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  1. HOLY MOTHER OF ASS Evan you have completely outdone yourself man. I don't know WTF that really means but this is just an awsome thing you have done for the site, nevermind the admin side of not having to punch in the manual updates. Great job man I really cannot say this enough, and look for my constant msn spam in the coming days as I am proly gonna ask for autographs and stuff because this is just too awesome.
  2. Fatty really appreciate your honesty on this one, and letting us know so early so we can work out a solution for the rest of the season. After talking with Evan we both agreed that McMarkis would be a good substitute, especially considering the amount of games left for chicago until the next deadline. Although its always been a priority to involve as many people as possible in the leagues, McMarkis has been very dependable in playing out his games and thats something which we could really use coming into the midpoint of the season. I apologize to the guys on the waiting list as I know such a decision may seem pretty unfair, but again its a special exception meant to help us finish up some games as soon as possible. McMarkis: If you ever feel like there are simply too many games to play, please let me know man and we can switch it up again
  3. I'm heading out on Monday evening this upcoming week for a little holiday with my family, and I'm hoping that we might be able to play out our games before then. I haven't been able to catch you guys yet on AIM, but so help me mother of mary I leave my AIM on all day long during Saturday and Sunday in hopes that one or both of you might turn up and we can battle it out. OK I will see you guys on tehre
  4. Just wanted to make this information avaliable to all the players and also for evan for the site info: MY AIM is: jotacnhl94 MSN: j_carlitos41@hotmail.com Coach name: JotaC haha I know I talk up a lot of guys in the forums after games, but WATCH OUT FOR JOTAC
  5. GRRR im sorry about this guys but as I was modifying New Jerseys original score posts to fit the proper format, I accidently deleted the original topic before recording the score of your 2nd game of the 3 game series you played. Here's what I do have: Month 1 | GM 02 | Pittsburgh 9, New Jersey 4 Month 3 | GM 30 | New Jersey 6, Pittsburgh 5 what I need is: Month 2 | GM 18 | Pittsburgh __, New Jersey __. I do remeber that Pittsburgh won that one but if either of you could post the score if your able to remember it, it would be appreciated. Sorry again about that guys as its a goofy mistake on my part
  6. YAA JIM and welcome to our community. We like nhl94, and some of us enjoy beer and beautiful women so I'm willing to bet you may find some guys with similiar interests. We're actually in the process of switching the "coaches" or players for a few teams, including Edmonton, and currently there are not any open spots avaliable although I will definately add you to the waiting list. And please man, SERIOUSLY PLEASE, add me to your AIM: schwartz124 or MSN: poo_collins@hotmail.com and you will be pretty much constantly spammed for exhibtions. I have whored out my soul and body for this game and university papers, studying, social interaction etc have all suffered and paid the price for it. See you there man and your name has inspired me.
  7. Miller: Sorry to hear about the decision man, but thankyou for making it and letting us know. Hope you can get those issues ironed out and join us for next year maybe Other men of nhl94: There is currently a waiting list for the nhl94 division and it is just over 5 coaches right now, so I don't believe we'll have a shortage this year. Apolgies to those wishing to get some friends or family in, but they may have to hang around until next season.
  8. Just to make sure we're all on the page here Alan will no longer be coaching the SNES division Ottawa team and we are in the process of getting a replacement from our waiting list. An apology to Alan as I don't think any of us want to turn down a guy who shares a love for nhl94, but both Evan and I feel that if we want to maintain the type of league and environment we have, there shouldnt be a place for verbal abuse. To also clarify, this decision was not the result of a single complaint, but multiple, and to be honest I don't think the quantity should matter too much. Feel free to leave Alan on your AIM list, as I'm pretty sure he would be up for some exhibitions, but please make sure your playing the proper Ottawa coach in future league games. Ok that it, talk to you guys soon!
