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    Playing NHLPA 93
  1. gouafhg

    NHLPA 93 league

    Cool ROM to do! But I like different ROMs, so I'd prefer the original NHL93 lineups though. I think my brother would be into this also, so we're at least four ;>
  2. gouafhg

    NHLPA 93 league

    I'm wondering about the fan-base of NHLPA 93. How many are here? Are there enough people to make leagues etc. like NHL94 has?
  3. gouafhg

    General information?

    OK! So my AIM was obv. gouafhg (i didn't know that I had one, but the screenname was busy and I knew the password so I must've registrered sometime ;>) and that'd be my handle for leagues also... my brother's didn't want to create an AIM, but I can keep the contact for us. His handle is registrered at 2on2.org as bjrntheBARB.
  4. gouafhg

    General information?

    Me and my brother might be interested in this 2on2.org thing. We usually play NHLPA93 only, but perhaps this is considered fun. Is there any information about leagues or do you usually just play friendly games sometimes? This forum had some info about the actual rules for the league, but I didn't find anything about when new leagues are about or how to enter etc. Well, what should we do? If we live in Sweden, will time difference f**k it up? What are your experiences about such stuff?