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  1. hey, kiba. im quite curious and owuld liek to try to play the game with extended stats even if it means in a txt file. could you share your files/thoughts into this? btw, do oyu think this would work with nhl hockey (aka nhl93)?
  2. well, problem is the site is in swedish, i presume. i dont know what it says but the problem could be i have a public ip, dunno thanks anyway for uploading it again, webfilehost seems ok
  3. then it would be better and easier simply to download the game, its about 5 (+-) mb of size. for example here:
  4. seems the file is no more available at gratisupload, could someone upload it agian, please?
  5. brumla

    NHL 95 , XP HOW TO

    quite impressive. wonder if that could be applied to nhl hockey (93), though the game wasnt in cd version. its playable under wxp with compatibilty mode, but without sound
  6. well, since i am more focused on pc versions (nhl hockey and nhl hockey 95), i wasnt sure if all these players were involved in the snes version of the game, though i know there were less of them ad holik, i considered the last post with players to be the last updated one, my fault
  7. petr nedvěd is with hc sparta praha (czech). robert petrovický is no more with vítkovice hc, seems hes retired. lang plays for blackhawks, holík for thrashers, vůjtek for oceláři třinec (czech).