  9. Things are running along pretty smoothly guys, and thanks to those who have really been making an effort to have games played out. Just a few quick announcements: #1 - New SNES coaches for Ottawa and Edmonton in the next day or two. #2 - New Jersey is avaliable to play otu his games now, but because he is unable to get around his router at this time you'll have to do something different to connect to him. This also goes for miller/Boston I believe and a maybe 1 or 2 other guys. [i'll actually try to put together a list sometime as that might help us out.] You can refer to the guide here: http://nhl94online.com/html/snes-zbattle-howto.asp, but basically these playeres will not be able to host any games since a router/firewall is in their way. In these situations you must host a game in ZSNES and they connect to you, but both you and your opponent must ensure that the little box marked "use udp instead of tcp" is UNCHECKED. After that you should have no problems Hmm I felt like there was more to say, but that looks like it for now. If you have any questions or comments, as always just post here or contact the admin at admin@nhl94.com.
  10. Just wanted to post this in here to make sure everyone sees it: SNES New Jersey available to sechedule games: Please contact me to schedule our games. email : patrickbrady2005@yahoo.com AIM : Godsmack2k6 Thank you all!!!!! /end
  11. haha your awesome for making threads like this man, its good to see appreciation for evan and his work. I need to say thanks too for being alright with the decision for you and ottawa. Those things are never too easy I don't think but we do the best to make it fair . Good luck in the season and pm my ass for some exhibitions!
  12. I noticed a few guys are still on their keyboards and although some people may call the Gravis Destroyer I have sitting at home here a piece of s**t, but even cheap or free s**t can be awesome i think . So here it is a Gravis Destroyer gamepad which connects through a standard pc game port [sorry had to snip that off amazon] which is yours for the shipping it costs to get to your house. I had some problems with this guy and windows xp, but I'm pretty sure it would work fine with a little tinkering. I really am not trying to make a buck off this or for any other motivation than just getting someone a cheap ass controller who doesnt have too much extra money lying around. Heres the just of it: - Connects to game port - Some problems with windows xp but should be fairly easy to work out - Drivers are easy to find and install - 4 programmable buttons and a dpad - shoulder buttons are not seperately programmable and are just alternates for 2 of the other buttons. Here's a picture of the gameport picture and my hands of awesomeness: Here's a FULL FRONTAL NUDY PIC of the controller itself: And finally a picture of the pretty much useless shoulder buttons: Not the greatest controller by any means, but some people might find it better than the keyboard and i dont think it should cost more than $4-5 dollars to get to your place. Because its in working order and your paying for shipping alone, as long as canada post doesnt crack it in half I don't want to accept returns seeing as it would end up costing some of my own money for trying to help another nhl94 lover out . Sorry if this makes the whole deal sound like a bit of a gamble but i dont think there should be much problems. If anyone is interested just let me know and we'll work out something.
  13. I picked one up myself and have been using it ever since. A nice controller I think with just an assload of buttons and great analog sticks. I've got no complaints with mine and they can be had for under $30 on ebay so not a bad deal at all
  14. Great post shaka and every experience anyone in our house has had with lik-sang has been just awesome. Wickedly fast shipping for a china website!
  15. wow man best of luck with the surgery and i will hope for you that you have a speedy recovery.
  16. Definately man we need to get some guys going. I'm going to send out some emails this week and see if we can't have the list updated/cleaned up by the weekend.
  17. Agree with that shaku and both myself and Evan are going through the unactive lists to determine if we need to switch any of the current coaches. Evan: I like that noshow system you proposed and as we near the 14 game deadline would it maybe make sense to make a thread where guys could post which teams they have been unable to play so far? It might be kind of redundant but that way we might be able to find out who has tried to contact their opponent and who has been unactive in one single place rather than running around emailing guys.
