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  1. Sorry for the delay. I guess my pm didn't get through. This round I'd like Bob Errey. If possible, I'd like my 8th rounder switched to Paul Stanton.
  2. I'm really happy with my team so far. I probably have the fastest team as well. Of course it helps drafting 2nd. I'm glad no one took Khmylev before me, so that I have the option of substituting a sniper if my skating isn't getting the job done. I was pretty surprised that you agreed to this, after destroying me with Modano. Maybe you were channeling your inner Hokke?
  3. One thing that I would love to have in a league is a silent auction for the players. Kiba did it for his NHL 95 sim league. Each team had so many millions of dollars to spend, and makes offers to the different players that they want on their team for a few rounds. So much strategy goes into it. Do you throw huge salaries at a few players, and fill the rest of your team with pluggers? Do you throw lowball offers at a few big guys to try to grab them as a steal? It was a blast seeing some other guy bid way higher than the next highest bid, or when you got a player for bidding a dollar more the t
  4. Just be sure to pm or aim me first (-:
  5. Looking for a mid to late 7th rounder or early 8th rounder to get a player I looking at. I'm willing to move down in the rest of the draft.
  6. Most laptops are built cheap because consumers typically go for the cheapest one that they can find for a certain processor speed. However, Lenovos in general are actually pretty decent. IMO, far better than the Acers, HPs, etc...
  7. Sure, I can upload. I know you can record the netplay stuff, but I'm not seeing an option for single player. I'll look into screen capture software.
  8. FYI: I've pm'd probob to arrange the next game. I know he's in college, so he might be in finals right now. Hopefully, we'll get them in soon.
  9. Hey guys, I'm planning on creating a rom that we can use to test the different player attributes that we still haven't figured out if they make a difference (ie: awareness). The rom will have 99 minute periods like the playoff one, and each team will be the same except for one attribute. Hopefully, by letting the computer play itself for 300 minute games, any differences that these attributes make will show up on the scoreboard. I'd like to see if the awareness attributes change anything. Does anyone else have any other suggestions for me to include?
  10. LW - Granato C - Bure RW - Hawerchunk LD - Murphy RD - Turd Gill G - Vanbiesbrook Waterbottles - Plabax
  11. Skeletor

    GDL XII - Round 4

    Sorry for the delay. John Vanbiesbrouck
  12. I'm bumping this, as the LibraryFiles.exe link is dead. Does anyone have it?
  13. I've met Fleury a few times. The first time was at an autograph signing at a local drugstore for whatever reason. He had a hockey school in Calgary back in the day. He didn't show up much, but I do have one memory from him being there. The instructor was going over a drill for us, and mentioned if we did it wrong, we would "fall on our ice." Fleury was standing next to me and nudges me, and asks if I got the joke. I was about 10 at the time, so we found that sort of thing funny. He used to have a charity golf tournament that I volunteered at, but he recently stopped doing it, as he said he doe
  14. Here are the Starts vs Kings series results.
  15. Of course I'll be back! I prefer playing under these rules as well. I would prefer to be in the B group, but you can stick me in A if there isn't room.
  16. Just played an epic series with Pearate. It took all 7 games and OT for the Capitals to win the series. Good luck rest of the way Pearate.
  17. I have plans for tomorrow afternoon, but I think that I'll be back before 6pm. If not, let's get 'er done on Sunday.