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  1. Internet situation SHOULD be resolved. Thanks for the extension, I'll be around to play later this weekend
  2. I can be free any time tomorrow (Friday) if you have a time slot open.
  3. hey, I can do 9pm or later tomorrow night (Friday), looks like that fits your availability
  4. Calgary Flames 1st Line LW Blake Wheeler C Nikita Kucherov RW Brad Marchand LD Erik Karlsson RD Dion Phaneuf X Ryan O'Reilly 2nd Line LW: Brad Marchand C Ryan O'Reilly RW Ryan O'Reilly LD Matt Niskanen RD Shayne Goatisbehere X Derick Brassard Goaltending 1: Marc-Andre Fleury 2: Michal Neuvirth
  5. With the final pick of the draft, CGY selects Michal Neuvirth
  6. Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday: ~12:30am-2:30am (sometimes later) Also, I can often do Saturday morning/early afternoon by appointment
  7. New Jersey Devils Vernon in goal LD: Cote RD: Zhitnik LW: Khristich C: Mogilny RW: Larmer X: Thomas LD: Smehlik RD: Smehlik LW: Thomas C: Khristich RW: Thomas X: Mogilny
  8. PRoBob38

    GDL XV Draft

    Smehlik and Adams to NJ
  9. PRoBob38

    GDL XV Draft

    NJ selects Sylvain Cote and Steve Thomas
  10. PRoBob38

    GDL XV Draft

    Vernon and Khristich please
  11. PRoBob38

    GDL XV Draft

    NJ selects Steve Larmer and Alexei Zhitnik
  12. Can i get the Christmas tree unis for NJ? Green pants/trim on both red and white jerseys
  13. To Washington: Alexander Ovechkin, Alex Pietrangelo To Winnipeg: Sidney Crosby, Oliver Ekman-Larsson
  14. Jets LW: Thornton C: Crosby RW: Backstrom LD: Letang RD: Ekman-Larsson G: Gibson X: Johnson line 2 LW: Backstrom C: Backstrom RW: Johnson LD: Gostisbehere RD: Gostisbehere G: Jones X: Ovechkin
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