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  1. Internet situation SHOULD be resolved. Thanks for the extension, I'll be around to play later this weekend
  2. I can be free any time tomorrow (Friday) if you have a time slot open.
  3. hey, I can do 9pm or later tomorrow night (Friday), looks like that fits your availability
  4. Calgary Flames 1st Line LW Blake Wheeler C Nikita Kucherov RW Brad Marchand LD Erik Karlsson RD Dion Phaneuf X Ryan O'Reilly 2nd Line LW: Brad Marchand C Ryan O'Reilly RW Ryan O'Reilly LD Matt Niskanen RD Shayne Goatisbehere X Derick Brassard Goaltending 1: Marc-Andre Fleury 2: Michal Neuvirth
  5. With the final pick of the draft, CGY selects Michal Neuvirth