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  1. Bob Kudelski

    SNES Classic - BobKudelski26 scheduling games

    This post has been very unsuccessful.
  2. Following @kingraph's lead. I'd really like to schedule games with my last three opponents, so I can finish my season. Only 6 days left! @combustiblecam (MTL) x 2 @dethrox (STL) x 3 @stheds2000 (WSH) x 4 I can be available most nights after 10pm EST. If it has to be earlier, let's schedule something. Respond here, Discord, PM, etc. Thanks!
  3. Bob Kudelski

    NES RBI Online Tournament

    I'd love to, but I don't think I'd have the time to get my games in and keep the tournament moving along. Besides, if @halifax plays, he'll just dummy everyone.
  4. Bob Kudelski

    [Fall 2019 - New York City, NY] - KING of '94 IV

    That would be great because I have Raffi tickets for the next weekend.
  5. Bob Kudelski

    [Fall 2019 - New York City, NY] - KING of '94 IV

    Amazing. Have any dates been narrowed down? Any updates on possible location? Any chance it will be in or close to Manhattan or Brooklyn? I think you had mention Long Island before.
  6. Bob Kudelski

    Ron Barr Talks NHL '94 on His Radio Show

    Awesome, thanks for sharing! This just moved to the top of my listening queue.
  7. Bob Kudelski

    2018 NHL'94 Bud of the Year (your turn to vote)

    Congrats Chaos. Well deserved bud. It's easy to overlook all the work you do to keep things running smoothly around here. This was really a toss up for me. AJ has done something pretty special with all the youtube videos (even though they're not for SNES lol). And Arda has added a lot of legitimacy and publicity for '94. But going forward, Halifax definitely deserves to win one of these. Can we all agree he goes on the ballot for 2019?
  8. Bob Kudelski

    Dec. 23rd - The Whale Returns!!!

    On a related note, I came across a nice article on the Brass Bonanza. Did you Know Pierre McGuire saved the song? That means he's basically the reason it's in NHL 94, so quit hating on him!
  9. Bob Kudelski

    Interview: Michael J. Sokyrka, NHL ’94 Music Composer

    I really enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing! I do find it odd that there are different theme songs for the SNES and Genesis version. But it's pretty amazing that they are all so epic. I prefer SNES music because that's my preferred system, but I respect the Genesis music too.
  10. Bob Kudelski

    Simulation Hockey League

    That's cool. I play in something kinda similar. It's a FHL sim league that's been around for 12 years now. All players have ratings based on the previous NHL season, and the games get simulated. We all drafted teams 12 years ago, and then they evolved with trades, retirement, annual entry drafts and free agency.
  11. Bob Kudelski

    RetroArch Feedback (Long form)

    Some general feedback on the SNES side of things: I have played two series of Classic games thus far, 4 with Annatar, and 3 with Koke. with Annatar: The first couple games went smoothly. But the 3rd game got messed up mid-way through the 2nd when he got disconnected. Luckily I was able to save the state. We struggled to reconnect for another 15 to 20 minutes. There were many attempts to connect, and most failed. Eventually it worked and we were able to finish our games. Not too much lag. with Koke: The first game with Koke went smoothly. The 2nd and 3rd games were extremely laggy at times. The lag was different than ZSNES lag, in my opinion. With ZSNES, lag seems to just slow everything down to a crawl, or hang for a second or two, before resuming. With Retroarch, we experienced some really odd lag, where a few frames would skip, and then the puck would all of a sudden be controlled by a different player, halfway across the ice. A few times, I saw the puck carrier get checked, then the frames skipped a bit, and all of a sudden the puckcarrier was fine, still had control of the puck, and had gotten past the puck carrier. So My initial thoughts: ZSNES is much more reliable and provides a better gameplay experience than RetroArch.
  12. Bob Kudelski

    RetroArch Feedback (Long form)

    Hmm, nice. It doesn't work for me. I'll have to look into the hot keys more.
  13. Bob Kudelski

    RetroArch Feedback (Long form)

    So "F" goes fullscreen, but does anyone know how to exit fullscreen without closing RetroArch?
  14. Bob Kudelski

    Fall/Winter '18 SNES Team Selection Draft

    Go with the Devils, man! They crush skulls.