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  1. Personally, while he wasn't as awesome as in NHL 94, I thought Mogilny was damn good in NHL 93.
  2. C- Roenick LW- Robitaille RW- Mogilny D- Housley D- Chelios G- Belfour
  3. Buffalo all the way! LaFontaine, Mogilny, and Hawerchuk were a dominant trio, and IMO, Mogilny was the best player in this game- yes, better than Roenick.
  4. Hi, guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while- busy with schoolwork. Anyway, I wrote an article on EA Sports hockey Genesis games, which includes NHL 94. You can also find it on Retrojunk and HFBoards. Tell me what you think of it: Remembering NHL Hockey Games for the Sega Genesis As a young kid with a Sega Genesis, I was fortunate to inherit the system with some of the best sports-themed video games of all-time. The baseball games were good, but not great. The football games were exceptional. The basketball games were decent, but there were more bad games than good ones. There were a
  5. Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but i'm back. Recently, I've continued to unleash Mogilny on everybody else... and it's getting uglier. I was playing Sabres vs. Penguins. Final scored: 9-1 Sabres. Yes, you heard me right. I kicked Pittsburgh's ass! Mogilny had SIX GOALS... IN THE FIRST PERIOD!! Also, I updated my signature a bit. I know people will hate it, but I for one am sick and tired of EVERYONE kissing up to Roenick! So, how you guys doing?
  6. Please. Both of them bow at the legend that is Alexander Mogilny.
  7. WRONG! Mogilny hit Roenick, and knocked him out of the game in the first period. BTW, Sabres won 5-0. Mogilny had four goals, and Roenick had NO SHOTS ON GOAL!! SCREW ROENICK! MOGILNY'S THE MAN!!
  9. Mogilny scores eight goals while eating breakfast.
  10. The way I play Mogilny on Genesis, he's unreal. The other night, I played Sabres at Kings... Mogilny had 6 goals... and that was an off-night! Roenick WISHES he was as good as Alexander The Great!
  11. NOBODY has a story of a game where the goalie stole the show?? WOW...
  12. I am having a lot of trouble. I want to change my KEYBOARD SETTINGS. I want to switch the B button to my space and the C button to enter. How can I do this?
  13. 1. False. The way I play, EVERYBODY hits. 2. True.
  14. Can any of you relate an instance where a goalie played lights out, even though the rest of the team didnt? Here's mine: Canadiens vs. Jets in Winnipeg I played the Jets and outshoot the Habs 49-12, but somehow lose 3-2 in O.T. Patrick Roy saved their butts that night. Feel free to comment on my experience and relate your experiences against a goalie who played phenomenally in an NHL 94 game.
  15. I'll give you a hint: Ever seen Step By Step?