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  1. hey i seen on here awhile back that some people were working on some 80's rom but havent been able to really find them. i'm specifically looking for the 1987 rom. the year that the flyers and oilers were in the stanley cup finals. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. sorry if this has been asked alot of times but i was just curious if anyone was able or if there is a way to have a season mode in nhl 94 with the updated rosters and all? i was trying to download the stats extractor thing but for some reason wouldnt download for me. i would just really love to be able to play a whole season of 94 and have playoffs and all. again i'm sorry if this has been asked before which it probably has.
  3. yeah you're right about 97 and 98 being pretty much the same game. i did download your nhl97 a couple days ago and i might be wrong but are some teams missing? for some reason i dont remember seeing the blue jackets and another team that seems to be slipping my mind. not that i really care because i have never even thought about playing with the blue jackets or anything. i pretty much only play with the flyers unless theres a "tournament" me and my friends play where we just choose whatever team. but i do have to thank you for making a great game and having it all up to date and all with the t
  4. i'm really surprised that there arent like any hack for nhl 98. i cant even tell you how many hours i spent playing this one because it was the last on the genesis. i've played all the others too forever especially 94 and 96 but i always thought that 98 was just a great game with players having special moves and all. i've been looking for an updated version of this but just cant find it. i would make it myself but have no clue on how to hack the game and then what to rate every player. i really appreciate the people who do this type of thing because you have to be really dedicated to redo a wh
  5. hahaha yeah you're right. it seems simple yet not all at the same time. hahaha i just figured out the emulator stuff less than a month ago. so doing all that seems a little much. i was just hoping i could like save the file to a disc and play it like that. i was just looking for something really simple.
  6. i have the slimline ps2 though. i hear that you cant do it on that. i just wish that there was some way to make the nhl ROM into a ps2 game. i'm looking for the easiest simplest way to do it cause i keep reading all this stuff about like taking your ps2 apart and stuff and i dont want to mess up my ps2.
  7. hey i remember awhile back someone writing on here that you could play these nhl games on your playstation or playstation 2 but i cant figure out how to do it. i found this site but cant figure it out at all. i just think it would be great if i could get these games to play on a playstation or ps2 so i didnt have to risk damaging my sega when taking the games to other houses because i seem to be the only person that still has a sega among my friends.
  8. hey did anyone ever finish the 98 with the current rosters? i'm very interested in gettin that one.