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  1. I've always been here, just like in the 2008 finals, and any other games/playoffs I supposedly forfeited. It's up to dangler, he's the one that vanishes. This type of situation takes away the eagerness to play, and it's not just dangler. It happens quite often during the regular season. It looks like there's not going to be a champion for this season, so it's time to move on to the fall season or whatever Chaos and the powers that be decide to do.
  2. I would like to thank everyone that played in the SNES Fall Classic season. I also like to thank Evan, Halifax, and Chaos. Yes, the finals was insane. One of the best, if not the best series I've played in. This is something that was supposed to happen a long time ago. Remember, we had a finals to play, dangler. For those who cant wait for the forum log to update here are the scores: Game1: Philadelphia (Home) 4-6 Detroit Game2: Philadelphia (Home) 11-0 Detroit Game3: Detroit (Home) 6-9 Philadelphia Game4: Detroit (Home) 5-4 Philadelphia Game5: Philadelphia (Home) 3-4 Detroit Game6: Philadelphia (Home) 6-5 OT Detroit Game7: Detroit (Home) 5-6 2OT Philadelphia
  3. FlamingPavelBure, let me know when you have time to play our last game, and you might want to log the first three games we have played.
  4. Let me know when you are available to play our series.
  5. FIX: SNES schwartz vs. masterof94 This is correct vancouver (Home) 2 - philadelphia 5 philadelphia (Home) 6 - vancouver 8
  6. Thanks Carse, hold on, let me get my credit card ready. Do you take checks and money orders? If so, who do I make the check out to? Bure, if you can't take a little taunting, and have some sort of age complex. Then, you sir, or should I say boy, are mentally weak. You're not going anywhere. Countless other posts about people retiring, nobody ever does. You simply had a bad day and wanted some attention.
  7. ProdigyOf94 vs. MasterOf94 New York (Home) 2 - Anaheim 6 New York (Home) 8 - Anaheim 4 Anaheim (Home) 8 - New York 4 Anaheim (Home)6 - New York 7 New York (Home) 6 - Anaheim 8 Anaheim (Home) 6 - New York 10 New York (Home) 1 - Anaheim 6 Classic series, this is the real Spring Classic 09 Finals, unlike that phony season that produced a paper champion. Thanks for everyone that played, thanks marcus for setting up the event.
  8. Pondhcky1 vs. MasterOf94 Boston (Home) 7 - Anaheim 8 OT Anaheim (Home) 8 - Boston 4 Boston (Home) 2 - Anaheim 8 Houlanov vs. MasterOf94 Washington (Home) 2 - Anaheim 3 Anaheim (Home) 8 - Washington 0 DNF Washington Forfeits
  9. pondhcky1? Where are you? Are you pulling a drinnagh or an xgrad?
  10. Anaheim, zbattle doesn't work, use hamachi or the zsnes p2p option.
  11. 2007 Fall Champion - JeffBC 2008 Spring Champion - dangler 2008 Fall Champion - ? 2009 Spring Champion - schwartz* *Did not compete in legitimate playoffs I guess xgrad is still the champion, maybe I can win the championship one day, and in the following season make it to the finals and not show up, that way I can remain champion.
  12. Deleting my previous comment, makes me believe even more that someone was heavily favored to win, but justice prevailed through karma. Keep trying to cover it up, Nixon.
  13. Yeah, everyone made the playoffs, not everyone showed up. I did not state whether I was interesting in playing. Nor did I state that I wasn't. So that automatically that disqualifies me? I don't recall anyone checking in with me about that. I played every game I possibly could on any and every system, and it just becomes basic assumption that I don't want to play in these playoffs. Shaftman, sees me on aim, I'm around. Yeah, it takes less than five minutes to seek out an opponent, but how come no one sought me out, and said "real quick master, are you out or in?" What makes me active? Posting irrelevant comments to build up my post count?
  14. Yea, I understand statto's rule, but it doesn't make sense. Why was I put up against a player who barely played games, and way late in the season at that. Why would I seek out a player whose inactivity is well known. What? Send emails, and wait for a no response? Why wasn't I sought out? Oh, that's because the other guy is inactive.
  15. Not available? Funny billy, I'm on aim, not 24/7, but I'm on. My past record indicates I show up to play. My record was 10-4 meaning I played whoever was willing to play me. So, I'm here as usual.
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