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  1. I'm not sure, but I'm open to suggestions. I wasn't planning on having any because we aren't doing a draft. The only thing that I can come up with off the top of my head would be a bump in salary, but I'm not a fan of that.
  2. What do you mean by tracking? Do you mean the end game stats? The game does show player injuries during the game, so you can't sub in an injured player. I guess that you need something that shows up at the end of the game?
  3. I'm looking at starting up a league that you're welcome to join. I'm traveling right now, but I'll start messaging some guys next week to see if they want in.
  4. I already gave a few suggestions to Brutus through PM, but they might be worth repeating here so we can brainstorm a bit. Regarding player attributes, I suggested that we could make a formula to generate the player's attributes from a few different stats (eg goals, PIM, assists, etc.). To make things more interesting, you could add a bit of randomness to the process. This is a bit arbitrary, but it's not like the regular NHL 94 attributes are that accurate in the first place. We could always tweak things a bit later. For example, we might want to bump up the speed for a player who is known to be fast. I could code this pretty easily if given a file with the player stats in it. I like the idea of having player attributes change from one season to the next. Again a mathematical formula could be generated that modifies a player's attributes based on their age, games played, performance in the last season, etc. As above, I think that a bit of randomness would make things more interesting. This could also introduce a bit of strategy into the league. For example, you might want to put a rookie in the lineup in place of a better veteran to allow them to develop their attributes the next season. For retirements, I like the idea of having a bit of randomness thrown in. We could randomly assign players to retirement after each season, but have it weighted so that older players are more likely to retire. I also think that injuries should be a factor as well, and that having more injuries would increase the probability of a player retiring. This would also introduce more strategy, as you might want to sit a player who has had injury troubles. Just for the record, these are just some ideas that I had, but I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to take over Brutus' league. In the end it will be his decision on what to include in the league. Nonetheless, I hope that this generates some discussion and further ideas.
  5. It seems like enough people have shown interest that we might be able to do this. I'll put a signup sheet here for anyone who wants to join up. I've also listed the guys who have shown interest, but I'll still need to confirm that they want in. If we go forward we'll have a short season (each team plays a 2 or 3 game series depending on the number of teams that sign up) followed by an 8 team playoff. I want to make this a short season seeing that GDL and Blitz dragged on far too long. Therefore, the playoffs will be best of 3. Please don't sign up if you can't make time to play. I'll let up to 12 teams play, but I'd accept 8 teams as a minimum. If we have only 8 teams, then each team will make the playoffs, but your record will determine your seeding. Coach 1 - skeletor [confirmed] 2 - CamKneely [interested] 3 - IceStorm [interested] 4 - Labs_66 [interested] 5 - Seano [interested] 6 - Wallywojo [confirmed] 7 - Premium [interested] 8 - --------------------- 9 10 11 12
  6. If both of our leagues are a go, then we should coordinate things so that there is no overlap. Here is the league that I'm proposing: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/16909-league-proposal/ We're only brainstorming right now, so I'm not sure if we will go forward with it or not just yet.
  7. A while back I had suggested that I would create a simulation rom where each team has the same ratings except for one attribute. I would then let the computer play against itself with two different teams to see what effect that attribute has. I ended up simming one game where the only difference was aggression, and forgot about it. I think that I'll get back to this little project of mine. It would be interesting to look at the passing statistics for a team with stickhandling=1 vs a team with stickhandling=6. Of course the computer plays quite differently than a human, but this might help sort some of this stuff out.
  8. Good point. I'll make it so that the minimum is 1% of your budget. Therefore, the minimum salary with be $2, and each category above this will increase by $1.
  9. I haven't decided on that. If you allow for any amount, then you might steal a player from another guy by bidding a dollar more. Some guys might like this, while others would hate it. I have no preference myself. In Kiba's league, the increments were only $1 if I remember correctly. It worked fine there. The only reason I'm including the minimums is to avoid having teams pick up star players for nothing if they didn't get any offers during the bidding phase.
  10. I think the silent auction would be pretty easy. I was planning on having a spreadsheet with a column containing a list of all of the players. Each coach would put their offers in the 2nd column, and send it to me. If you want a certain player, you would only need to put a number in the cell to the right of the player's name. You would only need to take the sum of a column to see if you've gone overbudget. The tricky part is the minimum salaries, but that is pretty easy as well. I will sort the players by their salary class, so you don't have to look up each player's minimum salary. You could make the spreadsheet enforce minimum values, but I think that would be a bit of an overkill. I have attached an example to this post. Once, all of the offers are in, I would put each coach's offers in a separate column. It would just be a matter of using the maximum function to get the highest offer(s) for each row. If there is no tie, the player goes to the highest bidder. An example is also attached. It would be easy to modify the spreadsheet for the next round to remove the claimed players, and include the coach's committed salary. One benefit of this is that everyone puts their picks in at once, so you don't have to continually check the forums to see if you are up.
