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  1. Well done with this. You've given a whole new aesthetic to the game. Feels like its own distinct game.
  2. This is really well done. Nice to see someone breathing some life into this game, as it was one of the stronger of the EA 16 bit days. Congratulations.
  3. Thanks for this rom. Look forward to playing!
  4. Somebody did an awesome Swiss League a few years ago. Really professional job and well worth the play.
  5. Looks awesome. Thanks very much for sharing!
  6. Gents, Just a silly and simple question based on a broad assumption. The assumption is that NHL 94 is based upon the code from NHLPA 93, or at least there are similarities, overlaps, and potential compatibilities between the two games. If this is true, is there any way of plucking the fighting from 93 (actual fighting and resulting penalty) and drop it into the code of 94? How about the blood injuries from 93? I have wondered this for years as I have been a keen but quiet follower of the NHL 94 modding scene. What has been accomplished with mods over the years is truly staggering. A fight add-on would be an incredible addition. Apologies if this has been tackled before as a question or is simply naive.
  7. Thanks for this. As a kid growing up I used to deliver the Lethbridge Herald newspaper to Billy Gibson, who played on the Canadian team that won gold in 1952 and was the top scorer in the tournament, and the Lethbridge Maple Leafs who won the World Championship the year before in 1951. He was a neat old guy and it will be fun to tickle the twine with him on this mod.
  8. Thanks for this. What a unique upload!
  9. Big thanks for this. I have been hooked on the Swiss League for ages and it's great to see a rom pop up!
  10. Skip, big thanks for this! The hard work to bring this to the community is hugely appreciated.
  11. Hello all, I would think this question has come up enough times over the years. Can someone please point out an FAQ or guide to running NHL 94 on Sega CD? I am jammed up on a few things? What bin does it run off? Where do the bios files go? I'm trying to run it on the MD.EMU app from the Google store on my tablet. While I have had no problems emulating other cartridge based genesis games or PSX games, I'm hung up on this. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Howdy, I have WHL 08 and 09 for you. Full compliments to Saw76 who made these excellent roms. Note that Saw76 was good enough to do a custom hack on WHL 08 for me. In the assortment of "greatest team" slots he dropped out the 1986 Prince Albert Raiders and substituted in the 1997 Lethbridge Hurricanes. The two originals (WHL 08 & WHL 09) and the custom version of WHL 08 has been added to the rar file below. Great roms. WHL 08 & 09.rar
  13. Sir, You 1971 through to 1989 roms are superb and I have, frankly speaking, played the hell out of them. That you are doing the nineties is incredible. Thank you very much for these. Superb news. Blondearrow
  14. Here's the two WHL roms that were put up. The first is the 08 version that was slightly customized to include the 97 Lethbridge Hurricanes that went to the Mem Cup and the second is the update 09 version. Can't remember who made them, but it's great work. WHL 08 (custom).bin WHL 09.bin
  15. Congratulations on this rom. It is an excellent piece of work.
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