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  1. Awesome! Honored to play with @thekingof94 as my D partner.
  2. Capitalism league! I think that was the first league I played in and I was like WTF is this?? @metzgerism ran that league. What happened to him? I think he's real life friends with Ottawa legend Jamie Baker.
  3. Masterof94 was damn good. I lost a classic league final in game 7 double OT to him. I think it was 2009 or 2010. I remember he had a brother, prodigyof94. We thought they were the same person because at one point they had the same IP address. There was a bit of drama around that. I think they lived in Chicago?
  4. Thanks @Xstioph for putting this together. It's really cool. I am wondering though, is there any potential for updates/corrections before league play starts? For example, Yashin and Daigle are both the wrong handedness. I also noticed Jason Arnott was wrong. If not, no worries of course.
  5. Dumb questions here: is this for SNES? Are you even able to put 32 teams in the game if you wanted to? For some reason I thought the max number of teams was 28 based on the original team ROM.
  6. Don't get me wrong, the name sucks too, I just don't really care.
  7. I don’t mind the name but I think the logo is pretty bad. With the placement of the eye, the whole thing looks like a snake. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think it could have been so much better. Someone made a mashup of the secondary anchor logo and the S together and it looks pretty good. The colour scheme is fine, but I like the idea of including that lime/neon green like the Seahawks.
  8. I left a bunch of comments in the doc on the Ottawa roster. Overall looks great!
  9. The other difference with the new logo is that the red piping/lines around the three wings, as well as the red line for the cape type thing under his neck will now be gold. I like the jerseys you posted above (with the thick white lines on the black jersey). But apparently the new jerseys won't have those thick white bands, just red. We shall see if that report is accurate or not.
  10. @kidswasted Lafontaine could go on either team. He never won a Cup with the Isles or at all. The Isles had Trottier, Bossy, Gillies, etc., and the Sabres had the famous French connection line. So you could put Lafontaine on either team really. I'd lean towards putting him on the Sabres with Mogilny and Hawerchuck since it's a pretty legendary EA NHL trio. Also, did you know that one or two ROMS with all-time great rosters already exist? You could use those for reference. It was either a SNES Juiced league ROM, or maybe @metzgerism's Capitalism ROM. I have no idea how to find those ROMS.
  11. Damn, the timing of this update is unfortunate, as my Fall 2019 finish was apparently 5th. Can you include Kaba's SNES Summer League in there too, please? It's basically a classic league. I just want to see my name at the top of a list once in my career before I'm too old to play anymore.
  12. @kidswasted hey bud I’ve had a forwards ranking in draft form for the last 3 years. Never finalized it. I’ll dust it off soon, and release it to the world. But remember, these are really just my own personal rankings, for fun and to for debate. Fatties in SNES are generally slower, but I think more valuable given how much better they can give and take hits.