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  1. That's it guys I can't take it. I've caught the nhl94 itch again and it has taken control of my body. Like a junkie looking for a fix I wait on zbattle for anyone brave enough to battle me. I'm not going to make this post long but here's what I need 1)An update on the website and an ETA for the new season if possible 2)A post from those of you still browsing these forums. Thankyou all and love 4FR
  2. Halifax has it right man: the actual coach registration will be on a first come first serve basis and the teams will be distributed randomly according to a list of the teams your hoping for, ranked from 1 to 20ish. And don't get any thoughts about Hartford man b/c i will fight you.
  3. Thankyou BSDaemon and gg's out there. To my next opponent: I will fight you.
  4. Hrm Sorry man I didn't quite get that sentence, can you make it more clear?
  5. If our guy hokkeefan is out you can count me in. Know I really let Halifax down in the Winter League but I got the time on my hands to be far more active. I will keep my fingers crossed for Hartford and let me know!
  6. OH YES. The new season may still be a little ways away yet but my body is starting to go into 94 withdrawl so it can't get here soon enough. Maybe it would help it I played out my winter league games
  7. PLEASE PAUL SHOW UP for the sake of all that is holy.
  8. I am back from a freshly surgerized knee and I am here to say GFG to Jota. This guy is deadly, plain and simple. He is like that polite guest who wipes his feet before he enters, makes sure to mind his P's and Q's, even washes his own dishes in the sink, but as soon as you start to think he might not be so threatening after all BOOOOM HE TURNS YOU AROUND, HANDS OUT THE SPANKS, AND JUST HUMBLES YOU. Well done again man
  9. After having successfully distracted myself again from finals and papers due this week at school I ran across a post on joystiq.com, one of the more popular video game blogs around. You can see the post here and the big thing I want you to notice is the mention of nhl94. Immediately after I read that I said HOLY SHAZBOT out loud and followed the link to kottke.com. Now Jason Kottke is one of the more popular bloggers in the United States which means that an insane amount of people jump onto his site everyday to hear whatever the hell he has to say. Afew weeks ago he made THIS post. Now follow that to the bottom and click on the part that says "a multiplayer version of NHL '94 that works over the internet" and "There are even leagues!". Now sit back into your chair and think of the millions of people that have likely viewed that post. Now you may say HOLY SHAZBOT. Edit: curse you swear filter!
  10. After McMarkis handed me some spanks taking our series in 6 I thought it would only be fair to do a quick write up about the play. The scores do a good job of speaking for themselves but prepare yourselfs for a summary newhow! Game 1: Handsome, confident and sporting the nicest jersey in nhl history, Schwartz and his Whalers take to the ice Both teams had some kinks to work out of their game and McMarkis was also competing with some sort of half functional controller. He still managed to make a game of it but Hartford felt in control throughout. I hadn't played McMarkis much if at all in the regular season and it was difficult to gauge the guys skill. I don't think I became over confident but I definately didnt expect what was to come.... HFD WINS 4-2 Game 2: Revenge is sweet and so is Rachel McAdams Very back and forth for the majority of the game and really set the tone for the rest of the series. All was well until late into the 3rd when McMarkis transformed like he was Optimus Prime or something. The guy became a demon with pants of fire as he methodically took apart the Whalers player by player, sending goal after goal passed Burke. Hartford lost any momentum they had coming into the series and went home to weep, get some sexual healing from their wives/significant others and regroup for game 3. PHI WINS 9-5 Game 3: Heartbreaker in Philidelphia It hurt PHI WINS 3-2 Game 4: Heartbreaker in Philidelphia x2 resulting in mass panic in Hartford It hurt worse PHI WINS 6-5 Game 5: In a final act of desperation Hartford threw everything they had at McMarkis and was able to squeak out a win. By squeak I mean simply that luck was one my side as McMarkis consistent offense was somehow held off in the final few minutes. The entire series was a great test of nerves as the majority of the games were decided within the last minute of the 3rd. HFD WINS 3-2 Game 6: Fin McMarkis finally revealed his true power in game 6 and reminded me that my losses had nothing to do with bad luck or goofy bounces, but simply being outclassed. Every run I took on the net was quickly and completely shutdown as McMarkis took one of the few shutouts I've given in the past while. It hurt my heart but luckily my booze was within arm reach and I was able to quickly drown my sorrows. PHI WINS 3-0 McMarkis: well played and well deserved; I have no complaints going down to you and I am gonna be your #1 fan for your cup race NEVER FORGET THAT. It was a funny season boys but if you played me at all this year then you have given me some hapiness along the way and i thank you for it. Now I will end this post but I will be watchin closely as I honestly have no idea who the hell is gonna take the cup. I love it
  11. Should get my ass to bed but just wanted to say taht the site looks perfect for what we need . Great job again man and Ima looking forward to it.
