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  1. Thanks! I spent the entire summer of 1994 changing the player names to their real life counterparts, only to have my idiot friend wipe the memory by removing the cartridge with the console powered on.
  2. Welcome back! I think you helped me get set up with port forwarding and stuff like that. Way back in 2008.
  3. Looks like the player creator site is down.
  4. Personal highlights are at 24:00 when I display my NBA Jam shirt and at 54:35 when I randomly and selfishly display my cat, Henry.
  5. One of these things is not like the other... honoured to be included in this livestream!
  6. I like this idea. If I had it my way, the entire house would be full of NHL 94 "art". There are lots of guys on here that can help you find the right images. Not me. Good luck. I would be interested in seeing what you end up with in the end.
  7. Can someone give a few examples of the fake names? I'm curious if they're funny names like Can O'Corn (from Ken Griffey Jr. on SNES)
  8. There's so much overlap in SNES. There's like 3-6 excellent teams, then about 15 good or really good teams depending how you use them, and then some crappy teams.
  9. Awesome stuff @Scatterbrainzz! Halifax previously posted some pretty good tiers. Here they are: Tier 1 - PIT, DET, CHI, BOS Tier 2 - VAN, NYR, CAL, LA Tier 3 - MTL, BUF, QUE, WIN Tier 4 - WAS, TOR, PHI Tier 5 - STL, NJ, DAL Tier 6 - EDM, NYI, HAR Tier 7 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA I think they're generally good, although you probably don't need that many tiers in SNES. There's a lot of parity.
  10. Is it this Igor Kuperman? We could connect with him via LinkedIn and see if he would be willing to share more of this ratings notes.
  11. Poor Goulet. The guy had six straight seasons of at least 48 goals. Even in the high scoring 80's, that's pretty amazing.
  12. Wow, 2 for 7 so far. Probably my worst bracket ever.
  13. Every year, I look at my bracket like "ya, this is correct. there's no way this goes down any other way." And then I get like 4 of 8 1st round series right.
  14. Hi @halifax I will purchase this from you for $1 more than you paid for it. You will be lauded for your ability to turn a quick profit. Whaddaya say?
  15. It's definitely worth a try. Lots of fun. But like I said, NHL 94 is just way better. But it's way better than most things in life.
  16. I got this a while back and played a couple of games. It's good, but I couldn't get my controller to work with Steam, and then I remembered how much better NHL '94 is.
  17. Maybe we should find the bar that had agreed to host it on instagram and twitter, and just spam the s**t out of them until we get an answer. Or just do it in Montreal or Toronto.
  18. I also thought it was my phone that was the problem. The NHL website is such a s**t show. I am now signed up.
  19. The Fall Classic league finals have been played, and man oh man, things got crazy! I was feeling pretty confident with my Bruins heading into the matchup with @schwartz and his Blackhawks. Especially after defeating @annatar who is arguably the best online SNES player. But Schwartz is a highly skilled veteran who always gives me trouble. We had split our season series which included a 6-2 Chicago win. On top of that, I saw that he had been playing a few warm up exhibition games against other strong players. So I was not taking this series lightly, at all. Games 1 to 4 (Chicago goes up 3-1 in the series): Sure enough, the Hawks came out firing on all cylinders. I quickly found myself trailing in the series 3-1! Schwartz was playing ridiculous. Dangling through the zone, pulling my D out of position and threading cross-crease passes for easy one timers. His manual goalie control was insane. He read all my one-timer attempts with enough time to get over for the save. Things were not looking good. I would have to win 3 straight to win the championship. Game 5: (Boston fights back to 3-2 in the series): I knew I had to get really serious if I wanted to win this thing. So back in Boston for game 5, I was somehow able to put together my best game of the series. I was able to take this one by a score of 5-1. Game 6 (Boston scraaaapes another one out to tie the series at 3-3): Now with Schwartz up 3-2 in the series, things got extremely intense. Game 6 