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  1. I think this deserves a response! I admire your effort and how quickly you could throw this together! I think the content would seem a bit "dry" to most people since it's the standings for a bunch of leagues that are all listed online. Probably some more editorial type articles would be more interesting for the reader, but that takes a lot of time and effort. Standings and results should be a part of it, but not a huge part of it. Articles about, for example, the best SNES defenseman, or the best GENS goalies, or a ranking of best uniforms in the game, or a write up of a particular memora
  2. Awesome. I’m in. I’d like to be Ottawa but don’t really care. I guess the home/away advantages carry over to this rom? Or can they be made even across the board? Probably a question that someone like @kingraph can answer. FWIW I think trades should be allowed for a couple days post draft. My reasoning is because you could draft a player early on but then they don’t really fit with your team makeup when all is said and done. Big thank you to @annatar @dangler and @TecmoJon
  3. Thanks, I actually just updated my post above. I have lines suggestions. Also think Pageau should be there. Maybe not Turris.
  4. This looks awesome, and I hope you are still taking input. Ottawa really needs Chara to be there. He was their best Dman for years, and made a name for himself with Ottawa. I suggest the pairings go: Chara - Karlsson Redden - Duchesne Phillips - Chabot extra: Volchenkov, York delete: Borowiecki and Kuba At forward, Bobby Ryan can go. He was terrible in Ottawa other than one playoff run. Replace him with Shawn MacEachern on Yashin's wing. He averaged 25-30 goals and 50 points over about 5 seasons playing with yashin. Speedy, good shot.
  5. I don't know. After several king of 94's, you see all sorts of matchups. Not too many that are crazy or unexpected. One thing that's kinda interesting - with the exception of Ottawa, you can match up any of the Canadian teams and it will be fairly even.
  6. This is a great chart, but the team ranks are very subjective and everyone has their own preferences. I'd say there's a group of two to five elite teams, five terrible (expansion) teams, and everyone else is right in between! You could almost have a single tier from Calgary down to the Islanders.
  7. The framerate is sooo bad. Other than that, it's a pretty fun game. I still remember getting it Christmas morning (in 1992 I guess). I do enjoy playing it from time to time, mainly for the fighting. You can also do some pretty ridiculous bodychecks. Sometimes a player gets somersaulted 20 feet into the boards accompanied by a funny sound that reminds me of someone slamming a garbage can shut.
  8. Awesome! Honored to play with @thekingof94 as my D partner.
  9. Capitalism league! I think that was the first league I played in and I was like WTF is this?? @metzgerism ran that league. What happened to him? I think he's real life friends with Ottawa legend Jamie Baker.
  10. Masterof94 was damn good. I lost a classic league final in game 7 double OT to him. I think it was 2009 or 2010. I remember he had a brother, prodigyof94. We thought they were the same person because at one point they had the same IP address. There was a bit of drama around that. I think they lived in Chicago?
  11. Thanks @Xstioph for putting this together. It's really cool. I am wondering though, is there any potential for updates/corrections before league play starts? For example, Yashin and Daigle are both the wrong handedness. I also noticed Jason Arnott was wrong. If not, no worries of course.
  12. Dumb questions here: is this for SNES? Are you even able to put 32 teams in the game if you wanted to? For some reason I thought the max number of teams was 28 based on the original team ROM.