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  1. For future, maybe split this into SNES/GENS. Because as a SNES guy, I don't recognize a lot of the nominees.
  2. I don't contribute much, so I feel obligated to recognize a few of those who do so much for the community. This is from my myopic SNES perspective. 1. Bud of the year. To the person who’s done more for the community in the last 12 months than any other. This is a tough one so I'll mention I wouldn't know how to pick this one, so I'll just mention someone here that hasn't been mentioned - @INDIO for Rewind league including the ROM, streaming and trophies! Also @Tickenest for all the gifs, and of course.. cup chase 2. Best entertaining bud. The one who provided the best entertainment streaming online @lego @INDIO and @dangler come to mind. Very hard to choose between them all. Also @Tickenest for all the gifs 3. Best Rom/ Rom creator. The one who made the best rom for the community in the past 12 months. @INDIO for SNES Rewind, @kidswasted for salary cap and @dangler for SDL ROM 4. Best League/ tournament and organizer. The most well run/funnest league/event in the last 12 months they put together. Again, I have to go with @INDIO Fun league, great stream, and what other league awards personalized Stanley Cups? honorable mention to @kidswasted for starting up the SNES salary cap league I probably forgot one or two others I could have mentioned here.
  3. I loved the original Ken Griffey Jr. game on SNES. You might get more feedback on the NHL 94 discord. Not many people visit these forums anymore! But discord is lively.
  4. This could be pretty awesome. I’d like to be Ottawa if they’re still available. I know they usually go fast.
  5. Nice tidbit of info here. I think that, in SNES at least, there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that the checking rating factors into how hard/effective a player's checks are (not just how often a player will check).
  6. Great writeup! I agree the Kings are an awesome team. Size and shooting skills are top notch. Right up there with Boston and Pittsburgh in my opinion. Like annatar says, I think Sandstrom is the best fit at center. He has that rare 85/85 shot, same as JR and ciccarelli. So if you want size and shooting at center, there aren't many better options on any team. I also love Gretzky as a playmaker. He's so elusive with that 100 agility, stick handling and passing. Super fun to use a pure passer for Sandstrom and Carson. Carson is also super underrated. Almost the exact same ratings as Pierre Turgeon who many consider one of the best in the game. He does have the odd game where he's really cold, and can't take a pass. Luckily, the Kings have lots of bench options. I find Luc Robitaille is just not effective for me. He's not a great skater for his size. Plus, his shot is redundant on this team, since Sandstrom and Carson also have wicked shots, with more beef. Maybe it's crazy, but that's how I justify benching Luc.
  7. Great thread! Re doppelgangers: Muller and Linden are basically lefty/righty mirror images. They have the same weight and stats across the board, except for a few that don't matter much: checking, roughness and aggressiveness. (I noticed you didn't even include the last two stats above). Nolan and Bellows are also very close. Same weight and handendess, and they only differ a bit in checking and passing. Again, not counting roughness and aggressiveness.
  8. I think this deserves a response! I admire your effort and how quickly you could throw this together! I think the content would seem a bit "dry" to most people since it's the standings for a bunch of leagues that are all listed online. Probably some more editorial type articles would be more interesting for the reader, but that takes a lot of time and effort. Standings and results should be a part of it, but not a huge part of it. Articles about, for example, the best SNES defenseman, or the best GENS goalies, or a ranking of best uniforms in the game, or a write up of a particular memorable game or something like that might be a bit more interesting.
  9. Awesome. I’m in. I’d like to be Ottawa but don’t really care. I guess the home/away advantages carry over to this rom? Or can they be made even across the board? Probably a question that someone like @kingraph can answer. FWIW I think trades should be allowed for a couple days post draft. My reasoning is because you could draft a player early on but then they don’t really fit with your team makeup when all is said and done. Big thank you to @annatar @dangler and @TecmoJon
  10. Thanks, I actually just updated my post above. I have lines suggestions. Also think Pageau should be there. Maybe not Turris.
  11. This looks awesome, and I hope you are still taking input. Ottawa really needs Chara to be there. He was their best Dman for years, and made a name for himself with Ottawa. I suggest the pairings go: Chara - Karlsson Redden - Duchesne Phillips - Chabot extra: Volchenkov, York delete: Borowiecki and Kuba At forward, Bobby Ryan can go. He was terrible in Ottawa other than one playoff run. Replace him with Shawn MacEachern on Yashin's wing. He averaged 25-30 goals and 50 points over about 5 seasons playing with yashin. Speedy, good shot. Also, would put Pageau in. He's local and was beloved. Had a couple playoff hat tricks. For lines, I'd go: Heatley - Spezza - Alfredsson Hossa - Yashin - Stone McEachern - Fisher - Havlat extras: Bonk, Arvedson, Neil, Tkachuk, Pageau. The hard part will be the ratings.
  12. I don't know. After several king of 94's, you see all sorts of matchups. Not too many that are crazy or unexpected. One thing that's kinda interesting - with the exception of Ottawa, you can match up any of the Canadian teams and it will be fairly even.
  13. This is a great chart, but the team ranks are very subjective and everyone has their own preferences. I'd say there's a group of two to five elite teams, five terrible (expansion) teams, and everyone else is right in between! You could almost have a single tier from Calgary down to the Islanders.
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