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  1. Lolllll How much did u get it for? Let's make it a TOURNEY PRIZE muahahaha then i can win it
  2. Ugh.. dunno how my DM didn’t go through. Just my fate. Hate STL. All good.. will be an interesting season
  3. Is there a place to post preffered teams? Whats the update on this league?
  4. sick man.. welcome.. i was there too and it stoked my fire for 94 again. Gonna play in the league this year after a long absence..
  5. Pits dominates.. not sure how this is not being understood...
  6. We should do a signup there...We gotta have THESE rankings mean something one day... like we do a massive online playoff and season and have to meet somewhere for the finals. Could be interesting..
  7. Detroit Muahabahah I finally get Detroit Remember the last time I got Detroit? 2008.. Only 3 losses the whole season Get ready boyz
  8. Hey Guys It was a tough series for SURE.. Xcing i was super surprised you lost given your dominance! I really thought i had a few close changes to take it home with you but you had the edge on me.. Haven't played in a 94 series for about 7 years so im dusting off the controller Gimme Detroit and you'll see what happens! I gotta say i don't know why my ZSNES does this but it exits out of the window randomly during a game, like it alt tabs out, some other program i can't figure out takes dominance and i lose control of my remote for that few seconds.. killed my series on an emotional level especially with all those 1 goal games. Gotta figure out a new computer situation or something It's been good to have Exhi's with Annatar and Mikael and be able to give you guys a challenge :-) I look forward to spring
  9. Snes B looks a bit wacked out too.. playoff seeds and numbers don't look the same?
  10. I'd love it if i just got to pick the team i wanted to play with and so did the other person...
  11. Im in :-) looking forward to schooling you noobs ;-)
  12. Ok Guys Im Back... here to play SNES league again and bring the pain back....
  13. You guys are just lucky i fell off the bandwagon for a bit Good job on the league.. Xgrad, come back and give this league the added competition.
  14. BobKudelski Prodigyof94 Masterof94 Shwartz Houlanov(see him online,after lost first 2, wont playme) Sarcdoc and anyone else im avail anytime, sched with me
  15. Hey Sarcdoc Im around in the afternoon tommorow and thursday, whats good for you?
  16. yeup. its just a matter of finding people online. Who wants to sched a game with me?
  17. Alright, league, tournament. This needs to happen Anybody who's been playing 94 for a decent amount of time can acknolowedge the huge difference between offsides on and off. When they are off, people don't care about passing as much, long trips up the ice, sloppy play, lame goals and deke's, and generally, a different level of strategy. Offsides on forces you to take into account your whole game, your player movement and momentum, your passing accuracy. Its actually a different game Take it up a notch, lets build an offsides on league. I've already got the EA top snes 94 champion to agree but only if we set up offsides. Start it up! Beat2thabox god
  18. It says im already registered!