  18. Thanks for the words and the beer swinging smiley boys, but Evan is the one who deserves all the appreciation I think. The guy is single handedly updating all the game stats for both leagues, while keeping the rest of the site up to date. I lend a hand where I'm able but he is really working hard to give us a quality league and if you get the opportunity maybe just send him a word of thanks, and I bet he would appreciate it. Deer: my mom says hi :|
  19. Hey guys jsut wanted to give you a few quick updates and comments on the season so far: 1) First off I cannot say enough how impressed i am with the level of play and all around sportsmanship of the league: you know how to play this game and you know how to show respect and your making this experience just awesome. 2) Having said all the awesomeness above there are a few exceptions to the rule and I don't think we need to ask more than once for some people to pull up their socks and tone their mouths down a bit. This game can get pretty damn competitive but I still don't think its much of an excuse to use excessive words. I think I'm one of the youngest here so I don't know that I need to help you draw the line between smack talk and complete disrespect :|. I'll run this by evan later, but if there is repeated complaints and problems I think it may come down to certain coaches being replaced . EDIT: meant to add this in earlier, but part of this includes the posts on the forums. You don't have to be everyones best friend but maybe consider the words used, and the edit post button is always there if you feel some changes should be made. 3) Disputes come up from time to time and if you guys could hold off on posting the scores or topics in the SNES SCORES FORUM until the dispute is resolved it would be appreciated. If something should come up you can email evan at admin@nhl94.com and we'll discuss it to see if we can work something out. Again we're pretty much all adults and really think about things before you do file a dispute. This league is primarily for having a hell of a good time and the less complaints i think the better 4) A few teams have been unactive since the beginning of the season and I'm gonna try to get into contact with those people and trim down the list if need be. There is a waiting list so we shouldnt have any problems filling avaliable spots. 5) I just wanted to announce that even though playoffs are more than a little ways away I'm already beginning construction on the official SNES NHL94Online stanely cup. Yes this will be sent to the winner who can display it wherever he pleases, and yes by having this cup in your house all women in the world will immediately want to have sex with you. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to post and as always if you see me on AIM message my ass for a game
  20. Hey blurb welcome to nhl94online man . There is a current waiting list for the snes division and i think its somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4-5 players. I will add you to taht, and here's hoping that you might have a chance to play this season. If things do not work out I don't think many of the guys would have a problem with you adding them on AIM for a few exhibition games here and there. I'm always up for the practice and feel free to put me up w/ AIM: schwartz124. Talk to you soon
  21. haha awsome man anytime you see my ass on AIM spam me until i play
  22. Take your time man but remember that theres 14 games to get through before April 2. I know you can pick up a controller off ebay for next to nothing, but maybe checkin at local game trading shops might turn up something. I'm actually stepping out in a few minutes and I'll swing by a few places on the way home to see if i can't find one for a few bucks. even if you don't need it I wouldnt have a problem holdin on to it as an extra
  23. Playing onlnie is always different than the console itself, and I've found that for the SNES version I have to be faster with my goaltender then i would normally be when offline. The Gens emulator could be far different, but I've found taht any lag on the snes emulator works both ways in that if one player is lagging pretty hard, so will the other guy. Yes it can make more of a difference if your on a breakaway and a massive spike hits, but part of playing online is adapting to those sorts of things I think. The tools we have arn't perfect yet, but they're still pretty damn good for being free. I'd also recommend making sure that you don't have too much stuff running in the background taking up your connection bandwidth or system resources. If your on a high speed connection and in north america lots of those issues might be fixable Finally, maybe consider going through the Gens team standings and finding someone with a relatively low GA or a pretty good record and ask him for a few minutes to take you through some goalie lessons. I'm not especially good at my goaltender but I'm far better than i was becuase of asking better players to help out a bit. Most of the guys here are pretty decent people and I think they would proly be willing to give some of their time
  24. I agree evan and i think there comes a point where too much fiddling changes the game into something completely different. Luck and ratings do factor in, but in the end skill is what will take someone into the final rounds of the playoffs. If you feel like there is a specific way you keep losing goals too, put in some practice with the manual goalie and learn to counter it. To be honest in the majority of my nhl94 experiences [albeit snes instead of gens] the more skilled players were often the ones who used "underdog" teams.
  25. Cousins owned a SNES and got this one for christmas one year. Played the hell out of it every since and one year they gave me the gift on that same SNES and nhl94. It was beautiful man seriously. If there was a smiley icon here to show tears I would use it b/c it was just that wonderful.
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