  12. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS /napoleon dynamite I am interested and please sign me up if you have the space! I'll rank my teams below and you can grab my aim and email off my listing on the forums as I'm scared to post any of the information again b/c of bots and spam : 1. HARTFORD 2. Washington 3. Winnipeg 4. Detroit 5. Edmonton Great idea and thankyou for taking the initiative
  13. This thread shall now be unofficially be known as the PRAISE JACOB thread. All entires must be submitted in some form of creative writing. My entry is this haiku. Jacob database master dark, mysterious, strikingly handsome, inhumanely skilled Jacob
  14. I've seen a few threads popping up about the DNP's and FF's already so I thought I'd make a nice response to it so we can all be love and happiness again . Jacob and addisonbr have both done a good job of explaining the process with unplayed games this year, and it's important to again remember that the established DNP/FF system was intended on a much smaller scale rather than being a crutch to help us through the situation we have now where many coaches were not able to play out more than half their games. The system is also meant to reward those who have made an active effort to complete their season, rather than falsely inflating someone's record and point standings. I am sorry that things turned out the way they did this year but I want you to have peace and know that the point standings you see now on the Standings page do not accurately reflect the playoff brackets. I talked briefly with Jacob today and both he and Evan have worked out more appropriate rankings and Jacob indicated that they should be up sometime this week. I hope that puts some of the unrest to rest and I can promise that no one intends to cheat or rip-off those who have done their part to play out as many games as possible. If there are any further disagreements once the playoff brackets are up you can also post them on the forums or SNES boys can forward them to me. Thankyou and goodnight Edit: Annnnd after reviewing Jacob's post int he other thread I pretty much repeated all his points. At least now you know....x2
  15. Well said Deer. I don't know where the hell he came from as he was off my radar a bit, but MIke is an excellent player and caught me by complete suprise. Definately hoping for another meeting with this guy in the playoffs.
  16. Brookdale: I resent your code to your email address and hopefully you'll find it there. If not you can find me on AIM for most of the night.
  17. 2 of my own to post 14 Hartford vs. Boston - 4-3 for Hartford ( I have lost the paper that I recorded the specific score on, but I did win this one) 12 Dallas vs. Hartford - 5-3 for Hartford
  18. It seems like a few guys have had troubles getting opponents to confirm/log a game and I thought it'd make sense to try and collect all those cases in one place. Please post any of these such cases below and make sure to include the game number in your schedule, opponent and, yes, the score .
  19. BSdaemon just raised the bar for welcome posts, but glad you can join us this season
  20. Since today is officially the final day of play, I thought I'd put up a complete list of the SNES A + B coaches as there have been some more last minute replacements. I should be around for most of the day so if you have any questions you contact me and if I think your awesome I will talk to you OK! Format: COACH NAME - AIM SNES A NY Rangers Patrick Brady - Godsmack2k6 Philadelphia McMarkis - mcmarkis Pittsburgh the94kid - thecaperkid23 Washington N/A N/A Boston BloodyThroats - BloodyThroats Buffalo BSDaemon - alreadyD3AD Hartford Mat Schwartz - schwartz124 Montreal Shakazuzu - shakazuzu Quebec The Deer - thedeer1982 Chicago Mike - energymike4 Dallas BrookDale - brookdaleccedu Detroit rudy - rudy289320 St. Louis JotaC - jotacnhl94 Winnipeg pokerchamp - pokrchamp19 Calgary Lethal - Lethal Enright Edmonton Slimeball - MadSlimeball Los Angeles Fenty - fenty62 Vancouver Blazer - Blazernhl94 SNES B Boston stalakosa - stalakosa Montreal Robert Aces - Rockyrmjc22 NY Rangers Heartbrake4u - HEARTBREAKIDROB Philadelphia PaulCoffeysSon - PaulCoffeysSon Quebec MikeNic - PardsOwnu Buffalo ThePimpImp - ThePimpImp11 Detroit Michel Therrien - clon3man Pittsburgh Buccs - Buccs Toronto Matthew Boyd - DrakhanRahl Chicago BSDaemon - alreadyD3AD Dallas hokkeefan - hokkeefan2 St. Louis Skipper - thetaxman33 Winnipeg pyl85 - trailingedge17 Calgary Zyzzyvas - VindowVip Edmonton Steve - edmoilers80 Los Angeles Auggie - MikeAuggie San Jose Christian - xtreme340 Vancouver Johnny Bloor - jj2k 2006
  21. I think we've got a pretty good idea of who is most active out of the guys left and I'd much rather see someone with a lesser record who is around more often in the playoffs than someone who looks to be a bit better but has been a phantom all season. Once we have all the brackets setup things should run smooth as ass, as we'll make sure to use people who can play out their games on time.
  22. I'm sure a few guys have yet to do this but if Boston and Dallas could post/confirm our played games itd be much appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Rudy hit it dead on with the "cuts" but I'm not sure if thats exactly what he's talking about as I don't remember gettin any goals on him like that . Now I may be lying out my ass to look noble but I think the majority of them were scored with the patented rudy/deer/nhl94kid deke. I do find that some stuff goes in a little easier online against the automatic goalie vs. rl nhl94 so maybe taht was the issue?
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