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  1. On 1/14/2018 at 2:54 PM, oboe said:

    Do you have some stat extractor program?


    On 1/14/2018 at 2:59 PM, Blake said:

    No, I might screenshot the statistics or put them in a document.

    We should probably look into extracting the game stats. Sounds like it would be a lot of work to do it manually, and would be pretty easy to lose game stats and return to the starting menu (iirc pressing the wrong button during the game or between periods will quit the game automatically). 

    Someone with coding skills could probably make something with the following information:



    It looks like some guys have put some tools together that might work (I haven't tried any of them though):


  2. 10 hours ago, Blake said:

    Yes, it is a CPU vs CPU league. I do want to do the FA bidding, but how? I can't just do real money and this league has no salary cap at the moment.

    I'd recommend checking out the rules for Kiba's league. Basically, everyone starts off with an arbitrary amount of money that they get to spend on players. Everyone gets to make bids during three rounds of a silent auction. The details are here:


  3. Sounds like fun. I would be in.

    Question: Are you planning on uploading the games to youtube, or would the coaches just get the game results?

    1 hour ago, Blake said:
    • Free Agency: First Come, First Serve Basis, max of 5 FA Signings

    I would suggest changing this. Not everyone will be in the same timezone, so certain coaches would have an advantage over the others. I was in a sim league for the PC version of NHL94 a couple of years ago, and we used a silent auction format. I would suggest using something like that. TBH, the silent auction was the most fun part of the league. It's a blast trying to scoop up players with lowball bids, or trying to guess the lowest bid that would get you a player that you are after.

  4. I tried finding sports games on that pygame site too. It was confusing. Anyway, a couple of those soccer games look really intriguing.

    Yeah, it's a real shame, because pygame seems like a pretty good introduction for new game programmers. It seems like the owners of the website aren't getting along with the rest of the community, and haven't kept up with the site.

    While Python is a great way to learn programming (it was the first language taught to computer science students when I was in college), the number of resources available for game development are limited. Another idea would just be to go with one of the more powerful lower level languages. A lot of new programmers end up going this route, so it's definitely doable. C++ is probably what most games are written in, but it is known to have a reasonably large learning curve. If you go this route, I'd recommend trying out C#. It would be more than powerful enough for this type of game, and would be a gentler introduction to programming. Also, there are a ton of resources available for learning it, including those aimed specifically at game development. A good number of commercial games have been written in it, so it would still be a good skill to have if you want to pursue other projects.

    All that aside, whether you choose Pygame, C#, commodore basic,.., etc., the biggest thing is to simply start coding! If you get something started, be sure to let us know. I can't commit to making a game from scratch, but I'd love to help out a bit.

  5. Would it still be like that today? Like, has there been any technological advancements that would make making a 16-bit game today, any easier?

    All great answers so far, but I think should stress that making a game with a "16-bit" look and feel, would be a lot easier than trying to code something that could run on an actual 16-bit console. The vast majority of the current games with retro styled graphics or pixel art, would not have been coded in assembler.

    If you've got spare time, you could play around with the Python language and it's game development module, PyGame (http://www.pygame.org/hifi.html). It will seem daunting at first, but once you dive in, you'll find that once you start making progress, it becomes really addictive!

    A cool thing about PyGame is that you can look at the code for other projects, which might give you some ideas. Unfortunately, their website is atrocious and next to impossible to navigate and find stuff. You might find it easier to just use google to find other projects. Eg.

    site:http://www.pygame.org/ hockey

    I was able to find a few sports games this way:


    If you want to try out making a game in Python, there are a couple of free books that might help you out here:


    Also, one piece of advice is to start small! The majority of projects end up being a lot more work than first expected, and don't end up being finished. A better approach is to start with something very simple and slowly adding pieces to it.

  6. Best of health to Skeletor for sure.

    I just wanted to offer if there's any coaches who can't fulfill their duties for whatever reason, I would be more than happy to take over a team. I will be attending the Ko94 tourney this weekend but when I return, I would really like the opportunity to get involved with 94 again... hey, what can I say... I miss you guys.


    Again, thanks for all of the support guys! At this point in time, feel free to replace me. I'm feeling a bit better, but I'm having internet issues in my new place. I don't have an ETA for fixing it. I don't want to hold up the league, so I don't mind being replaced. If you don't have a good replacement in place, I should be able to catch up with whoever is online pretty quickly. I'm normally very good for getting my games in, and I always answer PMs/emails. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  7. FYI-

    Since, I've been a no show, I should probably post something here. I've had some health issues the past couple of weeks, and just moved to a new place a couple of days ago. At this point in time, I don't know if I should go on the IR or if I can catch up. I should be able to give a definitive answer on the weekend though, as I see my doctor tomorrow. If it's just a matter of tweaking my prescription, I should be able to catch up quickly.

    Sorry about not mentioning this earlier - I tend to keep this stuff private, but it's not fair to the guys who have put a lot of work into this league.

  8. Sort of related: I can't believe nobody uses the goalie control patch because of some confusion over button mapping in emulators. I think we figured out the fix for that when this hack first came out and everyone forgot.

    The last 2 seasons (maybe 3) of Blitz has the button patch included.

    You can count me as one of the guys who forgot about this (-:

    In the 1st season with it, I found that it messed up my timing anyways, so I probably wouldn't have used it anyways...


    Skeletor...NO! You've ruined the whole thread.

    you know, Brutus, I haven't really been able to agree with a single thing you posted on here, until now with that last post. Seriously Skeletor, what were you possibly thinking with that animated gif thingy?

    Skeletor please submit your urine and fecal samples for a tox screen immediately...

    I'm just doing my part to get you two to bond. Here, this will really help:

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