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  1. We should stop being pussies and just go on with our lives as if there's no highly contagious and deadly virus being transmitted via asymptomatic carriers. Just let the virus run its course and kill several million people. It probably won't hurt the economy. (sarcasm)
  2. Yep, big congrats to all the buds @stheds2000 @The90Jacket @halifax @tylerdeanhill The trophies look very nice.
  3. Yes, I play on Mac. I think someone else does too. Not sure how I got it to work though.
  4. Why didn't the Stantonator play SNES? Don't tell me he's gone over to the dark side..
  5. Interesting results. On the Genesis side: Now we know that the Stantonator is a dual system threat! Good for him. On the SNES side: Very surprised to see Federline finish 4th in a small tournament like this. I guess there are a lot of great SNES players out there.
  6. Welcome bud. Love the old school Panthers logo. My buddy played for the Panthers in the early 2000's and I got some Panthers swag from his draft. An underrated logo and kit.
  7. Hey Tru, welcome back man! There's a lot to unpack here.
  8. AJ's playing chess while the rest of us play checkers.
  9. This event takes place in my dreams each and every night.
  10. Hey Zeus, last week, I saw about 15 copies of this at Shoppers Drug Mart on Merivale Road. So it must be available everywhere.
  11. It was a good chat, but I still can't believe all that awful stuff you said about @chaos jk
  12. By the way, I tried contacting him via email several months ago. I sent a nice email to three different addresses I had found online for him. Heard nothing back. I was hoping he would be willing and able to share more of his original notes.
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever contributed to any work on ROMs. But I appreciate the thought. Maybe you’re thinking of someone else.
  14. Hey man, great to see another local on the site! I don't really play the Genesis version, but there are a couple of Ottawa guys that are amongst the best Genesis players around.
  15. Thanks! Pretty decent turnout for SNES.
  16. I've seen that type of bug many times, but didn't think it was related to the clock being 0:00. But maybe?
  17. Can we see a list of who's already signed up, so we can: a) confirm we already signed up (I thought I did a few weeks ago), and b) bug people who haven't signed up. Thanks
  18. I don't really think that playing online hurts, but I think more live, console gaming could help a lot. At least, I'm hoping it will! Thanks man. I would love to do some colour commentary with the legendary @halifax. We would be like Bob Cole and Harry Neale, but minus the Leafs bias.
  19. I pretty much agree with everything that @kingraph said. So instead of providing all the same feedback and suggestions, I'll just comment on a few different aspects of my experience. 1) Thanks I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate those of you that put this thing together every year. From the head honcho and organizer, @halifax to the bracketologist and data guru @smozoma and his assistant @CanadianDennis, to the awesome streaming set-up by @Coffey. Also, the countless others who contributed in various ways to make this event a success. Thanks guys! 2) Forum buds It was great to meet some more forum buds in person! Unfortunately I didn't make all the links between real world person and online forum bud. For example, there are guys that post a lot on here, that were at the tournament apparently, like @AtomicRaven, @aqualizard, and @CamKneely. I'm not sure if I even met them or not? I would have like to at least say “hey”. 3) SNES Competition Personally, I had a brutal showing. My KO94 performances are 3rd, 2nd, 8th... I don't like where this is trending. That said, I know where things went off the rails, and with a couple small adjustments, I'm very confident I will have a better finish in the next tourney. Unlike KO94 (2015), I was actually quite happy to see Mikail win. He is a super nice guy, and to see him win again just validates all the hype he got for winning the first one. That being said, it’s pretty clear that, unlike with Sega, there are more than a few different SNES players capable of winning the King of 94 title. Mikail has proven himself as probably the best live SNES player around. And Daf proved that Vancouver was no fluke, securing his second consecutive second place finish. But, in my opinion, SNES is still pretty much a toss-up between a number of guys. Which makes it pretty damn exciting, and nerve-wracking. Another interesting fact: for the second year in a row, no online player finished in the top three! (not counting Mikail and Jason as online players even though they may have dabbled in the past). I was trying to rationalize this in my head. I wonder if there are benefits to playing more games live, on the actual console, rather than online, on the emulator. The emulator might change timing, smoothness of motions, framerates, etc. I’m not sure the correct terminology. But going forward, I’m going to try and get some more live console games going. There aren’t many SNES guys around Ottawa, but @annatar is a short drive away, and @smozoma could probably be convinced to play some SNES (He’s actually pretty good from what I’ve seen). 4) The Stantonator! (Mike Stanton?) He was awesome! I chatted with this guy Saturday night and he mentioned he came all the way from BC, on his own, just to participate in both tourneys, Sega and SNES, even though he wasn’t all that successful at KO94 III. I was impressed by his enthusiasm, but never did I think he was an actual threat. Boy, was I wrong! I ended up commentating his series with Kevin and he took the first game in OT, then lost game two in OT, before falling to the defending KO94 champ. Like I said on the stream, The Stantonator really made a name for himself. Later on, after I lost a tough three game series to Mikail, I had to face The Stantonator! He squeaked out a one goal victory in game three, to knock me out of the tournament, and he went on to finish 4th! What a great showing. I’m happy for the guy, because it was clear that he loves the game and the tourneys. One last thing I learned about him - he plays live with Daf sometimes. So I guess there’s something to be said for playing live games with great players. 4) NBA Jam (SNES) I participated in the NBA Jam tourney. Although I like the game in principle, I don’t really play it. In fact, I didn’t even know how to pass when my first game started. But somehow I won my first five games. I guess I just figured you have to find a guy that hits the three point shot consistently. For me, it was Muggsy Bogues and John Stockton. In the end though, I lost to the finalists, @DPS, and @etevans101. I couldn’t even compete with them. They are great at shoving the player without the ball, so they get super-injured and ineffective. I wasn’t so good at that. I probably won’t enter a Jam tourney again, so I can focus on ‘94. But I did enjoy the success while it lasted. 5) Commentary At one point, I jumped on the mic and tried some commentary. I hope I wasn't stepping on any toes. For anyone that witnessed that, I apologize. I had the mic tucked under my chin so it sounded terrible, I have a monotone voice, and my humour does not translate so well to a live stream. But it was fun. If the opportunity is still available to me at future events, I'll think of a couple catch phrases, and make some improvements to my style.
  20. @halifax I just made $130 selling some of those useless Mcfarlane hockey figures. Would you take $130 for this copy? Nice little ROI for you bud. C'mon.
  21. Any chance these rankings will be updated at some point? I have a feeling I might be at the top for the moment. My King of 94 ranking is not great, and I'd like to have something to cling to and feel good about. @kingraph @smozoma