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    Editor v0.8.1

    People are still using this thing? Dear God.
  2. If I ever find the source code to the editor (it's on a dead laptop) I'll add in overall ratings and maybe a way to import/export to a spreadsheet.
  3. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Coyotes advance, Winterhawks tonight, best hockey season I can remember
  4. Yeah but there are a lot of hockey teams not making much money either... the money is in the franchise values, if Phoenix produces a winner and gets an owner who wouldn't mind losing $10m a year to see the value go up $15m a year it's fine.
  5. Yes but the city is finally realizing there is a fourth pro sports team there... this isn't like Atlanta, where a grand total X number of people cared, the club has their own rink (albeit in a terrible location) and if they have to move the club, it will be in a last-ditch effort. When the club moved to Glendale people sort of forgot they existed... especially because it's over an hour drive one way from the east part of the valley, which is a big population base. There are a lot of factors working against the Coyotes but I think the window to stay in Arizona is more open than it was even last year, and the longer they can keep playing well the better the situation becomes.
  6. Winnipeg has a team again, the Coyotes broke the juju. The city is behind 'em. Cmon desert dogs.
  7. Why people hatin' on Nashville? Good franchise, decent local fan base. Corporate support just hasn't been there since the NFL came in but that's not a bad market. Coyotes aren't going anywhere yet, they just opened up a new food allergy suite in their stadium. So if you have a food allergy you can rent it out. True story And actually Coyotes are probably in a better situation than the Blue Jackets are, the Blue Jackets are hurtin financially. No idea on what will happen.
  8. Coyotes will win the cup as a 7 seed, unless Detroit is a 2 seed.
  9. You need to take a look into the lines for some teams, such as Phoenix and Pittsburgh. Phoenix had a problem where I played 5-on-4 seemingly at random due to Marty Hanzal being listed twice - or somehow becoming listed twice.
  10. Sorry to be so late in this, smoz has it right. You don't need to fill every row, either. You just need to have the game find a row for the team you select. The best way is possibly to make every row the same with the actual playoffs. Then, edit each individual row, replacing the 8 seed with a team which didn't make the playoffs. So you'd have: CHI-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-NYR PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT STL-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-NYR PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT DAL-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-NYR PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT CGY-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-NYR PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT ... CHI-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-NYI PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT CHI-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-FLA PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT CHI-VAN SJS-LAK DET-PHX ANA-NSH WSH-WPG PHI-BUF BOS-MTL TB-PIT
  11. Just as an aside - There is still going to be a lot of "why hasn't the NHL abandoned these markets before and gone to places like Quebec/Hartford/Winnipeg"? From the perspective of someone who has been to more Phoenix Coyotes games than any other NHL team - I'm glad it wasn't Phoenix, even though that is currently a mess. Atlanta failed miserably and now Winnipeg is a great experiment, one that I hope succeeds. But part of the NHL's problem is failing to connect hockey to the minds of people in these southern markets where it's not that cold. For instance, Phoenix only has a couple ice rinks. It's a sport reserved for young people who can afford to play it and want to play it. There's not enough of a connection between the community and the team. In places even like Nashville and Carolina, that's a little bit different. I can't speak to the number of rinks to people but these smaller markets do care about their team. Not all of them - Columbus can't make money. But the important thing isn't destroying Sun Belt franchises because they don't deserve to be there - it's the NHL's failure to force owners to make sure their team is important to their community in the places where hockey doesn't come naturally.
  12. Don't know if anyone has visited http://www.nesreproductions.com/ - but it looks like a really cool website. The guy doesn't do SNES games but he said he may in the future. If we have enough interested parties though and a ROM worth nominating it would be awesome to be able to play an updated version of '94 on an actual SNES. Just a thought, there's a lot we need to learn first, especially about the graphics.
  13. Right, but I'm referring to glibc. If they hadn't taken netplay out of 1.51 I'd be in the clear =D Need to figure out where my controller is though.
  14. Yeah but it's an ancient version and I can't get the durn thing to work right. Gonna pull out the old Windows box... basically, please gimme Vancouver, but I can't promise tomorrow I'll still be in the league.
  15. I got it working but in dosbox. So I'm emulating the emulator. It's jumpy as all hell, but I'm also running a background process; No idea if this will work with hamachi
  16. Not that simple, I have to get the right version of ZSNES, compile it on Linux, and get hamachi working again. Slot me in for Vancouver but I may drop out if I can't get things working.
  17. It's been awhile, and I don't have the best setup right now, but if you need a SNES player, let me know. You'll have to walk me through setting up online play again but I'd be in if you need me, barring tech probz.
  18. I don't think there are numbers in the font used by the game to display the banner text, which is probably why it's crashing out on ye
  19. statto

    Editor v0.8.1

    Post a saved rom from right before you get the error message and then tell me what to do. That's how I can figure out what is wrong.
  20. Hello. I know what the problem is. Yes I do. It's because I didn't build error checking into the editor that well. Basically, you've 8 players on SNS. Let's call them players 1-8. The program loads the line info for SNS, sees player 10 at left wing, tries to bring up player 10 in the menu, can't find him because there are only 8 players, and then flips on the s**t switch. Workaround: add a bunch of players to SNS, then edit the lines to what you want, then delete those other players. If you push the envelope bad things will start to happen.
  21. statto

    Editor v0.8.1

    I've no idea... I can't recreate the problem. what's the error message you get?
  22. This version has a Banner Text Editor. I can't remember if there are any other additions. Use at your own risk. Cheers SNES94Editor081.zip EDIT: To get this to work, install the necessary files from steps 3 & 4 of the NOSE installation instructions: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/14217-nose-12b-download/
  23. Its cause I'm a shitty programmer, so I used visual basic, which means you have to download that DLL file (it's the one which makes all the VB6 apps run right proper). You can right place it in the directory. Please note there is too much hard-coded into the editor, so if you load a previously edited rom it may fail completely. That depends on whether or not you've edited the pointers, though.
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