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  1. Those scores are correct....unfortunately.
  2. AIM: captainbrew1 Timezone: EDT 1. Boston 2. Vancouver 3. Quebec 4. Chicago 5. Detroit 6. Montreal 7. Dallas 8. LA Kings 9. Tampa Bay 10. New York Rangers 11. New Jersey 12. Winnipeg 13. St. Louis 14. Pittsburgh 15. Philadelphia 16. NY Islander 17. Edmonton 18. Ottawa 19. Washington 20. Buffalo
  3. I'm looking to buy a USB Genesis gamepad. I've seen a few people talk about them on here but I can't them for sale anywhere online. Anyone know where I can buy? Have one for sale I can buy?
  4. Ha ha ha! hokkee fan? I'm not sure I get you though...inside joke maybe?
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to the site but interested in joining this league. I really like the draft concept and of course I'm a big NHL94 fan. Any openings for the upcoming season? When is the new season/draft starting? Thanks. Captain Brew
  6. I haven't played anyone else online yet but the sounds works fine when I play offline. I'll have to play a few more online games to see if the sound is ok or not.
  7. Hello my AIM name is CaptainBrew1 and I played a few games against addisonbrnhl94 last night. Please PM me if you'd like to play anytime and I'm looking forward to joining a league.
  8. Can I be added to the waiting list? When does the next season start? Thanks.