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  1. LA vs CHI The first two games were extremely close. CHI nearly stole the first game, but the Kings came back from a 3 goal deficit to tie the game and win in ot. Game 2 saw CHI come within one, but the Kings still held on for the win.
  2. Lupz27 - Does tomorrow night work for you? I'm not feeling too good tonight, so I'm going to hit the sack early.
  3. Great job on the editing! What song is it that plays first?
  4. LA - StL is done! The stats for game 1 were: Score: 7-3 for StL Fights: 2-2 PIMs: 16-12
  5. Does anytime after 5pm PST work for you on Saturday or Sunday?
  6. Darko - When will you be free for our games? We might need to book something, as we are usually online at different times.
  7. I live in Raincity and can help out if you need someone!
  8. Tor vs La EDIT: I was a dumbass and saved over the screenshot for game 3. The score is below in Deadmeows' post, but I don't know the other stats. Sorry.
  9. Just played Raph. Just need to play deadmouse and darko.
  10. I'll be around tonight, and probably tomorrow. I should be free Sunday afternoon as well.
  11. Just got back home today. I will be free for games in the evening this week.
  12. I apologize for the radio silence - I'm visiting my parents for Christmas, so I haven't been home for a week. I won't be able to make the deadline, as I don't return home until January 5th. After then I will be free to hammer out my games. If this will be an issue, I can try to dig up an old computer in their basement in the next few days, but I'd really appreciate an extra week if possible.
  13. Sorry for the late post, but can you put bob Errey in as the 2nd line LW if my lines would cause a defenseman to play LW on the PK? I mentioned this in the other thread, but I want to make sure that Skip sees it. Thanks again for doing the ROM!
  14. I'd be a bit hesitant about bringing the attention of this site to EA. I would hate for us to get a Cease and Desist letter due to sharing the roms. They are probably aware of the site, but it might be better to play it safe. Releasing source code would probably get lawyers involved, who might be more strict about this sort of thing.
  15. I'm away from my computer, so I can test things. Do you know if this is fixed for every team? You can put Errey in as lw if I'm having this problem... Thanks for all of your work!
  16. No respect for Hull? Sure, he's a fat turd with poor accuracy,but if he hits the net with a one-timer, it is nearly guaranteed to go in.
  17. His account shows that he was online on the 14th, but the screenshot from my pm shows that my pm hasn't been read yet. Any suggestions?? Are the admins able to email people?
  18. I'm ready most days... I never heard back from my pm. Does anyone know his email? Maybe I'll have better luck with that.
  19. I might be interested. I'll try him out tomorrow, and maybe we can work something out if he works with my lineup.
  20. Team: NJ Devils First Line G - John Vanbiesbrouck LD - Gord Murphy RD - Todd Gill LW - Tony Granato C - Pavel Bure RW - Dale Hawerchuk X - Yuri Khmylev (extra attacker when goalie pulled) Second Line G - Ken Wregget LD - Paul Stanton RD - Todd Gill LW - Tony Granato C - Pavel Bure RW - Dale Hawerchuk X - Yuri Khmylev (extra attacker when goalie pulled)
  21. Has anyone heard from Probob? I never got a response to my pm. I can play most nights.
  22. Wregget or best goalie left over
  23. Tom Kurvers or the lightest defenseman with at least 3/3 skating
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