeff played 1v1, I won 7-4. He had a nice flip goal against us, however, I'll give him that
  19. Jeffs coming out for a 6 team local tournament this month to my place. Might have to edit that poll
  20. So we have 5 total now, tournamen tlooks to be placed on Feb 16th, if anyone is still interested, post.
  21. Well I think a good method of play is staying tight infront of your net, and using poke check... Only really use body check/speed boost if you're in the neutral zone, or really have a guy lined up, otherwise you throw your guys out of position too much. I use poke check for the majority of my defense... Also, get good with defense control, it's huge.
  22. For the goalie pull thing, like I said it's only really good for 2v2, and I only use it when the opposing team takes a penalty. I wont actually pause the game or anything to do it, however, it is a method of doing this glitch easier if you want to test it out on the computer.
  23. Yeah, the first one, like I said is a reaction... So you're pretty much being held constantly if you hit a player. As for the second glitch, I don't have a video, but it's very easy to perform. Feel free to take a video, provide some credit for me =P and display. Oh, more glitches. 9) You can seperate the faceoff circle during a defensive zone faceoff that is closest to your own players bench... To do this, pull your goalie. Your goalie will skate through the faceoff setup, splitting up the players, almost guaranteeing you a faceoff win. (sorta risky though...) 10) You can score on yourself through the back of your net (not really a good glitch, one thats cost me a game or two)... To do so: I believe this only works if you're skating from up to down, (up is your defensive zone, where your goalie is). Have the goalie get the puck, go behind your own net, and pass down... It'll unfortionately go through your own net, which will lead to you swearing at the game.
  24. Alright, so like most people here, I've played this game to death, and still play it with a group of my friends on a weekly, to bi monthly basis. Annnnnd like most people, I've stumbled across some glitches that are actually effective in the game, but not overly cheap since everyone can do it... *ALL GLITCHES PERFORMED ON A SUPER NINTENDO* 1) Alright, starting with a simple glitch that I never don't use anymore, it's just reaction... This is for SNES exclusive as far as I know... Pushing the Y button after you've been knocked down will immediately get you back up. This can be done after your player has been injured as well for a nice... goofy... effect. 2) Removing your goaltender from the crease and giving him the opportunity to skate around the ice, free form, which can in turn knock over players, or the oppositions goaltender... (and can even draw interference penalties on the oppositions goaltender ... see glitch 3) To do this, you must have at least two people on one team... just as your opponents take a penalty, and you've touched the puck push the X button and wala, you're the goalie now. Timing is key, you have about a second or two to push X, then you're the goalie! Free as a bird knocking over everything you see. I use this glitch all the time =P Note: This can also be done by replacing the goalie with the backup, or NONE, then pushing X... (or you might have to push X prior, then replacing the goalie, I forget...) 3) Oppositions goaltender gets an interference penalty, the result being a player is in net... not the back up. This has only happened once to us, needless to say the player subbing in for the goalie (who was Andy Moog, and for whichever reason the coach decided Blue wasn't the good fit...) was amazing. The player ended up with a shutout through the remaining two periods, Andy Moog didn't replace him after his penalty expired, which again, is beyond me. 4) Players randomly get pulled out of the ice surface, and into the crowd... I don't know how to get this to work, it's happened maybe 3 times ever for me... At one point I was left with two players on the ice, apparently the fans just wanted to get a bit... closer... to my players. 5) Strange sound effects from one timer shots... Occasionally the sound of a drumb, or a sniper rifle goes off? Again, this is random, and happens once in every few games. Easier to reproduce in instant replay, silly glitch. 6) Mario Lemiex's head / Stick / Pucks are displayed at the top of the instant replay screen. This occurs randomly, like the previous two glitches... and infrequently as well. Might just be my Super Nintendo going wonky for all three of these. 7) Players aren't creditted with an assist. Every now and then a player is denied his assist... for whichever reason. This happens frequently enough for people to not care anymore, but infrequently enough for my friends and I to laugh when it does happen. 8) A goal scored with 0 seconds left. For some reason you can score with 0 seconds left, I dunno why. This is all I can really think of right now, we've had some glitches on penalty shots where the player couldn't access the puck for some reason... I forget how to reproduce that one... Anyone else have some funky glitches to share?
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