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  1. Congrats to Evan on the win. I was hoping for a more competitive series, but unfortunately only Roenick showed up to play for the Hawks. GL in the next series.
  2. Is there a good reason why we couldn't have everyone leave their top 6 forwards, top 4 defense, and 2 goalies ahead of the draft? This way, if someone doesn't pick in their assigned slot, they just get their top pick on their list? You would just need to leave your preferred order of positions to pick (ie: F, F, D, F,.....G). We are already doing this to a degree once the draft has started, and I don't see a good reason why we couldn't do it for the whole draft. Sure some guys would complain, but it would be their own fault for missing their pick. This could really speed up the draft, which drags on way too much. We really need a hardass commish to enforce this though.
  3. I think this is only if you install their crappy app though? I haven't found a way to turn a group through my browser, which would be great.
  4. Chicago proceeds to Gens B final.
  5. Why don't we just correct the GAA stat on the website instead? The game already tracks the minutes played, so it's a very simple correction.
  6. Do you pass shoot a lot? That could skew your shot totals downwards.
  7. Does anyone know how penalties work on the technical level? Is it a probability? Maybe you could leave on penalties and just make them really improbable?
  8. I just moved to a new place yesterday, but I expect to be around on the weekend. PM me if anyone wants to organize a game, otherwise I'll try to catch you online.
  9. He completely demolished me in some exis last night. If that wasn't his A game, he's going to be scary.
  10. Blitz vs GDL teams would probably be more balanced, and might be interesting. You could have two roms, where only one of them had the weight bug fixed. You could have it so that home games used one rom, while away used the other. Another idea would be to let the home team decide.
  11. Typical Raph, always ducking me. Now he has to "correct" the point system to play Labs instead...
  12. If you're worried about getting caught surfing the net at work I'll change it, but you have to ask nicely (-:
  13. You really dislike sausages, don't you? Did you have a bad experience as a child? There is no need to hate sausages, mankind can live in harmony with them (-:
  14. Thanks for your insight as usual! Yeah, it's the deke part that gets me. I've never been able to time it right, and half the time I shoot the puck into the corner. I'd just like to add a few more things to my toolbox, as I'm fairly predictable. Now, if I could setup the one timers at will like you do, I'd really be set!
  15. Looks like it's working for me, but I'm not seeing you online.
  16. I have to be frank, your sausage intolerance is the wurst.
  17. Another alias for TomKabs, of course.
  18. I can confirm. I wrote this post as well.
  19. I'll try to get my games in before it comes back (-: Your one-timers always kill me.
  20. I might as well admit it, I'm the real TomKabs. Fooled you guys pretty good....
  21. The straight on ones. The diagonal ones aren't too hard, really just a matter of position.
  22. C-b check isn't that hard. For the life of me, I can't get the pass-shot to work....
  23. I occasionally play Carcassone and Galaxy Trucker. I play Ticket to Ride more regularly.
  24. I think this is the perfect way of doing it. I've been playing around with a rom to test the different attributes, where basically I'm picking one attribute to tweak at a time, then simulating games where the teams have opposite values. I've only played around with aggression so far far, but I test anything else that we aren't sure about. There seems to be some disagreement on this site about whether or not certain attributes do anything. One other idea would be to limit certain attributes, so that the game feels more like old time hockey. You mentioned limiting the range from 1-5, but it might be worth considering limiting it even more. I don't think the players could fire a puck that hard back in the 60s, at least before Hull came up with the banana blade. Those old tube skates probably made it harder to stop on a dime as well, so agility might be worth reducing also. I'm not sure if I'd like that idea, as I like more variety in the players, but that's just another thing to consider.
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