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  1. Lolllll How much did u get it for? Let's make it a TOURNEY PRIZE muahahaha then i can win it
  2. Ugh.. dunno how my DM didn’t go through. Just my fate. Hate STL. All good.. will be an interesting season
  3. Is there a place to post preffered teams? Whats the update on this league?
  4. sick man.. welcome.. i was there too and it stoked my fire for 94 again. Gonna play in the league this year after a long absence..
  5. Pits dominates.. not sure how this is not being understood...
  6. We should do a signup there...We gotta have THESE rankings mean something one day... like we do a massive online playoff and season and have to meet somewhere for the finals. Could be interesting..
  7. Detroit Muahabahah I finally get Detroit Remember the last time I got Detroit? 2008.. Only 3 losses the whole season Get ready boyz
  8. Hey Guys It was a tough series for SURE.. Xcing i was super surprised you lost given your dominance! I really thought i had a few close changes to take it home with you but you had the edge on me.. Haven't played in a 94 series for about 7 years so im dusting off the controller Gimme Detroit and you'll see what happens! I gotta say i don't know why my ZSNES does this but it exits out of the window randomly during a game, like it alt tabs out, some other program i can't figure out takes dominance and i lose control of my remote for that few seconds.. killed my series on an emotional level especially with all those 1 goal games. Gotta figure out a new computer situation or something It's been good to have Exhi's with Annatar and Mikael and be able to give you guys a challenge :-) I look forward to spring
  9. Snes B looks a bit wacked out too.. playoff seeds and numbers don't look the same?
  10. I'd love it if i just got to pick the team i wanted to play with and so did the other person...
  11. Im in :-) looking forward to schooling you noobs ;-)