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  1. Believe me man that is all Deer magic skill power. There are plenty of teams that have higher player ratings and plenty of people who do much less with Quebec. I hear you though on the defense splitting like moses himself commanded them. Whenever I see a guy breaking away on a rush I grab a defenceman with defence control and be real patient .
  2. THANDFASHFASTHANKYOU MAN. I'm just putting the finishing bit on a highlight reel of a game between myself and BsDaemon today and I can forward you the link once its done. If you'd have the time to make a little sportsdesk/tv broadcast of it I would bow to you man.
  3. Auggie this is far too late to be of any help but I think that things are going to be a bit too rushed to have a game done for you for tomorrow. Sorry to let you down like that man but like a rare pokemon in the wild I have captured the ability to properly record games and I'm sure it won't be long until we can start the commentary. I apologize again but talk to you soon!
  4. Guys it has been seomthing I have dreamed about since the first time I heard about an online nhl94 league, and it actually managed to keep me up last night b/c I am so pumped. So here's what I'm thinking: I'd like to get a commitee of guys together who are able to record games in the all of the SNES and GENS divisions. Because having a full record, and even highlights, of every single game would be insane, I thought it might make sense to put together a weekly or bi-weekly reel of highlights. Evan has an example video I made posted below, and for a n00b who did it for the first time it really only took about an hour to put together. I'm not sure about GENS, but everyone in the SNES division has the ability to make short movies in zsnes, and after scoring a huge goal or making a nice save people can go back into the instant replay and record their moves. Afterwards, these video files can be submitted to a designated person and using a little bit of time and the proper software to record, LIKE MAGIC we will have nhl94 beauty. As we get into playoffs and the quarters, semis, and ultimate finals, I'd love to see full records of the games along with commentary. A few guys have offered to do just that and if those people could post here again itd be greatly appreciated. As long as we have a good core group of recorders, and a few other guys who are willing to do the commentary we could make something just huuuge. Evan and I only briefly talked about it but our plan right now is to have 2 different places for the videos to be posted: embedded on the forums through youtube.com (as seen below) or in a specially designated video section. Evan has a fancy video system that would be perfect for keeping good records of more important games as the quality is higher and it can also be zoomed/enlarged. Meanwhile embedded videos are something we can use for individual games in the game discussion area, or maybe even random highlights. At the very end of the season I'd also like to see something like top 10 saves of the year, top 10 goals etc. and it would be an awesome way to recap everything. OK enough of me typing but here is what I'd like to hear back from you guys: -Suggestions on the entire setup -Indications of your ability to record games (would be nice if you had software already, but not necessary. All it takes is a decent computer, and maybe 3 GB free at a time ) -Indications of your ability to do commentary on games BOOAYFAOSFDA!
  5. BSDaemon has been added and Capper I added you to my AIM:schwartz124 and we can talk more there
  6. New coaches! Fresh faces! Love and happiness! Must sleep so tired! Buffalo Sabers Coach: BSDaemon AIM Screen Name: aIreadyD3AD Boston Bruins Coach: Steve’s Team MSN Screen Name: superstevenjoe@hotmail.com Dallas Stars Coach: Brookdale AIM Screen Name: Brookdaleccedu
  7. New coaches to help us play out those remaining games New York Rangers Coach: HeartBrake4u AIM Screen Name: heartbreakidrob Pittsburgh Penguins Coach: Lanny MacDonald AIM Screen Name: TBA MSN: buccs_13@hotmail.com Dallas Stars Coach: frekeazoid AIM Screen Name: frekeazoid
  8. Ok boys there are 2 SNES A teams left to fill, and as per deers good idea I'm looking for 2 SNES B guys to do the job. Please only apply if you have the time to play out your games in both leagues and depending on the number of people interested, guys with better records and more games played will get the preference. TEAMS: Washington Capitals Buffalo Sabers The fast we fill these last 2 spots the faster we can finish up the games, and I'm even hoping to have these filled by tonight if possible. Thanks!
  9. I'd like to use some of the higher ranking B guys to fill the A openings but I don't want to pull those guys away from the records they have building all season long . I'm going to do my best to use people form the waiting list and then use existing players if we still need more. Taht sound ok?
