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  1. As infuriating as the freak goals after the whistle are, taking them out would make me sad. The same goes for the goalie "slam-through-the-net" goals. If they took those out, it just wouldn't be the same. I'd just keep firing up my old Genesis.
  2. I understand. I just have to have the Sega joystick feel. In fact, I have ~10 unopened 6-button controllers for my Sega Genesis that will last me a long time. I got them from sega-parts.com just in case my other sticks ever broke.
  3. This was not my moment, but I did witness the event. I was watching a game between my two roommates back ijn college (this was about 10 years ago). The game was Buffalo at Boston, and my roommate who used Boston was the best NHL player I knew. He rarely lost with Boston. Anyway, he was up 4-1 in the third with a minute left. My other friend (using Buffalo) scored 4 goals in 34 seconds. I have yet to see this record eclipsed even against the computer. Needless to say, all of us watching were dumbfounded and in shock. What a demoralizing loss. It was a classic moment.
  4. Nevermind. I don't have those style joysticks. I didn't click on the link and just assumed you were referring to these: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-m-77-4...0-imb-43-3.html I got two of these today and they do, in fact, totally rock.
  5. I received two of those via UPS earlier today. Needless to say, they rock! I ordered them from www.play-asia.com. That site seems to be better organized.
  6. For the past couple years, I have been a moderator on board devoted to EA's NCAA Football series. This is a site that was founded by and populated by rabid fans of the NCAA games. Our board admins (past and present) have worked for the past three years to get an "in" with EA's development team by presenting them with "wish lists", suggestions, etc. The farthest we have gotten is that they sent one admin a copy of Madden two weeks before release last year (big deal). What I am trying to say is I think its a huge uphill battle. I don't believe that EA really doesn't care what their fans want, from what I have seen. They only care what their marketing department thinks will sell. They probably view those of us that play '94 still as a group of dinosaurs who cannot possible make a stand alone version of updated '94 worth the costs of development. Also, they released the collector's edition of Madden last year on PS2 with some of the classic Genesis versions (they were not online capable) for the Madden 10-year anniversary. Since this time has already passed on the NHL series, I doubt they really have any plans to do likewise for NHL. I'm not trying to rain on the parade, because I think its a great idea. I just don't think anyone at EA will listen.
  7. I play with Philadelphia quite a bit. They are easily my favorite because of the fact that they have great checking ability and decent forward scoring ability. Other teams I enjoy playing with are Tampa Bay, Montreal (with Lebeau at C), Quebec, Detroit, and Hartford.
  8. I was lost by the second sentence, ha! I think what I might do is just convert one of my old PCs into a GENS machine and hook it up to my TV. Now all I need to do is find a USB adapter for my Genesis controllers.
  9. I have seen that, but I'd need to mod my XBox to accomplish that. Once I do that, I cannot do XBox Live anymore. I may just take an older computer and turn it into a emulator/game system.
  10. Ha ha ha! I use the goalie dive all the time. Its usually a great way to rattle the opponent especially if you limit its use.
  11. My best moment was back in the first year the game came out. One of my friends was talking trash about how great he was and I challenged him to a game. He always took Chicago and I took San Jose (@ home) and told him I'd win. I beat him 1-0 in front of about 8 of our friends. He never heard the end of it. It was my greatest win and I remember it as if it was yesterday. Pat Faloon scored the only goal.
  12. So here is my dumb question. If I have a ROM on my computer of the genesis version, can that ROM be written to a CD for use on the SegaCD? I'd love to have a version of the current rosters and the classic teams, but I don't have much knowledge in this area.
  13. I try to take manual on all breakaways, but I also like to use manual when I feel that the shot is an automatic goal otherwise. Sometimes I'll use manual to defend a potential one-timer. Stopping a one-timer manually always pumps me up! Also, I have been known to use to goalie to check a puck carrier behind the net. This only works when they cannot possibly skate or pass the other direction. When it works, its golden. Anyway, I love the lower rated goalies for all these moves because the others are way too out of control. When I use Roy or Belfour, I try not to use manual as much.
  14. You got that right! The only problem with Dineen is that he has no shot power and falls down very easily. But, he's also a great stickhandler so he's great on breakaways.