  11. I'm completely open to suggestions. If I get enough interest, I'll put some of these to a vote. We could even have a short preseason to try some of them out. I wasn't planning on including offsides, but it might make the games closer, and more defensive, which I like. Tru is right for bringing this up, I don't see this as being rude at all. I would like to encourage any suggestions for the league actually.
  12. I was hoping that a smaller league would avoid these problems. I'm open to suggestions to encourage participation. We could do an original 6, and just cut the teams that you can draft from in half. An 8 team tournament would also work.
  13. Is there an easy way to do this? Would we just reduce the endurance ratings for each player?
  14. I've been thinking about starting a league some time, and now that there isn't much going on, I'd like to gauge the interest here. I'd like to borrow a few ideas from Kiba's NHL95 simulation league (http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/16451-kohl7/#entry141821) for an NHL94 league. Rules: 5 minute periods, manual goalies, weight bug and CB fix, line changes (set to auto) and penalties are on. Teams: I really want to avoid having this drag on, so I'm planning on a smaller league. Right now I'm thinking of about 12 teams, but this could change. There would be full rosters (3 forward lines, and 2 defense). Defensemen and forwards may play the other position during powerplays only. Here is the fun part. Rather than having the vanilla teams or a draft, your roster is picked by a silent auction. In Kiba's league this was the best part. Because you don't know what the author guys are offering players, sometimes you get a great player for cheap. Conversely, sometimes you end up paying way more than anyone else offered for a player. Player contracts and money: Each team has a budget of $10M $200, and offers can only be in $1 increments. You cannot exceed this at any point during the league. The minimum player salaries will be determined by their overall rating. Here is a quick breakdown: ***************************** * Rating * Min Salary * ***************************** * <=50 * $2 * * 51-60 * $3 * * 61-70 * $4 * * 71-80 * $5 * * 81-90 * $6 * * 91-100 * $7 * *************************** Silent auction phase: Primary phase: There are four main auction rounds. For each of these, each team must submit an offer to a player for each empty roster spot. The players go to the highest offer. In the case of a tie, the player goes back into the auction the next round, and only the teams who made the highest offers may make offers to that player in the next round. Your are not allowed to exceed your budget at any point or offer a player less than their minimum salary. After each round, all of the offers can be viewed. Secondary phase: Teams who still have incomplete rosters enter this phase. The rules are the same as above, with the exception that they can only make offers that are equal to the minimum salary for the player's rating. Only players from the bottom 3 rating classes will be available. This phase continues until all rosters are filled. Trade phase: Unlimited trades, with no Hokkee clause (league approval not required). If you make a bad trade, tough. As above, you cannot exceed your budget at any time. Season: I don't want this to drag on (if there is enough interest and the league goes forward), so I'm thinking each team will play a home and home with each other. Playoffs: Best of 5, and the finalists play for the Grayskull Cup. Eligibility: Anyone is welcome to join, but I'd like to allow some of the newbs a chance to play, so I might give them the option to join first. If more than 12 people are interested, then I'll use a randomizer to determine who gets in. If there is a waiting list, players will be replaced quickly if they are not playing their games. On second thought, I'm not sure if this is a great idea. I might do first come first serve. I didn't want to make this an old boys club, but invite only would allow us to pick the guys who play their games. *** Anyway, if anyone else would be interested in this, let me know!
  15. Cool, I'm looking forward to this! In my opinion, the C-B check is a bit overrated, as it doesn't help you much on offense. The fatties are still just as easy to knock down. However, this does give you more options on defense if you are looking for guys who can hit.
  16. It took me awhile to realize that your name is Kingraph rather than King Ralph:
  17. Sorry, I've been waiting for the correct rom to be posted. I didn't realize things had started.
  18. In. I don't care about the team that I get (unless the Flames are available (-: )
  19. I don't take gaming too seriously and rarely lose my cool, but keep away drives me crazy. There are a few guys who will carry the puck back into their zone and hold onto when you get a 2 man advantage and are behind on the scoreboard. The games are too short for this not to be a cheap move. That being said, I'll admit to scoring a few centre ice pass shots in order to tie a game near the end. This is pretty cheap as well.
  20. We would need to enforce it for everyone though. I would expect the guys who usually delay the draft to not provide a list, so having it optional probably wouldn't help much.
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