  10. I WILL PLAY YOU BEBE. We are out of league games but i will give you exhibition love tonight around 10 est.
  11. Becuase we direct connect to eachother zsnes doesnt allow for more than 2 different computers to be joined at a time. If you had 2 guys at one location and 2 at another you could play 2v2 but having 3 seperate connections isnt supported . I belive there are some other snes emulators that do this and we could take a look at them for games that we want commentary on. I'll check it out and let you know I proimse
  12. The biggest problem I can see is getting the game recorded and sent to Auggie in time, as I can't think of any way the action can be streamed to him other than maybe some sort of webcam? I should be able to record the game, either through a modified version of zsnes that both deer and myself need to download, or possibly just a program called FRAPS. If auggie didnt need any audio I could proly get it out pretty quickly, but if he does it would take just a little bit longer. I'll continue to look into this week and I think we should be able to get something goin
  13. Listen man I don't want you to recieve this in another other way than manly friendship BUT I HAVE LOVE FOR YOU. For whatever reason I thought about recording and commentary on league games through 2 seperate 1 hour lectures today and it's been something I wanted to move towards for sometime. Youtube has made video hosting something magical and it really would be neat to have a record of some of the big games played. From there the possibilties just get better as we could have monthly highlight reels, tips and tutorials etc. I was also thinking about who we might be able to get for the commentary and if you are willing that is just huuge. The big thing holding it back seems to be the actual game recording as many of us don't have a decent method of it. There has been some talk of a program which converts the zsnes movie files into .avi and I'm going to test it out this afternoon and I'll let you know about the results I am Central so 7:00-7:30 is sometimes a bit early for me on saturday but if you are still searching for someone by the end of the week itd be worth getting up for . Seirously though thankyou for this post and its exactly what I've been hoping for
  14. They're a comming man and we should be dandy by the weekend. Like dandy awesome.
  15. I agree with add as havin some sort of guidelines established beforehand is often a more effective way to deal with stuff when it does come up. SNES lag is a different situation too as Daemon explained that the connections are direct rather than a server. If your chimmy chunga and I'm wanky doo then if one of us has lag problems the other one will experience the same thing. This makes play more equal but lag is still frustrating as ass sometimes. Again I'm not sure about teh GENS but I can always tell if my face is going to be mauled by lag within the first minute of a game, and I don't see why it would take more than 2 to decide whether it is playable or not. In such a case I would recommend stopping the game and asking for a rematch at a later time. Most guys are good about this sort of thing and I'm hoping there wouldnt be too many problems. If nothing is said within that 2 min maybe it's just best to play through the match as we want to avoid abuse of the system as best we can. BSDaemon: It is nice when guys know their way around a router and there is a quick tutorial on the website about how to open up specific ports, but many of our guys are just casual computer users and knowing that kind of stuff would be pretty much useless to them outside of the league itself. There's also a few cases of people behind big networks at school, apartments etc.
  16. I like the ideas being thrown around in here and I'm going to talk to evan about it. There 16 team playoffs were made to accomodate a larger coach roster and now that we are down to 18 in the SNES divisions I actually like to see a smaller cut-off. It's nice to be able to include as many people as possible, but last seasons playoffs was starting to get to me as I just really wanted to finally see a winner.
  17. Definately man I will pass on all the players info to Evan
  18. No words to describe happiness must post contact info now! 1. Coach Name: ethan root 2. AIM: w0rldfam0us23 (just in case, the 0's are the number and not the letter) 3.Team: SNES B - Calgary Flames Add him, play, be merry and drink responsibly sometimes too.
  19. No words can describe my joy at seeing another nhl94 lover join this community so instead I will just give the vitals: 1) Coach Name: pyl85 2) AIM: trailingedge17 3) Team: SNES B - Winnipeg Jets Add him, play, drink, be merry.
  20. WINNIPEG MANITOBA Although I'm purchasing my one way ticket to cape breton in a few weeks if deer, rudy and the other guys will have me
  21. Guys plz keep the sex to the secret gay mansechs love forum. PM me for further info I hope your ready too b/c in exactly 1 hour I will be online ready to rock your body and give you some spanks in nhl94
  22. Evan explained it well, but I've found for at least the SNES division that almost every guy I've run into has preferred no offsides and no line changes for their own matches at home or at a buddies house. I'm a real miser for interrupts in the flow of the game and even icing calls make me stand up and do some fist shaking :|
  23. I am back boys and it is time for some house cleaning. Starting tonight teams with under 10 GP in both divisions will be emailed, and if I do not recieve a reply within 48 hours about their intentions/ability to play, they will be replaced by someone either on the waiting list or another divison/league who are able to fit in more games. I should have played hardball with these guys (myself included) a few weeks ago and hopefully I can make up for lost time. If you have any specific teams that you have had trouble playing against, please post them here and I will contact them to find out what their situation is. I am sorry if any of you guys feel like I have let you down, but I promise to do my best to make everything ok again
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