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  2. Itd be awesome to get your connection setup properly and add me to AIM:schwartz124 if we don't have eachother already, and we will make some nhl94 magic. I should be on for the next hour or so but then out for a night of adventure
  3. YES MAN! I was hoping that you would come back and it'd be great if you could continue playing out your games. If your at all interested too I know a few have offered already, but I would be happy to give you some more exhibitions to get used to the online play. Things are a bit different from the original, including the reaction of the goalies as things are a little more "loose" b/c of connections and the time it takes for stuff to go from one computer to the other. Welcome back though
  4. It is painful man but a good learning experience for us. What's most dissapointing for SNES A is taht the majority of no shows were all veterans from last year and knew how things would work. Although I'd hate to turn some guys away with a single league maybe that is the right way
  5. My body hungers for games. I will be on at 9:30 Central time tonight!
  6. Going with the 20 team setup that we do have, 2 games against everyone would work out pretty nice with a total of 38 games. It is almost more fair this way as everyone would be on a level playing field as you said. Having said that division/conference schedule setups make for better playoff races i think. Just like in RL there will always be more skilled teams out there, but knowing that you and your opponent are racing for a final spot and still have a 3 game series left can work magic on yer motivation and playing.
  7. In uni at the library right now and I can't stop smiling haha so damn funny.
  8. I haven't talked to Evan yet but as the regular season ends on November 4th and our database wizard Jacob is back in town, I can't see the brackets taking longer than a week to be put up. I warn you though this is only my best guess, and please don't beat me with sticks if Evan says something different
  9. Guys I apologize to both of you for not responding earlier but I had someone I had hoped to make the new coach, but things didnt work out . I'd like one of you guys to take the team, but rocky's connection situation is holding me back a bit as he is on dial-up right now and the regular season ends on the 4th. Caper: I'd love to get you in SNES A too man but rockys record makes me lean towards him a bit. If he does have connection issues though you'll most likely end up with them .
  10. thankyou for the posts guys and I'm going to try to make more of a habit to get game videos up. Halifax: The game videos take about 30 min to cut together and upload to youtube, although I am still slow as ass and think I can get faster than that. 2. haha no i wish man, but I do have a friend whose done work for CBC and sportsdesk in selecting clips and highlights from different games. He's told me that he will do some commentary and I'm hoping maybe even cut some videos for us too Deer: My feelings for you has grown past nhl94 love. I've packed my bags for N.S and will be in yer bed when you arrive home from work. Much love. schwartz
  11. haha yes that last post just crushed my soul . To be honest though the game really was a lot more back and forth than I showed and Mike completely earned that victory as I couldnt get much passing past his defence. I cut it with a few more of my "almosts" to make the end more uncertain
  12. Not a bad idea at all man, and the longterm plan is to have a page on the site designated for all the videos. In the meantime I'll proly post any i make in the SNES league writeup area and put something like Highlight reel inside so guys can check it out. I'm praying hard that Setar uploads the commentary he did last night as I just loved it man.
  13. NEVER EVER question the power of the whalers! Thats part of their power though; they are just so damn unassuming until BJAFDJASLFASJFD Kron, Verbeek and Sanderson drop your cold body to the concrete err ice.
  14. I can offer my services as a commentary and I can almost promise that I'll get a friend to join me so we can do a proper job of it. This is so damn awesome i shake when i think of it
  15. Amen and well said jay. It's the same for every game or every sport ever made in ever: the higher the level of skill your opponent has, the faster you become better. They force you to play your best and you can only benefit from it even if your pride gets spanks everyday
  16. Beer for nhl94 is like spinach for popeye; if you drink/eat too much your going to start pooping green feces but with just the right amount you are a super hero
  17. SNES 2 GENS 0 I only kid! Even though GENS nhl94 is sort of like the disfigured child the parents hide in the closet, I still have love for it . Both of you will be added to the waiting list and I think there's a good possibility of having a place for you next season!
  18. Great fvcking game . In your case though its great fvcking games b/c I bow to your performacne tonight. Great job man
  19. haha welcome man and it gives me almost tears to meet another lover of the game. Are you an SNES or GENS guy? If nintendo is your console of choice I will def add you to my AIM to play out some exhibitions whenever you are interested. AIM:schwartz124. It's good to have you out and hopefully see you around some time
  20. Away from computer all day and finally back in now! Sorry for the delay but we must solve this mystery on Monday instead
  21. Freak will get a team regardless but i just need to figure out if thats supposed to be Dallas, or even possibly the Sabers. No worries though we'll iron everything otu tomorrow
  22. Hmm it seems like our guy shaggrock/dallas has become active again and I had put him on the to-be-replaced list because he did not respond to my mass email. I'll try to get into contact with him, but for now he is still the official SNES B - Dallas Stars coach and has the AIM of twitchob. I'm going to sort this out for tomorrow and I apologize for the inconveniences but freke hold tight for now and we will confirm your team then.
  23. Thankyou guys this is just huuuge. The bigger list of commentators and recorders we have the better
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