was an absolute defensive battle. It was 0-0 heading into the 3rd period, when I took three penalties with less than 3 minutes left in the game. I managed to get to OT, still down a man, when Cam Neely was able to break loose and pot the gamewinner. Boston wins 1-0 in OT! Phew! Game 7 (most insane finish in the history of Classic League): Series tied 3-3 and I knew I had a good chance to win on home ice with the powerful Bruins. But this game was the complete opposite of game six. Lots of goals! The game was tied 3-3 with 4:23 left in the 3rd. This is when things got crazy. Chicago took over and potted three goals, including an absolute dagger by Joe Murphy to put Chicago up 6-3 with just 1:10 left in the game. I began to accept my fate. Another loss in the finals, as I've done many times in Classic league and Dynasty league.... But then what happened? I just said F it. I won the draw and went straight to the net. This was the sequence of events with a minute remaining in game 7: Wesley scores with 1:00 remaining. 6-4 CHI leads Oates scores with 0:25 remaining. 6-5 CHI leads Moog pulled for the extra attacker Neely scores with 0:15 remaining. 6-6 tie game! Overtime went back and forth until finally, Neely buried a one-timer for the win. Boston wins 7-6 in OT, and completes the epic comeback in both the series and the game. Wow. I'll post the game winner video later if I remember to open the state and capture the replay. I have to hand it to Schwartz. He played as well as anyone I've ever seen. He was giving me fits. I probably did not deserve this win. I felt really bad for Schwartz. I've been on the other end of these epic collapses many times. But probably nothing as drastic as this. Luckily, Schwartz is the man - he's got a good head on his shoulders and he's one of the best guys you will meet in this community. So congrats to Schwartz, and thanks for one hell of a series! I hope to see you in NYC bud!
  20. Wow, it DOES look like LA didn't get the extra attacker there! I figured Hrudey was just taking his time skating to the bench and making the change.. But based on your embedded video, I only see 5 LA skaters! Weird. I think the Boston bench was cheering the Neely hit on Carson. And for what it's worth, I personally go with a lineup of Gretzky - Carson - Sandstrom. I know it's weird, but I don't like Robitaille. For some reason I just can't score with him. I find him slow and weak and his shot just doesn't work for me. Go figure. I do like your idea of the two person commentary with a player, or both players, watching their own series.
  21. This was fun to watch. Thanks again to @kingraph for putting this together. A few comments after watching: You were asking why @annatar put in Jimmy Carson for Gretzky. I think it's because Carson is actually a top player in SNES. He weighs 212, with 85 shot accuracy, and 65 shot power. Gretzky is too light, and has no shot at all. You'd have to ask annatar why Carson over Sandstrom at center. Maybe he prefers a right handed shot at center, and there's not much to separate the two players, other than bit harder shot from Sandstrom. LA #23 is in fact corey millen. You asked why I put in Juneau at center on the PK, after Neely got a penalty. Usually I wouldn't bother to sub out the auto-sub (Dave Poulin). But for this series, I knew for sure I didn't want Poulin in there. In retrospect, I guess I could have moved Oates over to C, so I would have had Ruczika (LW) and Oates (C) out there on the PK. Will keep this in mind for the future. I can't believe how many goals Sandstrom scored in the same fashion - by cutting in off the wing and going far side (at least 3 or 4). I saw it coming every time and couldn't get the goalie over in time. Annatar really exploited that. As with most SNES games and series, there were a few missed opportunities that could have drastically altered the course of the series - like a shot sailing over an open net, or a non-call on a breakaway bodycheck. I was very fortunate to take this series in only 5 games.
  22. This is amazing. Little correction though - It’s actually the conference finals.
  23. Working away today, while listening to some @kingraph and @angryjay93 play-by-play of the @Troy and EA matchup. I think my emails today will contain some random and unintended '94 references!
  24. You know what, YOU suck!