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  1. What constitutes a "very good" player?
  2. The salaries of the rookies are awful, I think they need to be restructured
  3. The Wild will take Goalie C. Osgood
  4. I lost in the first round, I have had no reason to be on in the last two weeks. Whats up?
  5. is the AIM list updated with Boston? is there any new coaches that have not been updated?
  6. To protect the integrity of the league, I think both players should be expected to. The winner should upload it.
  7. That's a joke, right? I still have issues setting up my controller.
  8. Minnesota Wild SC1 C-Pierre Turgeon LW-Bret Hull RW-Esa Tikkanen LD-Kevin Hatcher RD-Al Iafrate G-Felix Potvin EXTRA-Alexei Zhamnov SC2 C-Trevor Linden LW-Vincent Damousse RW-Wendel Clark RD-Kevin Lowe LD-Jyrki Lumme EXTRA-Doug Lidster
  9. Wild offer .5 million x 1 year
  10. Wild offer .5 million X 1 year
  11. chrisduda11


    Wild offer .5 million x 1 year
  12. Wild offer .5 million x 1 year
  13. chrisduda11


    Wild offer .5 million x 1 year
  14. chrisduda11


    Wild offer .5 million x 1 year