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  1. Fecal sample? What kind of drugs do you think he is on?
  2. Quick question - do the admins have the ability to easily send a group email or pm to coaches? It might be helpful to send out a quick message when a round is over. Seeing that we are almost done round 1, but the deadline is Sunday, this might help move the pace. Just an idea...
  3. How exactly do we make our picks? Do you just want us to put them in the spreadsheet? I don't seem to have write access. Nonetheless, you can pencil in Roenick for me.
  4. Nope, just stationary. It happens sometimes when my centerman is standing right in front of the net waiting for a one timer.
  5. Your joystick can absolutely make a difference. I started with a PS1 controller and adapter, but quit using it after reading that the adapter introduces quite a bit of lag. It's tough to tell, but I think that it made a difference switching to a pc controller. If I didn't already have too many controllers, I'd just bite the bullet and track down one of the Sega Saturn controllers + adapters. We can put a man on the moon, but nobody can seem to make a half decent D'Pad anymore... Apart from the ricochet, do you ever have the receiving player seize up on you? It happens a lot where the receiving player seems to freeze halfway through the one-timer animation for me.
  6. This is great advice on the pass shots. One timers are an interesting technique as well. Some guys like Raph or Skip can seem to set them up at will. I can use them if the chance comes up, but if I try to set up, I either end up getting checked or passing it right to their defenseman. Raph's short one-Ts are pretty impressive as well. He must have freakishly fast hands to pull off a onetime reiterated two players right next to each other.
  7. 1st Line LW: Hogue C: Kamensky RW: Modano RD: Ellett LD: Weinrich G: Burke Xtra: Ferraro 2nd Line: LW: Modano C: Hogue RW: Probert RD: Konroyd LD: Konroyd Number changes --> Weinrich 4 to 5; Racine 33 to 34
  8. If I'm not around when my pick comes up, just give me the best available offensive forward based on your judgement.
  9. If I'm not here for my next pick, just give me the best hitting defenseman with at least 3/3 skating.
  10. I'll take Probert or Janssens when I'm up.
  11. Thanks for putting this together. You make it look way too easy!
  12. Seems like Hokkee is busy fighting forest fires - http://www.vancouversun.com/cms/binary/11062002.jpg I'll leave my picks instead of checking the site each 10 minutes.
  13. I'm a bit confused on the order right now, so I'll take Seano Burke if it's my turn.
  14. If Zep picks and I'm not around, I'll take one of the guys below. No peeking Zep (-:
  15. I just noticed some errors in the google spreadsheet we are using. Verbeek and Puppa should be locked up with the Flyers, not Capitals. It looks like J&J wanted to protect Nieuwendyk as well.
  16. Just an update. Thanks to every who showed interest and provided suggestions. Although there wasn't a huge amount of interest generated, I think enough guys showed interest to make this possible. We could round up some more guys if we wanted to go forward. However, at this point in time, I think I'll postpone the league. It seems that Blitz and possibly GDL will be starting up soon. I don't think that it would be the best time to start a brand new league when these other ones are going on at the same time. My initial plan was to try and start the league during a "lull" in the more established leagues. I wasn't expecting Blitz and GDL to start up so soon following my proposal. For the record, I still want to go ahead with this, but I'll just hold off until there is less going on with the site.
  17. I'll be in. I don't care which team I get (unless the Flames are available).
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