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  1. Thanks for keeping the league going on Kupuck. Pearate, what times/days work best for you?
  2. Ok, this post below confused me. I'll assume that I'm in, unless someone corrects me.
  3. I'm confused. Is it me or Chaos in the last spot? I'm fine with letting him in, as he did win more games. There are plenty of leagues going on now anyways...
  4. This was actually the 2nd Flames streaker. I was at a game in the 90s, with another streaker (he was wearing a whistle though) who actually did two laps around the ice before they took him away. I think it was a guy visiting from France, who said hockey was too boring. We had another streaker last year as well. I don't know what it is about the Flames that makes guys want to run around the ice naked.
  5. Crap... I knew this would be too good to be true...
  6. I'd like in on this. Without one-timers, I might stand a chance at beating Raph for a change!
  7. I'll keep that in mind going forward. I usually just play whoever responds to me first. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but I hate saying no to people (-:
  8. I know, I didn't mean to come off as accusing you. I just want to make sure we get our games in (-:
  9. When are you guys around? TDL elite has been dragging on way too long (-: I'm usually around later in the evening, but can try to work something out for you guys stuck down east.
  10. I'd like Calgary if it doesn't create any extra work for anybody.
  11. This would be greatly appreciated! Also, it could help bump some of the B-level guys to A-level, which could probably use some new blood.
  12. If you have a good checking center, you can hold down the direction of your opponent and press check to knock them down and take the puck. This site needs more protips to bring up the overall level of competition. I still haven't figured out the pass shot (except for the diagonal one from the hash marks).
  13. Bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump
  14. I was on intermittently over the weekend. Must have missed Chaos and Donnybrook. What days work for you guys this week?
  15. I will be around most of Saturday and Sunday. Later in the day is better for me.
  16. The larger right thumb would clearly make the cb check easier to pull off.
  17. The Boston Bruins are pleased to announce the following trade with StL: Hull Calle Johansson For Richer Wesley Manson
  18. Here are mine. I'll update them if I make any trades. SC1 LW - Russ Courtnall C - Brett Hull RW - Adam Oates LD - Eric Weinrich RD - Ray Bourque SC2 LW - Cam Neely C - Mike Modano RW - Joe Juneau LD - Gord Murphy RD - Calle Johansson Chk LW - Dmitri Kvartalnov C - Joel Otto RW - Vlad Ruzicka LD - Glen Featherstone RD - Don Sweeney PP1 LW - Mike Modano C - Brett Hull RW - Adam Oates LD - Gord Murphy RD - Ray Bourque PP2 LW - Russ Courtnall C - Cam Neely RW - Vlad Ruzicka LD - Eric Weinrich RD - Don Sweeney PK1 LW - Dave Poulin C - Joel Otto LD - Eric Weinrich RD - Ray B
  19. Great news, the mighty Kingraph figured out my problem. Apparently if you reinstall gens, you need to open the rom at least once before it will work with netplay. I will be around for my games most nights now. PM me if you want to arrange a time.