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  1. This tournament looked amazing with the set-ups in front of the astronaut display, and the golden cartridge for the winner. I posted those pics on my instagram because they're so cool. Now everyone thinks I won, and I probably won't correct them.
  2. Start it at 1:54 when the announcer says “dineen should score”.
  3. With the empty net, Kevin Dineen gets denied by the post, and then his next shot stops right on the goal line. LOL.
  5. The random goalie starter thing is also a bit odd and surprising.
  6. Probably the most interesting thing here is regarding the pass button. The puck doesn’t leave the stick until the button is released?! Any idea if it’s the same for snes? Probably not. update: I checked and can confirm that this doesn't apply to SNES. The puck is passed when the B button is pressed, not when it is released.
  7. I'm buying #8, 9, 12 for myself, and #13 for the whole family.
  8. If it were a SNES cartridge and graphics, I'd buy all 5 options.
  9. I'll be the Expos. Alou, Grissom, Walker. Not a bad outfield.
  10. Did you lend it to my friend Andrew?
  11. Thanks! I spent the entire summer of 1994 changing the player names to their real life counterparts, only to have my idiot friend wipe the memory by removing the cartridge with the console powered on.
  12. Welcome back! I think you helped me get set up with port forwarding and stuff like that. Way back in 2008.
  13. Looks like the player creator site is down.
  14. Personal highlights are at 24:00 when I display my NBA Jam shirt and at 54:35 when I randomly and selfishly display my cat, Henry.
  15. One of these things is not like the other... honoured to be included in this livestream!
  16. I like this idea. If I had it my way, the entire house would be full of NHL 94 "art". There are lots of guys on here that can help you find the right images. Not me. Good luck. I would be interested in seeing what you end up with in the end.
  17. Can someone give a few examples of the fake names? I'm curious if they're funny names like Can O'Corn (from Ken Griffey Jr. on SNES)
  18. There's so much overlap in SNES. There's like 3-6 excellent teams, then about 15 good or really good teams depending how you use them, and then some crappy teams.
  19. Awesome stuff @Scatterbrainzz! Halifax previously posted some pretty good tiers. Here they are: Tier 1 - PIT, DET, CHI, BOS Tier 2 - VAN, NYR, CAL, LA Tier 3 - MTL, BUF, QUE, WIN Tier 4 - WAS, TOR, PHI Tier 5 - STL, NJ, DAL Tier 6 - EDM, NYI, HAR Tier 7 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA I think they're generally good, although you probably don't need that many tiers in SNES. There's a lot of parity.
  20. Is it this Igor Kuperman? We could connect with him via LinkedIn and see if he would be willing to share more of this ratings notes.
  21. Poor Goulet. The guy had six straight seasons of at least 48 goals. Even in the high scoring 80's, that's pretty amazing.
  22. Wow, 2 for 7 so far. Probably my worst bracket ever.
  23. Every year, I look at my bracket like "ya, this is correct. there's no way this goes down any other way." And then I get like 4 of 8 1st round series right.
  24. Hi @halifax I will purchase this from you for $1 more than you paid for it. You will be lauded for your ability to turn a quick profit. Whaddaya say?