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  1. @kidswasted hey bud I’ve had a forwards ranking in draft form for the last 3 years. Never finalized it. I’ll dust it off soon, and release it to the world. But remember, these are really just my own personal rankings, for fun and to for debate. Fatties in SNES are generally slower, but I think more valuable given how much better they can give and take hits.
  2. Sign me up for the eh league please
  3. If it were up to me, I'd put in Mogilny, Alfredsson, Brind'amour and Doug Wilson. (it's not up to me) edit: also, Iginla, Hossa, and Bryan Murray
  4. Welcome bud! I like your name because it sounds like mine! I just want to point out that this is a Genesis league, not SNES. Maybe that should be made more apparent? Your profile says you're a SNES guy, so I'm not sure if you're also interested in Genesis. Cheers
  5. Good point @angryjay93. Galley did get shafted. In a similar vein, Norm Maciver did too. 17 goals and 63 points as a Dman on the worst team in the league.
  6. That really was maybe the most entertaining finish I've seen in any of these tournaments. So many timely goals, close calls, big hits, posts. Lemieux knocking the net off in OT with the puck trickling in was pure insanity. Love it.
  7. Yes, NHL 95 on PC is similar to 94 on SNES. I used to play 95 on PC. I liked that it was similar, but you had 4 lines, you could edit players, and I believe the refs skated around and you could hit them. I am on discord: @BobKudelski26
  8. Do you mean Anaheim and Florida?
  9. Great idea. PS - I like how the Castlevania guy is fighting with a hockey stick a la Casey Jones.
  10. For SNES, I recommend using an original SNES controller with USB converter. If you don't have one, find one on kijiji or ebay, but make sure it's original and not a cheap reprod. For USB converter, I highly recommend this one. It works great, excellent quality, and matches the SNES purple/grey aesthetic:
  11. Welcome @kidswasted hit me up on discord for a game or if you ever want to chat SNES 94
  12. I seem to recall seeing the same thing when I played this game 25 years ago. Two Stephane Quintals.
  13. Congrats Raph! 78 is insane-o.
  14. Goulet was in the twilight of his career, similar to Stastny, so I don't mind that their ratings aren't great. Gretzky is a bit different. In the early 90's, he was still putting up 100+ point seasons and averaging around .45 goals per game. I agree a bump up based on his resume should have been warranted. The whole idea of basing the shot accuracy rating on one season of shooting percentage is flawed IMO, but I get why they did it.
  15. Gretzky got hosed bad. He should have had slightly more shot power and a lot more accuracy.
  16. RA does have the functionality to record. Apparently it is straightforward to use. Unfortunately it does not work on a Mac, which I use. However I realize now that I can easily record my screen with Quicktime, so I'm going to start recording more of my games. Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you on the discord forums and playing some exhibitions soon too!
  17. (SNES) At forward: Cam Neely is pretty awesome. To me, he might be the best combo of size and skill in the game, at forward. I like how he plays a bit better than other big scorers like Lemieux and Lindros. I find he moves a bit better, quicker. I also like Claude Lemieux because he just destroys guys. He's massive, but he can still skate. Super fun to use, even if he misses the net a lot. On D: Fetisov. He is a rock on D. Very low rating for speed, but massive size and agility lets him destroy guys. He also has good stickhandling so he can lug the puck up ice and absorb hits. Goalie: Frankly, I don't give a damn
  18. Welcome Bud! SNES rules! You should play some of us online. It's a lot of fun!
  19. Yep, big congrats to all the buds @stheds2000 @The90Jacket @halifax @tylerdeanhill The trophies look very nice.
  20. Yes, I play on Mac. I think someone else does too. Not sure how I got it to work though.
  21. Why didn't the Stantonator play SNES? Don't tell me he's gone over to the dark side..