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  1. More than having these scores entered, I wanted to get them up in an easily accessible place as I have a tendency to magically lose all these scorekeeping scraps of paper around the computer. Due to connect issues, Tony and I will attempt to finish up our 5 game series later in the week. HFD 7 MTL 1 MTL 4 HFD 5
  2. Where the devil are you guys? I accept that this is an instance of the kettle calling the pot black, but I've been idling pretty regularly on AIM this week in the hopes of bumping into either one of you. I'm officially out of town within the next hour here to go see my boys pillage the Coyotes (fingers firmly crossed after a 0-2 start), but will be around in the late evening with the hotel internet access. Fire me a PM if it works better to schedule a time next week to play out the remainder of our games.
  3. The nhl94 gods have taken mercy on my soul and I am back in this thing to finish up an absolute s**t ton of games before the weekend is out. Imma gonna need the help of all you other SNES A1 guys in order to accomplish this dangerous mission and will be idling on AIM and the forums to make myself available. Literally the only thing I have to get done tonight is to watch my Jets chase Cary Price out of the mts center, but beyond that I'm all yours.
  4. Just sent in my registration for SNES A boys - get ready for some hell
  5. That's an absolutely epic ending to the season and kudos to both of you for some outstanding play. I'll give special props to bob for coming out of left field and handing my ass to me with style. Can't wait for the competition next season and a possible return by the elusive danger. Based on the strange trend that halifax pointed out, I think I can hear HFD calling out to me again
  6. Sorry Bob I managed to miss this post until tonight. If you are around in the next hour we can at least get a start on things otherwise it looks like it'll have to wait until next week. Either is just fine by me but I'm anticipating the games
  7. In a race to finish his season before the admins descended upon him with the almighty BAN hammer, Vancouver managed to finish up his season thanks to the hard work of Evan and Halifax in finding a replacement for Calgary. Here's how things shook out: Game 1 @ Cal: 6-0 for VAN Game 2 @ Van: 8-6 for VAN Game 3 @ Cal: 5-2 for VAN Game 4 @ Van: 6-4 for VAN I was told by Evan that some mysterious man know only as "John [mayhap Jacob?]" would be able to upload the scores in the absence of chaos' [calgary's old GM] password. GGs
  8. The boards are far quieter than I'm used to so I've decided to smack talk the rest of you in an attempt to get it started up properly. Don't get me wrong, I'm a peace loving man, but it's going to be a final between houli and myself where I'll take him in 5 games . My monies on NJ and Phili to be a big threat to that seat though.
  9. That's a real shame that you are bowing out because of the stats in the game. I promise you that you do not know the ultimate satisfaciton and nhl 94 salvation until you destroy a player with a more more highly ranked team than yourself. That honour comes with pure, unadulterated skill and if you considered working at it, rather than quitting a few games into the season, you might jsut get it
  10. What can I say halifax, we hardcore players enjoy the challenge of winning with a time that doesn't hold the best stats. Also, Jeremy Roenick is a knob.
  11. Absolutely anytime man AIM = schwartz124
  12. NJ 6 HFD 3 NJ 5 HFD 6 HFD 4 NJ 3 OT HFD 4 NJ 5 NJ 7 HFD 8 HFD 3 NJ 6 NJ 3 HFD 7 Game 7 reflects poorly on the series and for records sake it was 3-3 going in to the final few minutes of the 3rd. This guy is such a goddamned dangerous opponent that if you give him any space he is going to make you pay. I fell out of my chair unconscious and threw my controller across the room on multiple occasions in the series and my brain started warning me of an impending aneurysm in Game 7. FPB is a master of the game and it was a genuine pleasure to face off against him in the playoffs. I'd like to give some major thanks to statto for organizing the season, for shaftman and his sportsmanship for letting the series play out, and to FPB for the power he wields in his controller. I solemnly swear this will not be the final season we see of an SNES NHL94 league and I will scour the internet to try and recruit some of the old masters: shakazuzu, thedeer, nhl94kid just to name a few. THANK YOU ALL. GODSPEED AND GOODNIGHT
  13. Without wasting anytime, the scores: Game 1 @ WPG: HFD 5 WPG 3 Game 2 @ WPG: WPG 4 HFD 2 Game 3 @ HFD: HFD 4 WPG 3 Game 4 @ HFD: HFD 6 WPG 5 OT Game 5 @ WPG: WPG 6 HFD 4 Game 6 @ HFD: HFD 5 WPG 4 I can't say enough about the quality of player this guy is, nevermind the sportsmanship he's got in letting me sneak back into the playoffs after vanishing for a few weeks. He has a special way of putting your team through Selanne hell, by making that asfkljadsfklsj #13 fly across the rink to crumple your team on defense and then make a fool of you on a breakaway deke. Just a real pleasure to play against and the competition was tense (he was absolutely robbed by the randomness of a post shot on a final deke with seconds left). GGs man.
  14. PIT 6 HFD 2 HFD 4 PIT 6 A good guy and an example of what game looks like. Tight defence and I actually fell unconscious out of my chair after witnessing a few of his passes.
  15. WPG 4 HFD 7 HFD 5 WPG 6 OT
  16. L.A. 2 HFD 2 HFD 12 L.A. 3 2nd game was no reflection of this guys game as the first one was tense as hell. GGS man.
  17. MTL 3 HFD 5 HFD 5 MTL 1 GGs man
  18. ANA 4 HFD 2 HFD 5 ANA 3 GGS man
  19. To be frank, I didn't record the score of either game and I'm relying on short term memory that I don't generally have to recall these: Game 1 NJ Home = NJ 4 HFD 3 OT Game 2 HFD Home = HFD 4 NJ 3 OT GGs man
  20. Many moons passed, summer turned to winter, winter to spring and then I realized that treating NHL94 the same as my bastard love child who I never call or visit on the weekends is wrong. I'm back and fiending for some competition. Also, my AIM = schwartz124 and I've added the rest of you from the league. Prepare yourself for the magic of Hartford.
  21. I'd take SNES A 1)Hartford or 2)Washington if my Whalers arn't available.
  22. Sorry Mark I failed you . My primary computer ended her life a few weeks ago with a hard drive dying and inconsistent access to a computer coupled with a scramble for papers and exams over that time have messed me up a bit. That's a weak excuse when we're talking about a few nhl94 games which take minutes to play but I had put the thing out of my mind a bit with all the other business going on. Was damn well looking forward to battling you too Mark
  23. Mark my hard drive on my laptop/nhl94 station exploded and I'm without a computer I can regularly access for the next little while. I'm good for a game any evening this week and any evening next week so if you run across this post what night might work out best.
  24. On another forum I visit people have love/hate feelings with the acronym OFN [Old fvcking news]. Both threads talk about similar topics but we are, after all, an nhl94 community and it's tough to hold it against people when they just want to proclaim their love from all the rooftops of the internet. Plus smozoma's post is a well written point by point description of why I love the game. I'm going to have to agree with the suggestion to print it out on business cards and hand them out without any other words to anyone who questions why we're stuck playing a game that's so 90's.
  25. Can't tell you how excited I am by the prospect of an SNES version. It would complete me.
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