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  1. Seeing that we have a big problem with guys not showing up for their games, we need to come up with an idea that won't fail because of them. One idea would be to play a game of "King of the Mountain", where you have a current champion and anyone can join a queue of challengers. You could set an amount of time for the challenger to show up before moving on to the next person on the list. You might have trouble if the champion doesn't show up after they take the title, but you could also give them a set amount of days that they have to play. It wouldn't be as fun as a new league, but it would be a lot easier to run.
  2. Line 1 Fleury-Roenick-Bure Great combination of speed, checking, and shooting. Should be able to put up a ton of points, while taking care of their own end. Line 1 D Sweeney-Bourque No need to look outside of Boston for the best defense combo in the game. Line 2 Selanne-Yzerman-Mogilny Similar to the first line, but a little less grit. Line 2 D Chelios-Housley The biggest question mark here is Housley. I normally find that his skating allows him to recover from his offensive rushes, but against quicker dream teams he might not be able to recover in time. Hopefully, Chelios' defensive awareness will allow him to compensate for Housley. Line 3 Broten-Ronning-Lafontaine A checking line that should supply a fair bit of offense Line 3 D Svoboda-Leetch Goalie 1. Roy 2. Belfour 3. Fuhr Not much to say here. ~~~ Weight Bug Fixed Team: Line 1 Hull-Lemieux-Bure Line 1 D Blake-Bourque Line 2 Neely-Yzerman-Mogilny Line 2 D Coffey-Zalapski Line 3 Gartner-Messier-Tikkanen Line 3 D Patrick-Iafrate Goalie 1. Roy 2. Belfour 3. Fuhr
  3. It seems to me that certain players are slower at getting off a shot than others, however, it might just be that the players with lousy stickhandling get knocked off the puck easier and seem slower. How would one go about counting frames?
  4. Can you add me as well? aim: kyle.lesack@gmail.com
  5. No luck so far )-: I haven't seen him online all evening...
  6. Should I be penalized for DNPs? I only took over the team a week ago, but played 35 games over the past few days. That being said, it doesn't look like it will affect the standings anyways.
  7. Hey everyone, FYI: I'm in the middle of midterms right now, but will be done on Friday. I will be available for most of the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting started!
  8. I can spare time for a couple of games most nights (usually after 6pm PST). Just send me a message on aim: kyle.lesack@gmail.com You can also email me if you prefer. I got a bunch of work to do tonight, but would be free tomorrow or on the weekend. Thanks!
  9. I'm in a different division, but am always up for an exhibition or two.
  10. Thanks guys! I'll look for you online.
  11. Hello all, I've been having some issues hosting games using gens. I seem to have no problems setting up the hamachi network and having people connect to it, but when I give them my ip and port #, they aren't able to connect to me in gens. I'm not using a router and I have turned off Windows firewall. If anyone has any suggestions for anything that I can try please let me know. I would also appreciate it if someone could spare a few minutes and try to help me troubleshoot it over aim! BTW - I did look in other threads, but they didn't help me either: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15213-having-a-problem-hosting/?hl=hosting Thanks in advance!
  12. I just got schooled by Icestorm, so I should be confirmed now!
  13. That would be great! I have classes till 4pm PST, but should be available from 5pm onward. Thanks!
  14. Sorry to keep spamming this thread, but I'm still looking for a game if someone is available. Thanks
  15. Will you be free after 5:30pm PST? I'm still looking for a test game.
  16. Thanks Kingraph! Is there any chance that we could postpone this to Sunday? I'm having computer problems and might need to do a reinstall tonight? I should be free most of the day. Sorry about that.
  17. Looking for a test game as well: aim: kyle.lesack@gmail.com I'm free after 5pm PST on Saturday and all day Sunday. I could also make time on Friday if needed. Thanks in advance!
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